rining rocks

Mini Solos

10th: Summer Montenegro – The Young Mariner (The Rock)

9th: Gianna Mojonnier – Ascent (Danceology), Allie Andrew – Somewhere in the Middle (CAA)

8th: Isabella Jarvis – Exhale (Larkin), Ava Lynn – Interlaced Throughout (Bobbie’s School)

7th: Paige Kracht – Daylight (Club Dance)

6th: Izzy Howard – The Lily Girl (The Rock)

5th: Brightyn Brems – Suspended in Time (CSPAS)

4th: Brooklin Cooley – Solitude (Club Dance)

3rd: Brightyn Rines – Petrichor (Club Dance), Dyllan Blackburn – Rummage (Project 21)

2nd: Ali Ogle – Horizons (Larkin)

1st: Alexis Adair – Strands (Club Dance)

Adjudications under the cut!

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