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Celebrating Carnival in Rio’s City Center with @tatiruediger

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(This interview was conducted in Portuguese.)

Tatiana Ruediger (@tatiruediger) grew up in Rio de Janeiro, but she didn’t fall in love with #Carnaval until a few days ago, after experiencing her first street parades in the city’s center. “These traditional street parades are totally different from other celebrations I’ve been to,” the 26-year-old sociology graduate student and photographer explains. “The energy is phenomenal and people are really there for the parade and the music.” In the spirit of the festivities, Tatiana plans to morph into a unicorn or mermaid. “I love costumes because you let go of your serious day-to-day persona and indulge your inner desires.”


Know that Korean scans are up I can actually show images from the manga

There are some similarities in the top crystalline portion of the Ukaku and the bottom side of the Bikaku.

Does Shikorae’s multiple kagune look like like Rio’s from JAIL? You be the Judge.

However seeing as Rio has all 4 kagune type “options” and we’ve already seen 2 on Shikorae. Does Shikorae have all 4?

Shikorae has all 4 kagune types

**UPDATE** I forgot to add another piece of evidence about Shikorae having a rinkaku kagune

I already suspected this yesterday morning when only the spoilers from baidu are out. But I had homework so I wasn’t able to make a post like this. But it seems littlemissymonster has beaten me to it. orz

But, however I do want to point out that Shikorae does indeed have all 4 kagune types. Because he is Rio, and Rio in Tokyo Ghoul Jail, have 4 kagune types that you can chose from.


Rio’s mask in HySy

When the Quinx were in Uta’s mask shop, Haise was holding what is likely to be Rio’s Rinkaku mask

This implies that Rio has a rinkaku kagune type, and since Shikorae is Rio, Shikorae has a rinkaku kagune.

At first I thought rinkaku was his only kagune type because of that, but chapter 63 shows more.

Kijima’s quinque 

Kijima’s chansaw quinque called “Rotten Follow” is a Rinkaku type quinque and it is made from Rio’s brother’s kagune. Rio’s brother is a rinkaku ghoul. Therefore, it is very likely that Rio has a Rinkaku kagune because he’s related to a RINKAKU ghoul. and Rio is Shikorae


From chapter 63, Shikorae finally uses his kagune. He first showed his bikaku kagune, and it’s similar to Rio’s bikaku kagune


and then Shikorae uses his ukaku kagune which is also similar to Rio’s ukaku.


There is no evidence yet that Shikorae also has a koukaku, but since we now know that he has 3 kagune types, it’s highly likely that he has a koukaku kagune too, and he might use it later in the manga. 

Whoa, a ghoul with all 4 kagune types. What does that make him? He doesn’t have a dual kagune. He has quadruple kagune (⊙0⊙)

*wacky buddy comedy voice*

Meet Takizawa. A CCG investigator down on his luck, determine to finally make a name for himself

Meet Rio. A quiet, sweet ghoul with a power so secret, even he doesn’t know about it.

Four years ago one green haired woman and her rag tag bunch of strays would turn both of their lives around forever. They might seem unlikely friends, but torture has a funny way of bringing people together.

Aogiri Island Vacation

(coming soon to a theater near you)

Shikorae represents “The Scream”

Well you know how Ishida made many horror references in Tokyo Ghoul such as

Friday the 13th 

Texas Chainsaw

and more on this post

And now there’s a new addition to the horror references. and that is

The Scream

The Scream can be referred to a famous painting made by artist Edvard Munch. 

and it can also be referred to the horror movie that was inspired by that painting, where there’s a murderer called Ghostface with The Scream mask

Guess who’s been making a similar face in Tokyo Ghoul re?

Yep, that’s right Shikorae

Shikorae is shown making that scream face and while screaming too.

I guess Ishida watched a lot of Horror movies lol