rins oc


All this is @akeemi-life ’s fault ! 


Profreshionals indeed…

Commissioned for @tamarinfrog

Tetrox yes we know you have a wonderful set of ‘golden eggs’ but you need to focus on that wave of salmonids coming in! I had the most wonderful time dying and laughing as I created this as a free commission for Tammy and it was worth it.  And was all inspired by one gif

Arnick and Tetrox belong to @tamarinfrog / @cafe-cardamari

Text wonderfully belong to Rin who came up with the scenario


OCtober days 20, 21, 22. I stopped drawing again with literally no excuses. =A= Finally pulled myself together and caught up today.

Rin chilln’ with his lenald companion, Roy, who is mentioned for like the third time ever. They used to be the thief buddies, then Rin found The Love Of His Life that moved into his house relatively soon, shortly after Roy realized that he should kinda leave them alone, so he did, and currently is.. Wandering somewhere else. *shrug* They’re still buddies though..

Then I drew this stupid sexy Cannelle. I like this picture.

Then I thought that the first chars appearing here kinda set up a theme. They’re.. Sin to the bone, not just pervy sin, but sin in general, wrong lifestyle and all. I pondered who else would fit the theme, oh, yanno.. Yanno. He’s (happily) far behind the first two and isn’t necessarily “bad”, but still is a walking little sin. :3c *kicked for the “little”* ow