did you see this yet because i imagine it is in Your Interests

i have seen this (and pretty much every othe rinterview) and i suppose i’ll use this to get some stuff off my chest (aha!)

this is actually probably something that’ll get me side-eyed by a lot of you, but i’m already quite used to it, so, no use in but going full steam ahead with no regrets, right? i honestly don’t know how to live any other way and i suck supremely at playing defensive roles, despite my career

i actually have an immense level of respect for kenichiro takaki as a designer and a person. he is, above all things, the one thing i want out of any human being i meet, even if it makes me hate them: they’re honest. compassion is after that, which he also has a lot of, but honesty makes it or breaks it for me. there’s a lot of liars in the fanservice industry, be it het, yuri, yaoi, whatever you want to call these genres or what is comfortable for you, there’s a lot of dishonesty and shame and guilt attached to it, be it via the creators, the media they make, or the audience. or some unholy combination there of

it’s a topic i want to address soon in a personal article about me being a gay woman finding comfort in this genre where others find disdain usually. like, why does my comfort end because you find discomfort in it, when it’s not being pushed on you? i respect yours, why don’t you respect mine just because it comes from senran kagura and not, say, some pre-approved thing like the l word or orange is the new black (nothing against them, they’re just insanely foreign narratives to me). but takaki is honest

a friend of mine put it recently that SK falls under a genre we call “erotic honesty”. it has no fronts about what it offers, no hidden swap outs, no guilt on part of the creators, the media itself is unabashed, and the audience just says yeah of course i read it for the articles AND the centerfold. for some reason, sex and sexuality comfort me a great deal. i have a high libido, and well, i did write in the porn industry for a short while. it makes me happy to see others comfortable with whom they are too and i enjoy making them get to a point they can love themselves, too.

so much of this stuff, as i said, just doesn’t. take what i consider it’s polar opposite, dead or alive, even if they had minor crossover material, there’s something about the creator being a creep to women in his office and saying shit like “no that r my daughter irl” or whatnot about the characters and how possessive he gets of it i don’t get from takaki or SK. i don’t feel like i have this level of comfort or fun or safety in DOA or many similar series that I do with SK. 

takaki is just, overall, a nice man. he’s peaceful, he just wants the world to be happy, and takes criticism and rolls with it saying “it’s perfectly okay to not like it, just don’t ruin it for those that do.” life advice many of us on this site could take to heart more often. he’s happy, he loves to genuinely talk with his fans (two years now he has wished me a happy birthday), he loves what he makes and there’s a genuine soul to it that i am, yes, willing to die on a hill of protecting.

he also just loves women on a level i do. he knows women are top, rule the world, and has gone on record in other interviews saying stuff like a sole male character amongst a bunch of women is played out and dull and doesn’t let us learn about the women as people. i get this feeling is genuine when i play his games. the one male playable character (who is nigh impossible to play as as he just sucks that bad as a ninja) is subject to the same fanservice and nudity and clothing damage the women get, and it’s funny to him to watch male fans complain about it. he’s a joke, why are you not laughing? probably because those gross waifu grabbing otaku neckbeard types are the punchline. personally, i found it bold and hilarious. the games even have mentions of homosexuality without ever demonizing it, a rare and bold move for any series, especially fanservice. in a world that those into men get to have stuff like free! and yuri on ice, i’m glad i have my ninjas.

if i ever get famous for my own work, which i am planning on starting a serialization of soon, and it is inherently sexual without being porn, i hope i can adhere to the standards people like him set for it and have fun and respect my characters and audience in tandem with respecting myself. i wish takaki was my uncle irl. he’s my second favorite in the game industry under soraya saga.

this stuff is just my soul and pure comfort food for me emotionally and spiritually. he gets it, and i’m glad he does. i’m glad i found my life and i’m glad i found my hometown. i am welcome here always, as a player and as a woman and as a gay, and i could ask for nothing less than to have a great creator behind it. this series genuinely means a lot to me as all of those things.

remember, atma, to have fun. and that boobs go “boing boing boing”