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Lex Luthor Imagine

A lot of you wanted a Lex Luthor smut imagine so here you go. Hope you like it.


-In this imagine Lex and [the reader] are married and already have kids. They just moved in to a new house.


-Contains SMUT

“Look at this, Lex. My underwear looks sad I really need to go shopping for new underwear.” You comment staring at your reflection in the mirror.

“Well, yours is sad and mine seems to be very, thanks to you.” He giggles.

“Dork.” You say to him and throw yourself on the mattress.

“Dork?! I’m the dork? Excuse me ma'am but you’re the one with the “sad underwear” problem.“ He complains playfully, resting his body on top of yours.

“Shut up and take those pants off already.” You laugh at him.

He kisses your neck and starts pulling off his pants when suddenly the door bursts open, revealing your 6 year old son, Alex.

“Woah, woah, woah! Hang in there, son.” Lex says, rapidly putting his pants back on and you sit up.

“What is it, sweetheart?” You ask Alex.

“There’s a monster in my closet, mommy.”

“Stay right here, babe. I’ll be right back.” Lex says and leaves the room.

Once they’re inside your son’s room, Lex checks underneath his bed and his closet, letting him know there was nothing in there.

“There’s nothing to worry about, buddy.” Lex shakes the little one’s hair.

“But daddy I can’t sleep alone. Can you stay with me?” He asks his father.

“Of course, big boy.” Lex says, picking him up and placing him on his bed before drifting into sleep.

-The Next Day-

“Hey, I’m sorry about yesterday.” Lex tells you.

“Why, baby?” You ask him, confused.

“I told you I was coming back but I fell asleep.” He admits covering his face with his hands, embarrassed.

“It’s okay sweetie you were tired and you did it for Alex.” You smile, placing your hand on his cheek.

“Do you like it here?” He asks you.

“Yeah, I’m very happy here. What about you?”

“You know if you’re happy I’m happy.” He answers pecking your lips.

“I’m kinda worried about Alex, though.” He adds.

“Yeah, I don’t think he likes it here, but he’ll get used to it. You know changes can be difficult for kids.”

After a couple of seconds, he finally breaks the silence.

“Well, the kid’s at school now and there’s a couple of things we could do…”

“Like, what?” You ask, biting your lip.

“Oh, you know lik–”

“Like, this?”

You cut him off by pushing him gently onto the bed and climbing on top of him. You take off your bra and kiss him slowly, savoring each other’s mouth while grinding on him as he caresses your breasts. Lex lets out a groan and you smirk.

He flips you over forcefully, instantly attaching his lips to your neck. You let out soft moans as he bites and sucks down your collarbone to your breasts. He sucks one of your nipples while massaging the other with the tip of his fingers. He takes off your panties with his teeth and you help him take off his boxers. Lex reaches into the drawer to grab a condom. He tears the package open with his mouth and slides the prophylactive down his erection. Lex spreads your legs and runs his finger up and down you slit a few times before ramming his dick inside you.

“Fuck” You cuss, grasping his long hair as he goes deeper.

“Ugh, you feel so baby girl” He kisses you hungrily. And after a while his thrusts become faster.

“Oh Lex, I’m gonna-” You yell, digging your nails in his back while Lex grabs your hips as the overwhelming feeling of pleasure takes over both of your bodies. He lays down next to you on his back and you snuggle your face in his chest. He kisses your forehead and starts playing with your hair.

“I love you so much Y/N.” He tells you lovingly.

“I love you more.” You answer and kiss his chest.

JoJo, Paige and Mickie James latest victims in a photo leak:

The female Superstars of WWE have yet again fallen victim to another photo leak, with JoJo, Mickie James and Paige being the latest to be targeted.

This is the second time Paige has been targeted, after video’s and photo’s of her surfaced online earlier this year. Charlotte, Kaitlyn, Melina, Summer Rae, Melina, Victoria, and Maria were also among the victims in a hack that posted their private videos and photo’s online for everyone to see. 

The Fappening website has released a large collection of private photos and message’s of all three women. Ring announcer JoJo has remained out of the spotlight, after news of her affair with Bray Wyatt was brought to media attention and Paige has been doing her best to keep out of trouble with WWE, even going as far as eliminating any photo’s of her fiancée Alberto Del Rio from her social media. Mickie James has recently returned to WWE after a lengthy absence and is a main eventer on Raw.

Unfortunately these hacks are unlikely to be the only ones, and more are expected to come.


Look me in the eye and tell me he doesn’t look daddy af in these gifs

So thrilled for this amazing production and all the recognition it’s receiving! Love this Behind The Scenes photo soooo much!

Also- He tagged everyone…. Our little Aaron is growing up so fast! ;)