rinsing agent

Don’t get why there are all of these “first apartment buy this stuff posts.” Some of them contain some good, basic stuff. But most of that stuff I realized I needed. Like I know I should have somewhere to sit and some bowls. Tell me something anyone who has ever lived anywhere doesn’t know or doesn’t realize so quick. Like I would tell someone to buy vinegar. It’s the most versatile cleaner I know of. Dandruff? A vinegar rinse balances your scalp. Dishwasher not rinsing well enough? Use vinegar as a rinse agent. Also to always have quarters if you have to use a coinop. You don’t want to be stuck needing a piece of clothing and unable to wash it. Don’t buy the cheapest vacuum if you can spend a little more. I did and needed up buying a better one anyway. Go to dollar tree for kitchen utensils. They have a crapton of stuff. They also have dishes. And that works fine. Do splurge on a chef’s knife. At least buy a nice one from Walmart on sale. Buy a large cutting board. Little ones just don’t do it. Get plants for your windows, balconies, etc. I know that Roma tomatoes, lemon button ferns, and mint do well in containers. Having something else alive in your apt makes it hella homey. Also, get prints when they’re on sale at nations photo lab or adoramapix. Or make your own canvas art. Whatever you’re into, hang it up on the walls. Yard sale frames are cheap and easily painted. Make the place your home. Don’t go crazy buying costly furniture or appliances right off the bat. Even if money isn’t an issue, it will give you time to think about what would be best for your apartment. Unplug stuff if you don’t need it plugged in. The first month I kept everything plugged in. Coffee maker, toaster, all my lamps, tv, etc. Second month I unplugged all that stuff and saved seven dollars. It’s worth the small amount of effort. Oh, and HAVE LOTION. Sucks to be 3 am with dried out feet and hands.

If getting rid of excess oil and minimizing pores are on the top of your skincare to-do list, you should check out @benefitcosmetics’ #POREfessional products (via link in bio)—all four are designed to give you soft, smooth skin under makeup and when worn alone:
🔹the POREfessional: The trusty silky-smooth primer that shrinks the appearance of pores and fine lines. 🔹the POREfessional instant wipeout mask: A new double-sided face mask that fits any pore problem area (think: nose, chin, and forehead). Use the textured side to pull out dirt and impurities and the smooth side for a smoothing, pore-reducing treatment. No need to rinse!
🔹 the POREfessional agent zero shine: An invisible and easy-to-apply shine-control powder to banish grease throughout the day.
🔹the POREfessional matte rescue: A lightweight gel that instantly absorbs oil for a soft, powdery finish and zero shine. http://birch.ly/1RjH6BM