This soldier had a message for police – from one service member to another.

What makes you shoot a man who does not have a weapon in [his] hand? We don’t even have those rules over in Afghanistan and we’re at war. So you mean to tell me we can come home and do that to our own people but I can’t do that in the country that we’re at war with?

I hope he’s first in line at the police job fair. Be the change you want to see! #Love it!


Rest In Power (9/22/16): Justin Carr, the 26-year old protester shot in Charlotte at a protest Wednesday night has passed today. Carr took to the streets demanding justice for the murder of Keith Lamont Scott at the hands of CMPD. Now Carr’s family is seeking justice for him. Police claim that he was shot by a civilian. The overwhelming majority of witnesses, including clergy and attorneys present say the police hit him with either a rubber bullet or tear gas canister. Livestreams and video from the night show police firing both seconds before Carr was shot in the head. Little information on the investigation has been released so far. His shooting proved a catalyzing moment in last night’s protest, shifting the mood from peaceful to rebellious. Please keep his family in your prayers tonight as we uplift him and his courage. #nojusticenopeace

Police Scanner

So I listen to my local police scanner a lot for fun because my town is crazy at night. And last night I’m listening in and one cop radios in and says

“We’ve got 5 reports of loitering in town square and the calls are just coming in.” And for a second I was like oh shit are people rioting? Should I be worried? And then another cop laughs and goes

“Aw it’s just those pokemon kids don’t worry.”