i opened the game project file for Pumpkin Panic! a few days ago and screamed because i found a ton of map glitches??? ANYWAYS seeing the game opened got me motivated to work on it again SOOOOO….. here’s Sunge’s new sprite + his old expressions! also he is wearing a one piece underneath that sweater! it usually gets mistaken for being a scarf, but it isn’t. ‘o’)b


the products of reflecting on middle school ocs, late night sinning and 1 am madness

there’s also a third one but i need to do more research on some bg stuff before i make him :V


hi everynyan! (つ•̀ᴥ•́)つ*:・゚✧ would you want to commission a pixel like this???

well, now you can!!! i have {Detailed Pixel Bust} commissions for FIVE SLOTS at a time! please read over the above if you wish to commission me for a QUICC PIXEL.

what you will get:

➤ a detailed pixel at it’s original size. (see: the one in this description.)
➤ said pixel resized in HD between 300 to 400%.

you can either:

send me a DM via Tumblr OR Twitter.
 email me at rinderboxing@gmail.com
➤  if you EMAIL me, you must title the subject of the email as “Pixel Bust Commission.”
➤ you must send me a REFERENCE SHEET if you want your OCs drawn.

my paypal is rinderboxing@gmail.com and currency is USD. all payment will be made through  there!!!

welp, that’s about it! thanks for reading!


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