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My gay ships will be canon. Just you wait. If not any of my current otps then some otp I have not found yet in the distant future will fulfill the deed.

This new episode really got me thinking more. 

In another post, someone said Makoto and Haruka’s relationship is a mirror to Sosuke and Rin’s and that they handle each other problems differently. I feel like Sosuke and Makoto are similar - but Makoto realizing his emotions. Makoto knows that he is feeling jealousy. Sosuke says ‘I don’t know.’

Because of that, I believe that is why Makoto challenged Haruka and Sosuke wanted to swim in a relay with Rin. Makoto wanted to feel the thrill and fire between Rin and Haruka’s races while Sosuke wanted to feel the passion and love in a relay. 

During both Makoto&Haruka’s race - Makoto was reaching out but he couldn’t see or feel anything. Like he was being left alone. Sosuke, while his relay, he lost his momentum and was looking at the same empty space filled with water that Makoto saw. 

Makoto knows how to sort out his feelings as Sosuke does not. Makoto knows his envy, his love, how he knows one day - Haruka will leave him. Sosuke still hasn’t accepted that . 

During Nagisa&Haruka’s conversation about Haruka’s future and Rei&Haruka’s conversation about Freedom - they have started Haruka’s mind of that he might do competitive swimming. Rin on the other hand, knows he wants to. 

And then the two reasons why Makoto and Haruka swim. 

“I want to swim with you.”
“I swim because I want to.”

Haruka didn’t say things like friends or relays or sentimental matters. He swims. In these past episode, Makoto and Haruka’s relationship has been strained. They care for each other and they still do - but they just have some problems. I feel like Haruka is just done with Makoto. He doesn’t want to leave Makoto, but Makoto knows for Haruka’s good - that Haruka should leave him. And Haruka hates that. 

assdfghjl I just have a lot of emotions about them and it’s really hard to explain. 

  • At a railway crossing near Iwatobi station
  • Haruka stares off into space
    ★Make his clothes the same as in episode 2
  • Haruka yawns
  • Rin walks up in front of him and stops
  • Haruka thinks “that’s…”
  • Rin has some sort of shadow over him
    He stares off into space
  • Rin finally realizes that Haruka is there
  • Rin is surprised
    He’s conflicted (It’s someone he didn’t want to see right now)
    At the end, his hair flies up
    (the wind from the train)
  • Once the bars from the train crossing raise Haruka slightly runs over
  • There is an awkward silence
    Haruka is happy to see him again after a long time
    Haruka thinks “What should I say…”
    ★It’s hard to talk!
  • Haruka think “Even though I waited for it…”
    it just slips out of his mouth
  • Rin defects it with an akward smile
  • Haruka is happy and wants to talk to Rin
    And they’re talking about swimming
  • Rin only responds the Haruka’s happy talking with silence
    ★Hiding his eyes, they aren’t shown
  • Haruka is confused
  • Rin invites him with a smile
    ★His expression is stiff
  • At the end he smiles
  • He slowly opens his eyes
    Rin’s eyes aren’t smiling
    ★Please give it a cold impression
  • At the swimming club
  • Haruka glances at Rin
    He kind of realizes that Rin isn’t the same as usual
    Haruka thinks “I wonder what it is” ★An uncomfortable feeling
  • Rin snaps the strap of his goggles
  • Rin and Haruka prepare
  • The two of them jump in
  • Tears fall to the ground
  • Rin is half crying
  • Haruka is shocked
  • Rin’s goggles fall
  • ★Here the two of them change clothes
  • Haruka comes into the frame
  • He grabs Rin’s arm
  • In the hallway of the swimming club
  • Haruka feels like if he doesn’t stop him now, he’ll never see him again
  • Rin puts strength into his arm
  • and pushes away Haruka’s hand roughly
    ★Rin’s point of view
  • Haruka is surprised
    ★Make it slow at the end
  • The hurt Rin
    He mumblingly spits out his words
  • Haruka is shocked
  • <half artistic>
    ★The background becomes white
    Rin runs away
  • <reality>
    Behind Haruka is the swimming club’s lounge
  • Rin’s father’s childhood picture
Normal People VS Me 3

Normal people: ugh I’m so sad today because I have no one to talk to about my life problems, like, I have a crush and they probably don’t like me back and idk what to do and-

Me: I am an emotional abyss of sacrilege and death because I have no one to scream with about my otp.



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