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Mele (メレ) is my all-time favorite Sentai villainess mainly because I adore her design and she had a lot of character development.  I would daresay the villains in Jyuken Sentai GekiRanger actually had more story progression and growth than some of the heroes. Here is her concept art versus the final, Live-Action version.

Mele is a practitioner of Rin Jyuken Akugata, the dark version of Geki Jyuken Beast Arts. She acts as Rio’s faithful second in command and loves him with all of her heart.  She originally perished ages past in the GekiRin Rebellion but was brought back as one of the undead by Rio, who sensed her desire for strength and power. Being infused with Rio’s Rinki gives her a close facsimile of life, much stronger than any of the other Rinsi (jiang shi* warriors) under Rio’s command.  She wants to return to full life and be Rio’s lover, though she knows that may never happen and would give her chance at happiness to defend him.

Her personal style of Jyuken is Rinjyu Chameleon-Ken focusing on stealth and surprise.  She can transform into a reptilian-humanoid form as well that gives her added camouflage and gives her a long tongue as a weapon. Though she shows a much softer side when dealing with Rio, she is still a wicked opponent who takes great joy in defeating her foes and causing them to guess where she might be coming from.  It is she who carries out Rio’s plans and commands the Kyonshi (advanced undead warriors) that attack the heroes on a weekly basis.

Mele is played by Yuka Hirata (平田 裕香)

*Jiang Shi are a form of Chinese Undead sometimes considered an analogue for Vampires or Zombies.  They are popular in Chinese films and can often be seen hopping from place to place.