FFXIV NPC Ask Prompts!

Send in any of the following, and I have to answer with…

  • Louisoix: What is the greatest sacrifice my character has made?
  • Nael Van Darnus: Where was my character during the Calamity?
  • Minfillia: Would my character make a good leader figure?
  • Alphinaud: What is my character’s greatest dream/aspiration?
  • Alisaie: How far would my character go for family?
  • Thancred: Is my character good at singing, or any musical instruments?
  • Yda: Does my character where any kind of masks?  Literal or figurative.
  • Papalymo: Who is dearest to my character?
  • Y’shtola: What’s the highest level of education my character as received?
  • Urianger: Has my character lost a loved one?
  • Tataru: What does my character find cute?
  • Raubahn: What scars does my character have?
  • Nanamo: Has my character ever been betrayed?
  • Kan-E-Senna: Is my character good with plants?
  • Merlwyb: Can my character swim?
  • Momodi Modi: What’s the best way to woo my character?
  • Baderon: Does my character have any hidden talents?
  • Mother Miounne: Is my character the type to care for others?
  • Hildebrand: Does my character have a history of good/bad luck?
  • Drillemont: How pious is my character?
  • Jandelaine: Does my character dye their hair/use makeup/other cosmetic products?
  • Iceheart: Does my character prefer hot or cold weather?
  • Lyngsath: Can my character cook?
  • Landebert: How’s my character’s financial status?
  • Wilred: What’s the greatest mistake my character has made?
  • Riol: What’s my character’s greatest success?
Fullmetal alchemist ep 45: Edwin development

Do you ever just think about this FMA 03 episode and that Edwin moment at the Rockbell’s? Cause I do A LOT.

I think this scene shows a very good development of Edward and Winry’s relationship, not as a couple but simply as two people deeply caring for each other. This moment takes place in Resembool because Ed and Al were on the run due to the mess at Liore Reole Riol WHATEVER they call that cursed city, and Sheska asks them what they are going to do next. 

Ed replies they have something to do, and Winry tells him that he can keep researching a method to regain their bodies right there, in Resembool, but Ed says that it’s something even more important (they’re after the homunculi, particularly Sloth). Winry, Sheska and Pinako understand it’s something dangerous. But then Winry- who is such an enduring and admirable character- instead of complaining or freaking out because they are leaving her behind once again, offers to braid Ed’s hair. 

Look at Winry’s face when Ed, at first, refuses: she is slightly blushing, and has literally tears in her eyes, but her expression is utterly determined. She understands he has something important to cope with, and she won’t even try to make him stay just for her sake. But she won’t accept a denial for this little thing, because by braiding his hair she’s telling Ed, without actually speaking, that she cares about him and she’ll wait for him to come back home.

And Ed gets it. He’s now intensely looking at her, understanding her feelings and the unspoken love (see it romantically or brotherly, but they love each other. That is out of question).

Thus he accepts her offer, and lets her braid his hair. And look at him, he’s all flustered and blushing and stuff!

And this scene is even more meaningful considering it’s the last time they see each other before Ed crosses the Gate. FMA 2003 may not ship Edwin as hard as Brotherhood, but it still does. In a more subtle, sensitive way, in my opinion, but we have many hints throughout the whole series; and the fact that they don’t end up together, not getting their “Happy Ever After”, doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other; on the contrary, it even makes their love more beautiful and real, adding a tragic hue which reminds me of many great literature classics.