ringwood nj


Good Tuesday morning to you all.  

15 shows, 11 states, 17 hotel rooms, 1 stately home, and a jazillion miles in a white dodge mini van - from Nashville to Vicksburg, MI to Tampa, FL and back. You can really milk a spring by heading north in May.

Sometimes the drives are long and it’s interstate and truck stops all the way. Other times we’re able to get off the interstate and stop at a road side farm stands, local restaurants and parks - see a bit of the country you miss out on blasting down the highway. That’s my favorite way to travel.  

We met a lot of good folks this trip and played two of my most favorite house concerts. First came Live @ Drew’s in Ringwood, NJ ( a very cool cabin on the lake - the same lake where they filmed Dirty Dancing - true story) and Our Kind of Folk in Tarpon Springs, FL ( hosted by Eddie and Barb in their beautiful home, designed by Eddie looking out over the water).  This was my fifth time at Drew’s and my first time for Our Kind of Folk.  Both involved incredible food and dream audiences.  If you live in these areas, check them out.  I guarantee you will hear some great music, be presented with delicious food and quite possibly make some new good friends - we did.

I will head back to Nashville tomorrow and start working on a new record - finally.  We’ll keep you posted on the progress and try and share some of the behind the scenes working.

To all of you that came out to see us - you are always much appreciated and never taken for granted.  Thanks for showing up.

Kim x


1. NAME ; LOCATION- Currently in Ringwood NJ ( North Jersey )

2. GOALS WHEN MAKING A PIECE- I like to make humor based work so if there is something amusing or even laughable, all the better. I tend to scrap a lot of ideas and drawings since they don’t quite fit what I’m going for. It’s good for me to try and refine what I’m working and when it’s finished, I’m happy with it. 

3. WHO DOES IT RIGHT?- Screamin Squeegees, they have been silkscreen printing skateboards since the 80’s and they are the best. I also like what they are printing for Jeremy Klein and Jim Greco. Those two are doing great work with their art and products ( Jeremy Klein Industries and Hammers )
I also like the work LQQK studio does
4. FAVORITE MEDIUM- Pencil and ink illustrations and silkscreen printing. I mostly work with those mediums. 
5. SKATEBOARDING? - When i have time, i keep it simple but it’s always fun.

6. FAVORITE CURRENT ALBUM?- I’ve had Marvin Gaye Trouble Man : 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition going steady lately 
7. FAVORITE LOCATION TO CREATE? - I typically illustrate in my bedroom and silkscreen in my print studio. 

8. FILM OR DIGITAL? Each have their qualities but I spend more time with digital 

9. INSTAGRAM? find me , it’s briancordes
10. THANKS / SHOUTS OUTS? Thanks to you ( softhoagierolls ) and Jon Proko and everyone else who is keeping it real and doing what they love.