Rio+Social – A Global Citizen’s Front-Row Seat

“Sitting in the audience listening, reading tweets, and sending out my own, one key theme that was woven throughout the day: this generation can change the world.  Muhammad Yunus further reinforced this theme with his words, “This young generation is the most powerful generation in all our history because of technology.” 

Technology is the difference between the Earth Summit in 1992 and Rio+20 in 2012.  Social media is the tool that connects us instantly as one world.  Rio+Social is about the nexus between technological innovation, social media, and sustainable development.  Following the conversation in the room and online, I could see how technology makes us the most powerful generation.  And then something magical happened. About one hour into the event, the promise of combining the power of social media with the significance of a global conference on sustainability was realized as the #RioPlusSocial hashtag trended globally on Twitter. In other words, Rio+Social became a top-10 topic of conversation in social media on the planet. Yes, I was in the room, but more importantly, I was discussing with thousands of other participants the most important, most written about, of all global conversations.”

Anastasia Dellaccio