Solangelo Youtuber AU  part 2

go read this and read the first part

• After that, they appeared on each other’s channel more and more
• Nico would come on for Video Game Friday
• Will would appear in a lot of Nico’s skits
• They made videos all the time together
• It wasn’t long before the fans noticed and began shipping them together
• Soon every time they posted a video together it would show up on the You Tube trending page
• Their fans even gave them a ship name
• Solangleo
• And every time they did something even remotely coupley, the hashtag ‘solangeloisreal’ would go trending on twitter
• Nico would ignore this all and act like nothing was happening, they were just two regular guys hanging out and making videos
• But they both knew it was more than that
• They both knew that they felt the same thing towards each other
• It was at least four months of videos together, acting clueless and denying their feelings until Nico got enough courage to ask him out on a date
• They got some dinner and went to the movies and then after went to the park to have a midnight stroll
• Was it cheesey and typical? Yeah, you could say that. Was it perfect? Yeah, you could also say that
• And so, they slowly fell in love together
• They tried to keep it a secret from everyone, even their friends and family
• But everyone saw straight threw him
• “Will, I swear to lord above if you hurt Nico, I will hunt you down myself and tear you apart, bit by bit and roast your remains in a barbecue pit and serve them to Percy’s dog. You got it?” Jason would threaten
• “Hey! My dog doesn’t want to eat Will’s dead body parts!” Percy would yell in the background, all while Jason would continue to glare at Will and Nico tried to assure Will there will be no ripping of the body parts
• They continued to date for a couple months before they decided to tell the world they were actually dating
• Nico uploaded they video to his channel naming it “Meet My Boyfriend”
• The first thing he said in the five-minute-long video was “Hi my name is Nico Di Angelo and I’m gay. Also, I’m dating him”
• The rest of the video consisted of Nico and Will playing Overwatch
• This wasn’t unusual for Nico’s types of videos because he was known for his brutal honesty
• Lets just say the fans went wild and the tag “Solangeloisreal” went trending for days
• And then they lived happily ever after
• The end

I hope you guys enjoy this au :)

Hi! Oh gods, I’m so sorry for being so inactive lately, it’s just that I have not very much spare time at the moment (and what I have I use for drawing my Ocs oops). But anyway, have this quick sketch of Hearthstone! I’m rereading mcga at the moment and they really are my favorite out of the whole Riordan verse. I also didn’t use any references and drew his outfit from memory, I hope I didn’t do anything wrong.

Girlfriends Do When Their Boyfriends Are Being Flirted
  • Piper: I'll charmspeak her to fall for a brick.
  • Jason: That's not scary.
  • Piper: It's called hitting two birds with one stone.
  • Annabeth: I'll just beat the Hera out of her while I watch Percy laugh.
  • Percy: MIND READER!!
  • Calypso: Flirt? As if someone would flirt with Leo.
  • Everyone: No you're not. Except for the times you sacrificed yourself.
  • Hazel: I'll summon a gem and make her take it.
  • Frank: I never knew what would happen if you'll pick it up.
  • Hazel: You don't want to know.

Okay but honestly Percabeth telling their stories and adventures to others would be so cute. Percy would totally be over dramatic and funny, and Annabeth would be really sarcastic, and detailed. But like… they both would look a bit younger and smile a ton and bicker with each other over certain details, and laugh about others, and they would always end it with “It was a pain in the neck to go through, but at least I got to meet you, and that makes it totally worth it for me.”

Book Tag!

I kinda took it from @mrsbarlowswife. I love books too much not to pass this up. 

1. Favourite author from your country?
Hmm. I would have to say Rick Riordan. Percy Jackson and the Olympians were a huge part of my childhood and I still read his books today. Honestly as long as he keeps putting in more diversity I will read all of them. 

2. Favourite children’s book?
Not a picture book but The Titans Curse by Rick Riordan is one of my all time favorites. I wanted so badly to be a Hunter of Artemis when I was little and I had a major crush on Thalia Grace. 

3. A book that changed your life?
Wow. This is hard. I wouldn’t say that a certain book has ever CHANGED my life in a emotional way or taught me an important lesson but there are books that have made me happy. 

The Titans Curse is the first one. Honestly Rick Riordan has taken over the last three questions but this book means so much. I was obsessed with Thalia because she was punk and badass and daughter of Zeus and I wanted to be just like her. 

Keeping You a Secret by Julie Ann Peters. This was the first book I ever read that had WLW main characters and yes it is kinda YA and falls into the cliche a book about coming out but it holds a special place in my heart. Plus to this day one thing I am happy about is that it portrays a coming out scene where her mother kicks her out. Like of course all parents should be accepting but it makes me happy when books deal with being not accepted and working through it because that is a reality still for some LGBTQ youth. Also I was and still am terrified of coming out to my parents so I appreciated what she did. 

4. The best book you read this year is…?
Hmmm. It’s honestly a tie between The Fate of the Tearling (anyone want a female lead, non-romantic although there is some sex scenes, queen fantasy novels I would highly recommend The Queen of the Tearling series) and Phantom Pains by Mishell Baker (there is kickass representation, and a bisexual female lead).

5. The worst book I read this year?
Hmm. I don’t think I have a worst book that I read this year. Since I’m in school if there is a book that I don’t like I won’t finish it because I’m not going to continue and waste my time. 

6. A book that is overrated to you
YIKES! Um Ender’s Game, yes yes I know it’s a classic but now other things have come out that are similar (and better) than it. Also Orson Scott Card is a homophobic douche canoe so…yeah. 

7. Randomly recommend a book 
Since I’m being a rebel here I’ll recommend two. 

1.) Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton. I think many people have read them or at least seen them on Tumblr. She writes historical comics or comics that at least have to do with literature and history. They are hilarious, I would highly recommend. 

2.) The Rook by Daniel O’Malley. Think supernatural secret service but the bureaucratic side of things. There are two books so far and they all have female leads and there is no romance if you are tired of that sort of thing. They are hilarious and he thinks up some really cool powers. 

I’ll tag @shineresponsiblyucrazydiamond, @our-chuck-is-not-a-smiling-chuck (my two SLACers. Miss you guys), @jimmy-sarraf, @kitkat7, @kuraginas, @daughterlexas, @purpleflurfle and anyone else who wants to do it.