Went for the best concert of my life

Yesterday I went for The Maine concert here in Rio de Janeiro (where I live) and I never have been so grateful for being alive. The boys are the best idols in this world. John throw himself in the audience (the BRAZILIAN AUDIENCE. No one with sanity do this kind of thing ha), he cried. Kennedy spoke portuguese (our language) in some parts of the show. The boys were happy what made me happy.

When John went down of stage a lot of people fell and when I lost my equilibrium he held my hand and pulled me back. Smiled at me when I was crying while they were singing Jenny… It may seems nothing for you guys, but for me (after all things, after giving up) it was a lot. His words, before and while he was crying, made me cry because he showed me I’m not alone, and I wasn’t alone. They were/are there for me when I needed the most and I noticed I was there for him when he needed me too…

All I have left to say is THANK YOU. Thank you The Maine, I love you so fucking much!

Oh shit: Olympic athletes may be forced to swim in Rio’s poop-infested water 

Recently tested samples of Rio river and sea water had dangerously high levels of bacteria and viruses from untreated sewage that’s “so contaminated with human feces that [athletes] risk becoming violently ill and unable to compete in the games,” according to the AP. Officials say it will be fine — but the athletes beg to differ and have proof.