rinoa x squall

In the official Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary commercial, lots of memorable romantic moments for the FF titles were shown, including a clerith scene. Check out the video to see for yourself!

  • FFVII: Aerith is shown as well as Cloud laying Aerith to rest.
  • FFVIII: Rinoa is shown, the ballroom dance, Squall and Rinoa’s embrace.
  • FFIX: Garnet is shown, then Zidane and Garnet’s hug.
  • FFX: Tidus looking at Yuna, kiss scene.
  • FFXIII: Snow and Serah kiss.
  • FFXV: Luna Versus Leviathan

Thanks to  @carolicolina and  @capuca_80 on twitter for notifying me!


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Been nostalgic over my old fave games recently, especially Final Fantasy, so here’s some FF8 doodles. Rinoa is probably my favourite FF gal of all time, and Squall/Rinoa my fave pair.

Squall won a plushie from something (maybe an amusement park game) and as expected, Rinoa likes poking fun at him whenever he does something cute/chivalrous. Thanks, hun.