Ringtool Multi-Tool

The result of countless conversations and testing with cyclists, mechanics, architects, designers and material experts and based on the designer’s experiences in long-distance bike touring and city cycling, Ringtool brings together nine essential tools fixed on a small circular-shaped key ring. The multi-tool can be easily slipped onto a chain to keep it available at all times, without adding significant bulk to your pockets.


So a while back I funded this Kickstarter because it’s a very neat design and smart ‘solution’ for bulkier multitools for bikes (and I know a lot of people ride sans supplies for many reasons). And since my seat got stolen, my pack with my multitool was in the wind.

Finally arrived today, in a very minimalist packing (huzzah). Was a bit of a pain to put on my keychain but now I’ll feel much more secure biking those longer distances.