rio usually sits by my door and cries when she wants to be let out except just now she did not even get that far. she walked across my room, stopped a good 2 feet short of her destination, and laid down.

here is a diagram showing the box where she usually sits and her current location.


I respect Abby, I really do, BUT SHE NEEDS TO RETIRE! -OMG,what is she even saying?! Are we all supposed to wait & pray “for her body to recover”? LET’S FACE IT, HER BODY WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD, AS FAST OR AS ATHLETIC. But that’s completely okay =hence we do the thing called *passing the torch*! See, honey, that way you don’t have to play forever -There are so many talented U23 forwards -Kealia Ohai is one of them- and what about Crystal Dunn who can play pretty much every position but the gking? -Those young players are the reason I’m so upset about Abby being self-centered.Ohai and Dunn shouldn’t waste their time waiting to be called up for the full team ONLY BECAUSE THAT SAME TEAM IS FILLED WITH BYGONES LIKE ABBY WAMBACH. She has won 2gold medals one world cup and accomplished enviable records any other forward can only dream of. Like I said so many young players are rotting and fading away while she’s aiming for her 3rd gold and 4th Olympics or smth like that.