riolu twins

anonymous asked:

Quick ball and dusk ball, thanks!

Getting twin shiny riolus, cloning over good shinies

-Captain Acerola

Quick Ball (luckiest memory): Finding a shiny Roggenrola whilst prepping for my first shiny giveaway on SuMo!

-Tapu Lele

Finding lots of wild shinies in Y. However, they were all zubat and pidgey.

-Tapu Fini

My little cousin accidentally wonder traded one of my favorite shinies, but someone cloned it for WTW and I got it back. It had my same OT still and everything. My unluckiest memory might be finding a shiny of one of my least pokemon. It felt like the game was taunting me.

- Captain Ilima


Hello there!

I’m the mod of the blog. As you all have noticed, this place has been kinda abandoned during a long time.

Sadly, I couldn’t pull out the elements for this blog or develop the story, and I don’t feel motivated anymore to keep going with all of this, so the blog will be closed from now on and I’ll delete the posts related to riolu-twins.

To clarify, I won’t delete the blog. The blog will have a new character, but it won’t be a pokemon ask blog anymore. I have plans for another ask blog and I’ll be using this space, also I’ll tell you when I’ll be changing the name of the blog.

Riolu Twins’ story probably will be taken again sometime. Until then, farewell and thanks to everyone for following these little guys.

See you soon!