Finally finished drawing my Hawke siblings. Take a look at those birds!

I take massive liberties with canon but the one who truly diverges most from her storyline is Bethany, who not only stays alive, but goes on to learn healing magic from Anders, bust out of the Circle, and run away with Isabela to smooch girls and sail the vast seas on a ship manned almost entirely by escaped mages. Nice.

In which police officer Bolin directs Pabu II, one of his trained police fireferrets, in tracking down some bad guys.

Police fireferrets function much in the same way as police dogs, aiding officers in detecting illicit substances, locating missing persons or fugitives, and other tasks. They also have a tiny metal police uniform which allows them to roll up into a ball and be metalbended at targets, like small fluffy cannonballs.

more Maria in traditional dress please

(honestly the day I can do even an ounce of justice to our beautiful trajes will be the day I can die happy.. this was pretty quick and messy)

((ps in looking up references for this I came to the hilarious headcanon that Manolo, usually super comfortable performing, gets terribly anxious whenever La Culebra is performed… simply because he is always always picked to do the song’s conclusion. Even if he’s tried to edge as far away as he can, inevitably, when the time comes, they grab him at the last second and throw him right in there. Leaves him so flustered every time he can barely form coherent words for an hour afterward.)


That time of year again folks! Summer vacation’s left me with time to open up commissions once more. Details are listed above, prices are in USD; if you’re interested please contact me here or email me at my paypal: rinnyhoot@gmail.com

Please include the following information:

- What you’d like drawn, the style you’re requesting, and the total cost this comes to (ie: ‘A full-body sketch of my OC and my friend’s OC for $15′).
- Reference images and any information you think would be helpful.
- Your contact information on tumblr, so I can @ you when it’s done. :)

These will likely take me 1-5 business days depending on the style and content. For most of these, I will give you a chance to make changes during the sketching stage; once you’ve approved the sketch I’ll finish the drawing. You will also have a chance to make color adjustments on the final product.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission. Most of these will be uploaded here and on my dA, but if you’d prefer otherwise please let me know! (Like… if you’re ordering as a gift and wanna be secretive… u kno…)

I have a no refunds policy. If you approve the sketch then back out before the final product’s finished, you still gotta pay for the sketch.

If you’d like to browse through more of my art click here for my art tag!

I think that’s about it :) Please let me know if you have any questions or comments! Reblogs are appreciated always <3