some illustrations from falcom calendar 2014 i found on web. Still couldnt find the higher resoultion than this…..hope someone gladly would to share with me


Shuichiroh Lucida, SHSL Comedian, as played by @mrcometdown

Mirum Ricci, SHSL Game Master, as played by @captain-doofus

Hibiki Matsumoto, SHSL Kotoist, as played by @waywayponponpon

Wakana Aramaki, SHSL Talk Show Host, as played by @uwahs

Daichi Karoshi, SHSL Mortician, as played by @fire-charged-twinkies

Rydia Kemp, SHSL Knight, as played by @princelywire

Motoi Narisawa, SHSL Diver, as played by @royalguard

Adelaide Ryder, SHSL Heiress, as played by @dragonerous

Jomei Imamura, SHSL Marksman, as played by @caramelconcept

Rinze Utsonomiya, SHSL Therapist, as played by @madarai

Mickey Wynters, SHSL Poet, as played by @foreststranger

Asaka Kinjo, SHSL Embalmer, as played by @windy-ace

Isamu Wakahisa, SHSL Private Investigator, as played by @danellesepthon

Kiku Takahashi, SHSL Food Critic, as played by @rankannko

Asahiko Akahoshi, SHSL Astrophysicist, as played by @superukyasutaa

Hau Haberle, SHSL Antique Hunter, as played by @ayleoyo

Each and every one of you is bound to bring something stellar to this test of ours! I’m incredibly excited; prepare your things and get ready; for this next part will hopefully get very, very interesting