ringwraith adoration

I’m rewatching Lord of the Rings (I think I might just make this “Will watches all his favorite fantasy movies” week) and I’ve gotten to the scene where the nazgul are facing Arwen and

and they’s just adorable

The ringwraiths are just so cute with their little hoods and their over the top spikey armor and they growly voices

It reminds me why I made a whole 30 minute cartoon about the one good ringwraith

godzillakiryu91  asked:

1. Adorable ring wraiths? 2. There's a good ring wraith?

1. Yes

2. No, but the main character of a stop motion movie I made in college was basically a good ringwraith.  I mean, by the time I finished the movie it was no longer set in middle earth so he was technically just a normal wraith, but he was basically everything I find adorable about ringwraiths wrapped up in a silly vest.