rio's awesome


Bebe Zahara Benet - “Mama Ru welcomes you to the royal family darling, but remember always give them face, face, face and more face.”

Raja gemini - “In the prosthetic words of a wise mystic, express your self. It is now your duty to honour a devine legacy and leave a double imprint in hurstory.”

Sharon Needles - “Want my advice? Just be yourself, well.. unless nobody likes you, in that case.. just be Alaska.”

Chad Michaels - “Snap out of it ladies, just do you.. or when in doubt just do Cher bitch!”

Jinx Monsoon - “When the bitches come for you, murder them with kindness and dont forget, the best thing about monsoon season is that it happens annually.”

Bianca Del Rio - “Ive got some advice for this years winner, enjoy the ride and PAY YOUR DAMN TAXES! Right Sharon, jinx Raja..”


. por Mayu O'Shea