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Sou-pup and rinrin! Little darlings <3 Are you going to be best friends when u grow up?

Both darlings look at each other. Rinrin giggles and Sou sheepishly smiles back at him. 

Rinrin: Silly! *keeps on giggling* Rinrin and Souchke will be best fwiends forever and ever! (●´∀`●) ♡

Sou: Mmm!! Souchke and Kitty fwiends always! (´。・ ⌄ ・。`) ♡

Rinrin: Souchke pwomise? ( ˶ ′ ◡ ‵ ˶ )

Sou: Sou pwomise… Sou love Kitty! (〃´ノω`〃)

Rinrin: Rinrin love Souchke too!! (〃・ ∇ ・〃)ノ~ ♡

They both hug each other and soon after, Sou pup takes Rinrin’s hand and they both pitter patter back to his room to play.