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get it, cos theyre seadwellers ,,, and live longer than midbloods and lowbloods ,,, and

 ….. you know that feeling when you watch one of your favorite childhood movies multiple times in 1 week and you just have the undesirable need to CROSSOVER IT

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Presenting our new short project, McMeenah!!

Rinny and I finally decided on a name for our partnership so we’ll be known as Sea Separated Studio from now on.

And now referencing to the game, we’re making a Homestuck Fan Game based on the popular retro game McPixel you can find on this website.

You’ll be able to play as Meenah through 6 different stages (dream bubbles) where you’ll find most of the new characters along with everyone else. The main point of the game is to shut up or distract Kankri so you can save Karkat and finally be friends with him!! Not ALL stages involve that EXACTLY so just explore your posibilities!! The game will offer the same as McPixel, a point'n'click styled gameplay with various gags to discover as you play through it, so be sure you explore every option possible in each stage, even after finding the solution!!

The game is in early developement but we hope it’s going to catch your attention and that you are going to stay tuned for its release this or the next month.


“and what about a crew, sir?”

“we’ve got the best of the best!”

whhhhhhhyyyy hello 2 weeks worth of procrastination! 

Atlantis-stuck! Expedition Crew [minus commander cos i was a lazy poop/willmakehimnexttime]
+ bonus Leviathan!

Atlantis-stuck 1 | 2 | 3

posting sprites in a few!

well, here are those MS pixels all of you asked for!  they were really fun and easy to make, so feel free to use them for your ~*MYSTERY FAMILY*~ or in other places! just credit me please! also, here’s the animated music video if you haven’t seen it yet!

actual size: