some illustrations from falcom calendar 2014 i found on web. Still couldnt find the higher resoultion than this…..hope someone gladly would to share with me

slasherbilly  asked:

💗 😘 💎 :3c

💗: there are like five ppl wtf?? like u, Ash, Pickles, Rinz, Noah

😘: literally I hate myself anyways there are 2 maybe 3 or 4 ppl I have romantic feelings for but for the Official Two, one of them is really strong and kind and just overall a wonderful person, and the other one is a Tall Asshole™ i love him

💎: money what the fuck? literally idgaf about that “money can’t buy happiness” bullshit I want to pay for my college buy myself an apartment and a cat and then live the life I’ve always wanted. Watch me dressed in the highest fashion sipping champagne while watching Say Yes to the Dress on my futon like fuck. I’m ready, where’s my money