It feels surreal that I’m 21 you guys


I already made my first (legal) alcohol purchase of a bottle of Arbor Mist wine since it’s the only thing I could really get after midnight lol And it’s delicious.

I’ve been drinking it while I finish my film journal and then I’m going to go to sleep and get up early-ish so I can study for my film final at 1, which is my last one.

Just ready to be done with all this so I can properly celebrate!


Glock 21 Vs. M&P9C For Obvious Reasons

The Glock 21 is a full size handgun chambered in .45ACP, the M&P9C Is a sub-compact pistol chambered in 9x19mm. For the comparison the Glock 21 is loaded with 230 Gr. FMJ and the M&P9C is loaded with 115 Gr Hornady XTP Hollow Points. Keep in mind the .45ACP bullets weigh exactly twice what the 9x19mm bullets weigh. 

Over All Length

Glock 21: 7.75"

M&P9C: 6.695"

Widest Point

Glock 21: 1.335"
M&P9C: 1.31"

Grip Length (W/ Mag)

Glock 21: 5.345"
M&P9C: 4.855" (W/ finger extension), 4.33" (W/O extension)

Sight Radius

Glock 21: 6.7"
M&P9C: 5.63"

Round Capacity

Glock 21: 13+1
M&P9C: 12+1

Loaded Weight

Glock 21: 2lbs 9.1 Oz (41.1 Oz)
M&P9C: 1 Lb 14.1 Oz (30.1 Oz)

Unloaded Weight

Glock 21: 1 Lb 11.5 Oz (27.5 Oz)
M&P9C: 1Lb 6.2 Oz (22.2 Oz)

It’s interesting that 13.6 Oz of the loaded weight of the Glock 21, is the ammo. Almost a pound of ammo. Also interesting is that the fully loaded M&P9C when loaded with 115 Gr. projectiles, is only 2.6 Oz heavier than the unloaded Glock 21.

Hope this info helps someone somehow.