Oh, dear, oh dear. I didn’t mean to frighten or worry any of you by the lapse in post times, since I suppose it implies the worst for myself and .. the one I had brought along on this trip. I’ve only good news, really.

We were able to recover what we needed without incident! All that’s left is to, well, confront “Ebb”. We’ll leave this task to morning light, as this whole process has been rather draining.

The only thing that worries my other friend and I would be the amount of progress she has made withing the corrupted flow. The program –Really, any machine can’t handle being run constantly with such demand and yet still perform beautifully, if beautiful was ever a way to describe a corrupted program.

My darling! We’ll be on our way to you soon. Our arms are always open for you. It’s never too late to change. I love you!

I’m not alone to help. For now, I’ll retrieve what you were searching for on my own. Consider these little love notes I’d slip into your locker. You were robbed from ever having such a luxury.

That’s why I’m leaving this for all to see.

I don’t have any fears; you don’t scare me. You are terrified of hurting me and hurting her, but you know where both of us are going.

If you’re truly at a lack of control to hound the two others that invaded your mind, you’d be trying to kill us when we arrive.

You are stronger than you believe, even if you are outnumbered by rust. That’s why I admire you so.

We’re nearly there. We’ll be there in a few hours, okay? Come and kill us if you really mean to.
But I know you’re too busy in the backflow.

I’ll help you purge yourself of all the ugly rusted things that ache your soul. I’ll let you keep the rusted parts that you use to protect yourself. And I will be there for you while suffering the cleansing. I love you, honestly and truly.

That’s why I’m going to find what you couldn’t.


u were wrong, that really WAS my mom btw? like…… remembr u r fuckin faceblind sooo.. lol

she was just dressed differently that day and wore her hair different. lol like normal people do that it really isnt 2 tough to get that?? like chill???

like tbh u have been kind of an asshole 2 me lately? no one else even cares enough to check on u but me.. so saying shit like you cant trust me really hurts, ebb. im like all u have 4 support no one even sends u asks on here anymore or talks to you on skype because they dont care, so you should try showing some appreciation to me for once js
you really embarrassed me in front of my mom you know that? fuck.

geez ebb u need 2 get your shit 2gethr!! lol!! i check up on u and its this angsty bullshit? youre better than this lol

stop feeling so sorry 4 urself… this isn’t you thinking all that dumb shit anyway