rinny's life

So, I was thinking:

A fanfic where Jinki is once again ranked last on appearance or is commented on as not as good looking and Taemin finally has enough and just explodes because excuse me Onew hyung is the most beautiful person ever and Onew hyung doesn’t think he looks beautiful because of all you shit people who puts him down but you don’t understand that Onew hyung is gorgeous and if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything. Along the way Taemin forgets they are still filming and in his rage he drops the “Onew” pretense and go all “Jinki hyung” and like Jinki hyung doesn’t deserve to hear all these lies you are telling, Jinki hyung is perfect the way he is; And Jinki is just staring in shock at Taemin, tugging at his shirt and trying to stop him but Taemin just keeps going and the other members just let the maknae go on because the Taemin who usually doesn’t say much on broadcast would only go on a long speech of rant for Jinki hyung and it kinda amuses them tbvh. 


She was lying down as they listened to the records she had gotten him for Christmas. He had practically demanded a record player, she had to thank his parents for that, and she had told everyone to buy him either records or gift cards and he had been ecstatic with all that was given to him. The fact that the music hadn’t stopped playing since Christmas dinner was proof of that. 

She could see his lanky form walk around to the front of the couch, Meeko trailing behind him. He gracelessly plopped himself down on her and nudged his head into the arch of where her neck met her shoulder. 

“How do you always manage to smell so good?” His voice was muffled and slow, they had been drinking eggnog mixed with brandy, and his breath made her skin hot and damp. He hadn’t meant for her to answer.

“How do you always manage to smell like a dog?” She retorted, giggling as he scraped his jaw against her, his scruff scratching as a punishment. She stretched her legs out above him and then settled them on his back. “Can you give Meeko a bath tonight?” He sighed and let his body rest harder on hers. “Pretty please,” She dragged it out, slowly pushing her hips up towards his,”with a cherry on top?” 

He groaned and rolled off of her, heading towards the bath. He whistled and Meeko followed.