I was tagged by @witchplaza along with this other thing bUT I’M PROCRASTINATING THAT ONE SO HAVE THIS ONE INSTEAD

Name: Rin
Nicknames: Rinrin, Rinno, Run, Ruin, Suzaku, and uh… Peru.
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Illvermony House: Thunderbird
Favourite Colour: Most things with decent saturation tbh
Favourite Animal: BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS
Favourite Fictional Characters: Currently obsessed with Sera Masumi, Rigel Black (from a fanfiction bc I’m trash), 99% of the Detective Conan cast, and a good portion of the D.Gray-Man one too. Also Percy Jackson.
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1.5, just right to be hot as hell in the summer and cold as fuck in the winter B)
Favourite Singer/Band: …………….. Porno Graffiti & MIYAVI
Dream Job: Brah do u think I have my life figured out enough for that
Dream Trip: Somewhere fun
When was your blog created: When I was but a youngster
Current number of followers: *jazz hands intensify*
When did your blog hit its peak: Honestly I have no idea?? Probably after that one snk-flappybird post
Tag x number of people: @dorianshavilliard @meisunn