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This is my farewell to ISLAND magazine and my thank you to Brandon Graham ( @royalboiler ) and Emma Rios for bringing it to life for 15 issues. This thing started out as a one or two page thing but I decided that didn’t live up to my feelings for ISLAND so I hunkered down and made this. This represents a lot of 4AMs and a lot of caffeine and it probably shows around the edges but it’s sincere. It’s my response to Brandon’s drawing of he and Emma scuttling the Island, but ISLAND didn’t sink, badass Islands fly. We’ve all saved a piece of the Island and it’s going to keep flying around for a long time and deservedly so.
So thanks, and I look forward to what’s coming next.

Recently, as our anniversary has been approaching, I have been working on a subtle gift for my SO.  She love Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and 80s music, and seeing as she has a few albums on the wall I thought it would be fun to redesign them and slowly replace them and see how long it took her to notice. In general, I replaced one every week (give or take a few days to keep things unpredictable) leading up to our actual anniversary.

Matching the exact colors wasn’t quite as important as nailing the aesthetic and major elements enough that if not paying attention, you may not notice the change.

The first album to be swapped was Japan: Gentlemen Take Polaroids

With this one, David Sylvian was replaced with Yoshihiro Kira. (JJBA fans will know him as the persistent photo-ghost and father of pt 4′s main antagonist.  I took the opportunity to place the Stand Arrow in the negative space of the storm clouds as a nod to the character. It doesn’t hurt that the album is framed similar to a Polaroid photo.

TIME TO DISCOVERY: a day and a half

second was another Japan album: Quiet Life

For this recreation, David Sylvian is again replaced by another member of the Kira household: Yoshikage and his stand, Killer Queen.  The lighting vaguely reminds me of an explosion swallowing the entire world behind the figure (much like the ‘Bites the Dust” ability which resets time).  It is also very convenient that Kira often exclaims his desire for a “quiet life”.

TIME TO DISCOVERY: less than 30 seconds of walking in the room.  not sure if she was anticipating it or happened to glance in that direction, but there was little suspense.

Finally, 80s classic: Rio by Duran Duran

Based on the collectors edition of the album (the best reference I could find) this has a slightly different layout to the standard album, but this did not raise any issues when the time came to make the switch.

As DIO (main antagonist of pt 3) is a VERY fashionable modern vampire, it felt right to carry over a few touches of the iconic and super stylish album art.  DIO (all caps, very important) is wearing the makeup and earrings of the titular Rio. As DIO is known to wear lipstick, this helped to maintain the look. The band’s name was changed to DIO’s catchphrase (more accurately, MUDA MUDA MUDA!) and the album title to his own name.

What shocked me was how well all of these designs worked on a deeper level, as this has a few symbolic coincidences. The small label already sported an eye logo, which was changed to the eye of RA in honor of the Egyptian setting.  There are also 6 stripes to the left side, rising up and moving forward, almost like the 6 Stardust Crusaders as they travel to Egypt to confront DIO.  There are also 6 stripes inside the box, which could now represent the second half of the story.  The stripes coincidentally fall into locations that could very easily represent important details of the final battle.  Two fall on DIO’s hands, one across his throat, and another crosses his eye (as if representing a character who is able to “see” Dio’s stand power).  In addition, one stripe passes by behind DIO, sneaking around unseen during the final act.

TIME TO DISCOVERY: 2 DAYS (a youtube video calling attention to Bruce Banner’s Rio shirt in Thor: Ragnarok prompted her to glance at her copy on the wall.

French Movies Part 2

Hey guys! Movies helped me a lot to improve my French. I love French movies and French cinema and now I wanna share a few of my favorite movies and must-sees with you! I hope they’ll help you!

  • Jean de Florette + Manon des Sources (takes place in the 1930s, tragic story about 2 families, that plot twist tho) 
  • Naissance des pieuvres (teen love, a girl falls for another girl) 
  • Jeune & Jolie (nsfw, might be triggering for some people!!, a girl has sex for the first time, it’s very unpleasant and then she starts to sleep with men for money)
  • Le prénom (choosing the wrong name for your baby might end up like in this movie)
  • Tomboy (the title says everything! very good film!)
  • 17 filles (17 high school girls decide to get pregnant at the same time)
  • Nathalie… (a woman wants a prostitute to sleep with her husband because she wants to find out if he’s really able to cheat on her)
  • La famille Bélier (lots of singing, about a girl and her family - everyone is deaf except for that girl, her dream is to sing but her family isn’t that supportive at first, also involves teen love and a latex allergy)
  • Respire (2 best friends who don’t stay best friends for the entire film and things escalate)
  • La cérémonie (lesbian vibes, a woman who doesn’t tell anyone that she cannot read and write gets into trouble, a bit bloody at the end)
  • L’homme de Rio (old movie, adventure and love in Rio de Janeiro, very cute main actress)
  • Les demoiselles de Rochefort (movie about 2 sisters, lots of singing and dancing)
  • Paulette (a racist granny starts to deal with drugs and turns into a nice person, awesome comedy)
  • L’amour est un crime parfait (a teacher who lives in the mountains with his sister sleeps with one of his students, she dies and he has to get rid of her dead body, he falls in love with the dead girl’s step mom)

Scuba Diving 🌊🐠🐟 (at Playa. El Escambron San Juan P.R)

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