So here’s my Rose City Comic Con / Rose Quartz cosplay post!

First, a tale of woe…Three days before the convention, I discover that the Rose Quartz dress I had commissioned months ago is a no-go. Yikes!

TIME TO IMPROVISE. Luckily, I had my amazing wig made by rinwebcosplay (http://rinwebcosplay.tumblr.com/) which is SO incredible it’s basically a costume by itself… so I figured I could pull something else out of my hat. Why not a historical Rose cosplay?? Inspired by the shark punching picture from “So Many Birthdays” and by this lovely fanart (http://www.deviantart.com/art/18th-Century-Crystal-Gems-437614037) by FrankRMB on deviantArt, I ran to my nearest costume shop. Luckily they were amazing, so I was ready to roll by convention day.

This year RCCC was very special because my good friends Megan and Kyle were married on the show floor!! <3 My husband performed the ceremony, and it was nerdy and wonderful. The RCCC staff was incredible; there was even a wedding cake waiting for our party in the roped-off ceremony area. Big thanks to everyone who helped make the day special. ^___^

Note: If you are the lovely SU cosplayers in my pictures up above, drop me a line so I can point the way to your online presence!


Alright I am back from my internet free zone so here is the video I made at colossal con 2012.


Since it is almost the end of this year and I have seen many other cosplayers do this I thought I do a post of all the cosplays I have done this year!

I am feel okay with this cosplays but there is a lot of room for improvement. But still things to be proud of.(ZILLYHOO)

But it was good to look back especially as I work on cosplay for ohayocon.

I hope this year I can improve greatly in my costumes skills and everything in general. I also hope to improve social skills at con and not be as shy…

But anyways I hope you guys all have a good new year.