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Makoto and Haru are out and Soupup's played with all the toys he could find in the house—and some things he shouldn't have played with at all, like the garbage and more than a few house plants. With nothing left he can think to do, he finds Rinkitty curled up in a warm spot on the floor. "Rin..," he whines as he curls up with him, too lazy and tired to even be entertained by Rin's tail, and, within moments, he's already dozing the whole morning of unrestricted playtime finally taking its toll.

Normally, Rinkitty would have happily played with Soupup, partaking in digging in the house plants, messing up the beds and getting into the dirty laundry. But it was the summer, and too hot to be playing during the middle of the day. Rin preferred to nap during the day, and then play at night when it was cooler, much to the dismay of Makoto and Haru. He couldn’t help it, really. He was more nocturnal after all.

When Sousuke came to curl up next to him, apparently tuckered out from all the playing, Rin grunted and tried to push him off.

“Too hot!” He complained, but in the end, Rin shifted so he could on top of Sousuke, and they could lay together in the sun patch. Right now, Rin was still small enough so he could curl up on Sousuke’s torso and abdomen and fit quite comfortably. He wrapped his little arms around Sousuke’s neck, and began to lick at his face and hair. They would probably have to take a bath tonight anyway, but Rin liked grooming his puppy friend, and usually did it multiple times a day.

“Just sleep.” Rin muttered, nuzzling into Sousuke’s neck, as he began to purr loudly. They could sleep now, so they would be full of energy to play with Makoto and Haru came home!!

I’m so upset. My cat (Rin) might have to go to another home. I don’t know what to do. When I moved in with my parents my mom had two older cats. Suddenly they all began marking. After the older cats suffered some health problems, my mom put them down. The marking stopped and things were fine for awhile and then my dad began remodeling the back room in the basement (somewhat near the litter boxes) and now Rin has started going potty outside his litter box again.

I’ve tried moving them I tried deterrant to get him away from the area. Ive tried attractant to get him back into the box. I’ve cleaned them out really well. I have one other cat, but she has never gone outside the litter box and yeah they fight sometimes but I really don’t think he’s doing this because of her.

I don’t know what else to do and am afraid if I give him up, he will get put down. I’m out of ideas though! If my mother knew he was going outside the litter box he would already be gone.

Someone throw out some ideas because I’ve got none.