Queen was the star attraction for 470.000 fans at the rock festival Rock in Rio, Brazil.

“It was awe-inspiring and mind-boggling to be up there. with all those people in the palm of your hand.” says Freddie. “But the other side of the coin is that. though was surrounded by masses of people who love me, I must have been the loneliest person there. Can you imagine how terrible it is when you’ve got everything and you’re still desperately lonely? That is awful beyond words.

"I don’t want people to think, poor old Freddie. because I can deal with it. But I’m so powerful on stage that I seem to have created a monster. When I’m performing, I’m an extrovert yet inside I’m a completely different man.

Fanart I made of Tina when I really should have been studying for finals. I think a lot of people probably feel the same way as I do since I see so many new fanfics/art online. We can’t help it…

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Idenergie Inc 

River Turbine

Idenergie presents a newcomer among clean technologies and an excellent alternative to fossil-fuel energy. Submerged under water, the river turbine generates electricity simply from the natural flow of a river. Aiming at improving access to electricity for billions of individuals, the river turbine not only represents a simple and reliable source of energy, but also the future in the cleantech industry. 

Power your basic home electrical appliances from the most reliable and predictable source of renewable energy. The river flows continuously, 24 hours a day and is less subject to weather variations. Designed to perform even in shallow depths and low velocity flows, the river turbine is durable and will adapt to the specific conditions of your site. 

Install it and forget it! Equipped with a unique 100% waterproof generator and design developed to avoid the accumulation of debris, Idenergie’s river turbine is built to limit maintenance to a minimum. 

Save up to 50% on your annual expenses by replacing you gas-powered generator. At high velocity, the river turbine can produce the power equivalent of up to 12 solar panels. Install multiple turbines together to satisfy greater energy requirements. Complete the installation in less than half a day thanks to the provided lifting device and easy-to-connect electrical cables. 

The river turbine interacts minimally with the environment and is 90% recyclable. Scientific studies have demonstrated that the river turbine is harmless to fish. By contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, its overall environmental impact is more than positive.

S: Idenergie


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