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Ahhh, hello! Ive never talked to you, but i really love stardew valley too! Im in my second year and I've decided to romance Emily. She decided to dance with me @ the Flower Dance and now its the day after and! In the mail! Perrie tells me about the bouquet, Emily sent me the letter for her 8 heart event, and Demetrius (my closest friend in game) sent me an amethyst, one of Emily's favorite gifts!! It feels like Perrie and Demetri are playing as my wingmen and I'm so excited about this!!

THIS … IS THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST i am 100% in favour of top wingmen pierre and demetrius ……. demetri getting all emotional about his best friend’s blossoming relationship …. pierre delighted that the farmer is really finding a home in the community ……………….

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Hi! I was wondering what edition of Fellowship you were reading in the breakfast picture on 14th September. :)

Feast your eyes on this beau ideal of 1970s jacket design. I found this in one of the 19 bookshops in Hay-on-Wye and was informed by the owner that it is the first single-volume edition of LOTR ever published in the UK. It is full of typos and missing punctuation but I only paid eight dollars for it and you know what? It’s my favorite edition of LOTR I have now, because it has a lot of personality and also it’s just laced with nostalgia because I can’t pick it up without flashing back to my wonderful post-dissertation solo vacation in Wales, where all I did was tromp around the countryside, read LOTR, listen to Led Zeppelin, drink beer, and maybe fall in a river (once).