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Day 394 - Riolu | リオル

A life on Iron Island toughens Riolu’s muscles to ironclad strength. When they befriend one another, their friendship morphs their aura into pure energy, which they use to evolve. Riolu can sense its surroundings with its eyes closed.

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“Speedpainting” video of Riolu alone:

Prolly the most academic of the Cole kids is Justin, the youngest of the three.

He shows interest in pokemon research like his father, but he’s still young so he’s got plenty of time to decide where he wants to take his pokemon journey.

Brodie, his Riolu is the baby of his team, and likes to stick close to his trainer, like a chick to a a mother hen.

Can’t say Justin’s a fan of the balls of berry dough, called Poffins, and Brodie insists on sharing with him.