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I really couldn’t find a better kismesis ring than the one I used for Spades Slick, but this is the one time where I feel it’s justified to reuse a ring design. He strikes me as the guy who’s supposed to essentially personify kismesis relationships, so…

(The following headcanons don’t need to exist but suddenly do at this very moment as I type this.)

Flushed rings are given much like today’s promise rings. There is an agreement of a relationship beforehand. The rings are then donned as the official “announcement”. 

Kismesis rings are given as a sort of “taunt” between partners. One will propose an official relationship by stealing something important of the other’s and leaving a ring in its place as a kind of calling card. If the other can reclaim their important item (to prove worthy of the partner’s skill level) and wishes to accept the title, they will leave another ring in the place of their reclaimed loot.

It’s common for only one moirail in the relationship to wear the ring, as it’s given to the wearer when the possibility of the relationship is proposed. Both parties can wear rings if they so choose, but only one is seen as customary. It is also seen as a compliment to the wearer, as this implies that they were the one that the other felt completed by first or most drastically.

And lastly, unlike the Moirail ring, which is only given by a partner when proposing a relationship, the Auspice ring tradition involves four parties: two in a corrupt kismesis, one concerned friend who wants something to be done but cannot effectively mediate for some reason, and one (the eventual wearer) whom the friend approaches. The ring serves as a formal request for the last person to step in and mediate where the concerned friend cannot in a situation where a verbal plea would be undignified. In short, Auspistice relationships can take place without a ring; the status ring only comes into play when an Auspice must be actively recruited by someone else. Wearing this ring also serves as a visual reminder to those involved that the third member is perfectly willing to help, but was prompted to do so in the first place by someone else. This keeps the initial request anonymous and avoids risking any already-strained friendships. 

I am SO sorry I went on a huge tangent there… ^^; I’m sure it sounds kind of rough, as I just spat that out on the fly. You know how headcanons are though. They just happen sometimes!  

Edit: Revamped the Auspice ring explanation. Hopefully this version’s a little more streamlined. 

Trolls (all generations) 
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==>Enter Name.

Your name is LEGOLAS GREENLEAF and boy you sure are pretty. Your interests include ARCHERY and STATING THE OBVIOUS. You also occasionally STARE OFF INTO THE DISTANCE. Your friends tell you that you have a difficult time understanding EMOTIONS but of course that’s just because they’re not as GORGEOUS as you. What will you do now?

((I finally fucking finished it! I’m so happy with this you have no idea. The hair was a fucking pain in the ass but I’m really happy with how it turned out! :3 ))


Since I’ve been seeing this ringstuck thingy going around I decided to screw around on gemvara and try and design some rings for Vrynus (top) and Xepham, the Vindicant (bottom). I actually like Vrynus’ more (heheh Trollsona), but Xepham’s has a bit more symbolism in the color choices.

For Vrynus’ I chose blue sapphires for the outer gems (he declares and categorizes himself as blue) and a stone closer to indigo in the center. The metal is platinum, to mean his tight grip on his personality holding all of himself together. 

For Xepham’s, I chose the chess design - his days in the Fleet as an imperial Strategist. I stuck with the blue and indigo pattern, but the metal surrounding each gem is rose-tinted, intended to be Fuschia, a symbol of the Condesce’s leash on his activities until sending him to the Fleet, keeping him bound to the Empire. 

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Wow! We absolutely love all your Homestuck inspired ring sets. So much creativity and customization- it's great!

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I did not know you have a tumblr. wow.

I feel like I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar putting cookies IN. 
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I’m glad you like them!