rinku's art

Silly redraw of some panels from Part 11 of @figmentforms’s comic A Tale of Two Rulers.

This is an AU where everyone is happy and no one gets hurt.


Omg, this took forever XD This is the entire Dragmire family that @quietpastelcolours, @ridersoftheapocalypse, @figmentforms and I have created together :) It’s been a lot of fun making these characters, thanks you guys! ;)

Rinku and Cass @figmentforms

Zarazu and Corsaire @ridersoftheapocalypse

There’s this awesome fic that @blueganon made for Ralnor and Cass, check it out :) Here

And thanks @quietpastelcolours for the awesome fics for Vidar and Kanisa ;3


Some more doodles of Vidar and Kanisa. Thanks @quietpastelcolours for the inspiring written work of the couple ;3 I lost count of how many times I read their parts ;D The environment is how I’d imagine Vidar’s home is like. 

And thank you all for the encouragement and praises! It always makes my day and I wouldn’t have gone this far without you guys! So thanks again! :D

Rinku by @figmentforms (she’s awesome. Check her out ;3)

Ok I have really high respects for animators, because omg it’s hard! I don’t care if any one says that animated movies, shows, animes are for children, they’re bloody hard!

I wanted to try animation for a while, especially with Covarog, Zelgan 2nd child, alone with Rinku from @figmentforms​ (check out her work, it’s seriously awesome)