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This is my farewell to ISLAND magazine and my thank you to Brandon Graham ( @royalboiler ) and Emma Rios for bringing it to life for 15 issues. This thing started out as a one or two page thing but I decided that didn’t live up to my feelings for ISLAND so I hunkered down and made this. This represents a lot of 4AMs and a lot of caffeine and it probably shows around the edges but it’s sincere. It’s my response to Brandon’s drawing of he and Emma scuttling the Island, but ISLAND didn’t sink, badass Islands fly. We’ve all saved a piece of the Island and it’s going to keep flying around for a long time and deservedly so.
So thanks, and I look forward to what’s coming next.


Scuba Diving 🌊🐠🐟 (at Playa. El Escambron San Juan P.R)

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Se ficar o bicho come. Se correr o bicho pega!
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Video by @bertiegregory. What do you do if you’re a capybara and a jaguar is coming for you? JUUUUUUUMP! Caiman aren’t the jaguar’s only prey in the Pantanal, Brazil. The world’s largest rodent, the capybara, is also near the top of the menu. But looking like a giant ginea pig, you might think they’re sitting ducks. Far from it. Capybara are on constant alert and are never far from their emergency exit- the river. Whenever they sense danger, they let out a loud bark (to alert their family group) before launching in! Stay tuned for our new jaguar show for @natgeowild premiering later this year. Shot for @stevewinterphoto and @natgeo. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures. (em Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

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