I guess the Early bird gets the worm!
I got my ass up road through maybe the coldest weather I’ve ridden in in a long while.
The start of the race the pace moto. Rolled us out. Not even ten miles out and a 35+ in the 3s field took off and held it for 21 miles. I had caught him with a mile to the turn around on the climb. But taking close attention to all of the huge patches of snow that lightly covered a good portion of the down and back course.
Maybe it was the Perrier I chugged down before the start but my inner euro climber stood strong on the attack of catching the dude that broke early from the group. The decent was fast and very dangerous. Every turn left myself and the other four (rider from Swill,Strada,Bangor from BRITEsport, and an unknown rider) toughed it out for the 20miles back from the top.
The Strada rider took a quick spill on a patch of snow which left myself and another rider holding on for dear life as we fishtailed to avoid crashing into him and ourselves!
Once we had cleared the valley with the snow hazards it was pace lining in the sun to warm up out digits that had been frozen do to the morning temptress and her evil plans to take us out going up and back.
The sprint wasn’t too much of a challenge I tried to stay on a wheel for as long as I could. The Strada rider that had crashed caught up to us and joined in in pulling me to a possible victory. As 200meters came up it was Strada the unknown rider and myself as top three to the finish.
I really hope i can keep up this power streak for the rest of the season. Just 11months to go!

Thanks to all for the support on this up coming season.