ringwood nj


1. NAME ; LOCATION- Currently in Ringwood NJ ( North Jersey )

2. GOALS WHEN MAKING A PIECE- I like to make humor based work so if there is something amusing or even laughable, all the better. I tend to scrap a lot of ideas and drawings since they don’t quite fit what I’m going for. It’s good for me to try and refine what I’m working and when it’s finished, I’m happy with it. 

3. WHO DOES IT RIGHT?- Screamin Squeegees, they have been silkscreen printing skateboards since the 80’s and they are the best. I also like what they are printing for Jeremy Klein and Jim Greco. Those two are doing great work with their art and products ( Jeremy Klein Industries and Hammers )
I also like the work LQQK studio does
4. FAVORITE MEDIUM- Pencil and ink illustrations and silkscreen printing. I mostly work with those mediums. 
5. SKATEBOARDING? - When i have time, i keep it simple but it’s always fun.

6. FAVORITE CURRENT ALBUM?- I’ve had Marvin Gaye Trouble Man : 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition going steady lately 
7. FAVORITE LOCATION TO CREATE? - I typically illustrate in my bedroom and silkscreen in my print studio. 

8. FILM OR DIGITAL? Each have their qualities but I spend more time with digital 

9. INSTAGRAM? find me , it’s briancordes
10. THANKS / SHOUTS OUTS? Thanks to you ( softhoagierolls ) and Jon Proko and everyone else who is keeping it real and doing what they love.