That's Amore

Have some Logicality fluff because why not?

Warrnings : food mention; alcohol mention(one of the songs lyrics mentions wine)

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Morality couldn’t wipe the smile off his face, even if he wanted to. He was in his favorite place in the house, the kitchen. Today he was making pizza, one hundred percent from scratch. Sure he’d made the cheesy goodness before but it usually involved refrigerated dough and sauce from a jar. To make things even better, his lovely boyfriend was helping. He glanced over at Logic who was stirring the homemade sauce, which smelled divine, and his smile grew even bigger. Though they all had the same face, there was something about Logan’s when he was concentrated. He always gave all of  his attention to things with laser like focus, something Morality admired as his own attention tended to bounce from thing to thing in a series of unfinished projects.

Morality gave his dough an experimental toss to stretch it out. It went fairly well and he turned to show Logan his pizza tossing skills. However looking at his focused partner he was struck with a bolt of Dad-like inspiration. So as he tossed his pizza dough he began to sing;

“OH, when the moon hits your eye like a big…Pizza Pie…that’s amore.”

Logan rolled his eyes but smiled at him none the less, removing the finished sauce from the stove.

“When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine, that’s amore.”

“you’re so cheesy,” Logan said, but leaned in and kissed him affectionately before taking the dough from him and placing it on the pan. Now that they were both unencumbered, Mo swept Logan into his arms and attempted to whirl him around the kitchen, and continued singing,

Bells will ring, ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling;

And you’ll sing vita bella

Heart’s will play, tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay

Like a gay tarantella “

He laughed as Logan gave in and joined the clumsy dance around the kitchen.  He was utterly shocked when Logic began singing the second verse, well as close to singing as he got. Morality slowed their movements to better hear his whisper soft voice.

“When the stars make you drool, just like pasta fazool, that’s amore,

When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet, you’re in love.

When you walk in a dream but you know you’re not dreaming, signore

Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Napoli

That’s Amore…”

Morality was blushing furiously, he’d never been serenaded before. What had started out as light hearted joke had turned into a beautiful and heartfelt gesture from his love, after all Logic never did things halfway.  He kissed his boyfriend to hide the tears that were forming in his eyes, but they were interrupted by a disgusted exclamation from Anxiety.

“Do you have to do that where our food is?”

“You know the best food is food made with love.” Morality laughed, winking at the younger trait.

“That may be too literal, even for me. “ Logan joked, pulling startled chuckles from the other two.

“Is the pizza done, I’m starving. “ Anx whined, pulling himself up to sit on the counter.

“No, but if you get your butt off my counter and wash your hands you can help put the toppings on however you like.” Anxiety rolled his eyes but did as he was told, happily over cheesing the whole thing.

Later, as everyone moaned over how good the pie was, Morality couldn’t help humming his new favorite song.

Thanks for reading everyone, this is one of my favorite songs and I couldn’t get the idea of Mo singing it while he was making pizza out of my head. Plus my own headcanon is that this is the type of music Morality listens to: Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong; Ella Fitzgerald….well you get it. Hope you enjoyed, here’s a link if you want to listen to the song!

Also Note: while I was reading the lyrics last night I read the line “gay tarantella” (gay in this case meaning happy and tarantella being a whirling dance from southern Italy) as “Gay tarantula” and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about LGBT+ spiders and if someone decides they want to draw that please tag me in it cuz i really want to see it.

miniminter one shot - i love you, but things are falling apart.

Simon joined me on the pavement. His long legs stretched out into the empty road. I focused on his shoes, knowing if I looked up at him I would break at the sight of his deep blue eyes lit only by the dim street lights above us. From the lack of movement felt beside me it was safe to assume he was doing the same.
Out of the corner of my eye I could see him playing with his fingers. This had been his method of avoidance since we were about six years old. Playing with his fingers had been such a common habit, something demonstrated when he was nervous or uncomfortable. Never had I anticipated a scenario in which the source of his discomfort was me.
Neither of us spoke, simply because we were both afraid to say it. Things just had not been working between us lately. I had known Simon for twenty years, and only three of them had been spent romantically. We started this relationship with so much hesitance. There had always been feelings there and I hoped there always would be, but we were both afraid of losing the friendship. Looking back, perhaps we were right to be. We had worked so damn well together. I really, genuinely thought maybe I would spend the rest of my life with Simon. But these days there is nothing but miscommunication and arguments. The relationship was becoming draining, tiring and self destructing. Our careers were both affected. That’s not what love is supposed to be like.

“(Y/N)..” Simon broke the silence but I cut him off.

“Please, Simon. Don’t say it. Please don’t say it.”

I felt him exhale next to me, his breath rattling as it escaped his lungs.

His voice was traced with sadness as he forced out his words.

“We need to talk about it eventually (Y/N).”

The lights in the house behind us were all lit. All six of the sidemen boys, the two Cals and some of the girlfriends were inside, watching from the living room window as heartbreak and not so happy endings unfolded in front of them. I pulled the sleeves of his jumper over my knuckles, focusing on the road in front of me.

“No Simon,” i mentally cursed as my voice cracked, alerting him of the weakness i held. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

He listened intently as I carried on, just the way he had done since I was a child.

“I don’t wanna talk about it, ever. I will sit here until the sun comes up every single morning for the rest of my life until I have to if it means keeping this silence. I’ll sit here until you give in, and you leave.”

I closed my eyes, biting back tears.

“Although it feels like you left a long time ago.”

“(Y/N) please don’t act like this isn’t just as hard for me as it is for you.” His voice broke, shattering my heart with it. “You know I have always loved you. And I’m always going to. I haven’t left and I don’t ever want to.”

His voice was quiet, and shaky and in this very moment he was so vulnerable. I considered asking to keep the friendship, just so I could keep him around. But I knew this was a bad idea. If this was gonna end, it had to end altogether.

As if reading half my mind Simon cleared his throat before asking,

“What if we remained friends?”

I shut him down.

“No Simon, we can’t be friends. It has to be over completely.”

“But why? It doesn’t have to end like this.”

“Simon it does! Why can’t you see? We can’t be friends! I need you out of my life altogether it’s the only way I will ever have a chance at moving on!”

I felt him pull his own hoodie strings tighter, a method of hiding his face from me. Not that I had found the confidence to look up at it yet.

“I don’t want you to move on.”

“I don’t want to move on either. But I have to. Because if you aren’t mine anymore..”

my voice broke completely, tears i’d been fighting to hold back falling from my eyes like waterfalls.

"If you’re not mine then that gives you the freedom to be anyone else’s. And I can’t handle that. So many girls want you, and one day, you’ll want one of them just as much. And they’ll be round here everyday, wearing these fucking sidemen hoodies and laughing with Jj and appearing on every card in cards against humanity, and she’ll be the Mrs. Minter that I was never good enough to be.”

I heard whispering from inside the house. Simon sniffled, wiping his eyes.

“(Y/N) you’re the only girl that I want to become Mrs Minter! No one will ever fit as well into this sidemen scene as you have. No one will ever fit as well into my fucking life as you have.”

He tugged at my hand, begging me to look up at him now. I fought the urge, not wanting him to see how broken I was, not that this was a first time thing for Simon to see.

"Please (Y/N) I’ll be whatever you want to be, friend, boyfriend, husband, I don’t fucking care! Just please don’t leave me..”

He grabbed my cheeks, forcing me to stare deep into his bloodshot, tearstained eyes. I saw pain, and heartache and desperation. I knew I had to make a decision.

I forced my eyes shut before standing up and walking towards the door of the sidemen house.


Tears rolled down my face faster and faster, my throat physically aching at the heartbreak and despair in Simon’s voice. I opened the front door, feeling so embarassed and weak as I walked into the sidemen lounge, knowing everyone had heard every thing.

In the corner sat Callum and Sarah, with Josh and Freya. Callum held a worried look on his face as I entered the room. Sarah and Freya both had wet eyes, clearly upset by the state I was in. Even Jide had pulled his beanie lower onto his head, using it to wipe a stray tear falling from his cornea. I just wanted to be out of here. I wanted to leave, as soon as possible.

“Can somebody please take me home?”

My voice came out no higher than a whisper, laced with raw emotion. Everybody’s faces looked pained. Callum Airey stood up, picking up his keys.

“Yeah, I haven’t drank tonight I’ll drive you.”

He walked over to me, placing a hand on the small of my lower back as we prepared to leave the room when all of a sudden Simon entered the room. Under the lighting I could see his face clearer. His eyes were a harsh red pigment, tears still rolling down his cheeks.

“(Y/N) WAIT!”

Callum stood hesitantly, watching me to await my call on whether I wanted to proceed with the car journey. More tears fell from my face as I looked at Simon. I had never loved anybody this much before. So much that it physically pained me.

“Please, (Y/N) just hear me out. I need to give you something.”

Everybody watched intently. The tension could be cut with a knife, silence filling the room. The only audible sound was that of Sarah sobbing slightly into Cal’s hoodie.

Simon took my left hand, sliding something onto my fourth finger. It was a ring.

"Look. It’s my Grandma’s. Her engagement ring. She gave this to me after my Grandpa died, and I promised her I would only ever give it to a girl I was so sure I would love for the rest of my life. I’ve been meaning to give this to you but I wanted to wait until we figured things out.”

Sarah’s sobs became louder, along with Freya’s and even Jide’s.

“(Y/N) if you leave tonight then you might aswell take the ring anyway because there is not another female on this earth that lives up to my Grandma’s wishes. And that is because there is not another female that I will love for my whole life. I will never love anybody as much as I love you and I’m sure of that because I loved you before I even knew what that word meant. There will never be a Mrs. Minter to be wearing sidemen hoodies or be laughing with JJ because those roles are reserved for you.”

He took my left hand in his, holding it out in front of him.

“If you don’t take the ring then I’d probably end up fucking giving it to Jide. So please, (Y/N). Let us figure this out. And please. Please will you marry me?”

More silence filled the room as every boy sat on the edge of his seat. Through tear stained eyes I admired the ring placed onto my finger. I remembered seeing it on Simon’s grandma’s finger when we were younger. It was silver, and thick around the band. It fit perfectly. Almost as if it was a sign.


I watched as he inhaled, his face white as chalk.

“Yes. Yes, I will marry you.”


My now fiancé lifted me into the air, swinging me round and round, leaving kisses on any part of skin he could access. Sighs of relief were soon replaced with cheers and screams around the room as everybody enveloped in a hug.

“THANK FUCK FOR THAT!” JJ exclaimed, sprinting over, pulling us both into his arms.

No longer occupied with stopping Sarah’s sobbing Callum spoke out

“OI did anyone see how much JJ was crying? I thought he was about to pull out his snapchat fucking hell!”

JJ raised his middle finger.

“Hey, I was just upset I’m no longer a candidate for this beautiful fucking diamond ring.” He held up my left hand. Harry laughed from across the room.

“JJ, aren’t you a bit too young for the ring ting?”
Vino Rosso e Vino Bianco

features: solangelo; smut

An aroma wafted throughout their apartment. It was pungent yet sweet yet savory all at once. Another unmistakable odor was that of a burning wick and hot air. One last thing that activated Will’s senses was the pop! of a wine bottle being opened.

   Nico, Will thought immediately. He threw his blanket off and pulled his lounge pants on. Not much time for a shirt. Hope he doesn’t mind.

   Nico certainly didn’t mind. Without any shame, he trailed his eyes up and down the blond who burst into the living room, stopping at certain places like Will’s v-cut and the trail of dirty blonde leading up to his navel from his pubic triangle. Subconsciously, he bit and licked his lips. He imagined himself running his hands through his sunshine-boy’s locks. He remembered the cheese in the fondue.

   He scowled at the burnt aroma drifting into his nose. “Damn it, Will, you made me burn the cheese!” He tipped the contents out onto a plate and tsked and scraped at the charred pieces stuck to the bowl. “I don’t ruin your me-time even if I can hear you from out your door.

   Will smiled smugly. “Guess I was too—” Mid-brush of his hair, Nico interrupted.

   “No, Will. You don’t just ruin my me-time like that. Especially when it involves fondue.” He stood up forcefully, making the couch squeak louder than usual.

   A hole formed in Will’s stomach, and it was filled with guilt. His hand dropped to his side. “Wait, Nico!”

   “Yes?” Nico quirked an eyebrow. “What do you want, Solace?

   Another hole formed within Will, but it was in his heart this time. He hated it when Nico gets mad at him, when Nico says his surname in vain. “Can I … at least make it up to you?” His eyes grew, his eyebrows knotted together, and he latched his hands together behind his back. 

   Nico softened at this. He’d crossed a line. But Will did too, he thought. He had to come in shirtless . . . He shook his head mentally. Who am I kidding. It’s my fault, too.

   “Okay. Uhm. You can clean the bowl. Yeah.” He handed Will his bowl. “Please don’t use the abrasive; I don’t want the ceramic to be scraped.”

   Will nodded at the instructions. He obediently walked to the kitchen, and Nico heard the running water hit the stainless steel.

   Nico looked back at the food on his plate. Tufts of broccoli and cauliflower, asparagus stems, carrot sticks, all individually steamed to his preferred doneness, and a salt and pepper grinder, yet he still felt like some thing was …

   “How the fuck did I forget the croutons?” Nico said, slapping his palm against his temple.

   Will, scrubbing firmly at the ornately designed bowl (tendrils of black decorated the rim of the bowl, and a swirling triskelion did so to the center), overheard him and moved to get the butter out of the fridge next to their sink.

   Nico reached for the leftover piece of baguette in the breadbox and a bread knife. He expertly cubed the stale bread and popped them into a ceramic pan he’d used to melt some butter. A quick toss around was enough to brown the bread enough to his liking. He spooned the croutons onto a saucer and patted them down with a paper towel.

   Will smiled sadly.

   A new aroma floated through the apartment. Will breathed in deeply and sighed wistfully. Nico looked at him from the corner of his eye, thought for a bit, and decided.

   Along with another two handfuls of two different cheeses, he brought out a bar of dark chocolate, a tub of strawberries, a pack of marshmallows, some graham crackers, a zester, and a whole orange. Will gingerly put his bowl down and offered a hand, but the proud Italian had other plans. Why does he have so much? Will wondered.

   Back into the kitchen Nico came, and this time he retrieved his other fondue set and a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, a red wine, from one of his cute skeleton-inspired wine holders. (A thoughtful gift from Leo Valdez, who admittedly had a good eye for home décor.) Will followed him back into the living room, the now clean bowl in his hands. “Nico, what is this—”

   Nico kissed Will. He only had to tiptoe slightly, for Will was only a couple inches taller. A few quiet seconds of kissing later, he pulled back and went to work. He lit a new tealight, placed a few squares of dark chocolate into one bowl along with a small glug of cabernet sauvignon, a few twists of salt, and a pinch of orange zest and set the bowl over the candle. He did the same with his bowl, except he used two cheeses, an Italian and a French one, sauvignon blanc, a white wine, and a few grinds of salt and pepper. He arranged the berries and sweets on Will’s plate.

   During this time, Will had been watching Nico’s expertise. He’d asked, “Wait, what is this?”

   Nico answered, “I just … feel really bad for … what happened… . And I wanted to make it up to you,” with a shrug and a small smile. “Could you stir yours?”

   Will nodded. “Sure.” He couldn’t help blushing at the slight contact they made when Nico handed him a skewer.

   As they stirred their fondues together, Will glanced at the bottles of wine. If he’s gonna unwind, he should have some. He rested his skewer on its side on the bowl and went back to the kitchen. He looked towards where the skeletons were and grabbed a pair of glasses.

   Nico had a curious gaze when Will got back. “So. You got the wrong kind of glasses.”

   Will could only hum in confusion. “What do you mean? They’re wine glasses, aren’t they?”

   Nico pointed to each. “Yeah, but this one is for bordeaux, and this one’s for chardonnay.” He stood up with the glassware in his hands and went to the kitchen, and Will scratched his nape. “This is mine, and this one’s yours,” he said when he came back, setting each glass—the correct ones—next to their respective wines.

   Will poured a glass for himself, and Nico told him to fill it up until where the glass just started to narrow. He held his own glass up, offering a toast. Will brought his up by the neck, and a satisfying ting! ringed through the apartment. They each took a sip, and Nico set his glass down and moved to plant a kiss on his sunshine’s lips. Setting his glass down, Will kissed him back, and with his tongue parted Nico’s lips. Nico climbed on top of Will and embraced him.

   Nico’s mouth tasted sweet and innocent from the wine while Will’s had a rich and daring flavor singing. The flavors were opposite to the owner’s being, but that was what they loved about it.

   A few minutes into making-out, Will pulled away and asked, “I thought you wanted to have some me-time? With your fondue?”

   “This is my me-time,” Nico answered, to which Will raised his eyebrows at. “Plus the food can wait. I like my food cold.” Nico shrugged.

   They continued kissing. Their hands roamed around each other’s bodies before Will decided to rest them behind Nico’s neck and Nico squeezed Will’s bubble butt. The blond moaned into the kiss as Nico ground into Will.

   “HA!” Nico shouted. “I made you moan first! I made you moan first!” Nico did a little dance while still on top of Will, making Will squeak and moan some more. He dry humped him hard just to rub it in his face.

   “That’s okay,” Will said between a couple of moans. “I felt like topping anyway.” He put a smug smirk on which Nico couldn’t resist but kiss. “Hold on, let me get the condoms and lube.” He dashed to his bedroom and retrieved a box and a bottle.

   When he got back, Nico had stripped himself of his shirt and was laid down on the sofa, impatiently rubbing his penis through his pants. He smiled when Will comically displayed the items like he was advertising them. “Get the fuck over here, Solace.”

   Will’s skin prickled at the sounds of his last name coming out of his death boy’s mouth. “What you do is gonna be the death of me,” he said.

   “Pun intended?” Nico asked.

   “Pun intended,” Will said. He flipped them over, so he was now on top.

   They went back to grinding and making-out, the kissing getting increasingly passionate and hungry with each passing moment. The smacks of their lips could’ve been heard from out the door, but they didn’t mind the symphony they were playing.

   It was Will who went lower first. He sucked on Nico’s neck next. Nico, clawing at Will’s butt, cocked his head back as Will concentrated on one spot in particular. When he was done, there were two bruises printed on on the left-hand-side of Nico’s neck. “Do I look sexy, Will?” Nico asked.

   As he asked that, Will was reaching for his phone. “I’d say yes. How about you?” He snapped a picture of Nico and showed it to him. Nico’s eyes were lazily half-open, and his lips were slightly apart in the picture, and it was obvious they’d been kissing.

   “Ooh, I do look sexy.” Nico tossed the phone to the other couch. “Something for you to fap to.”

   Will blushed. “Shut up, di Angelo.”

   Nico didn’t have plans to shut up as his next symphony played. Groans of pleasure streamed out of his mouth as Will planted his lips around one of Nico’s pink nipples. He played with the other one with his hand, pinching and twisting it gently, sucked on the nipple, pulling it with him whenever he pulled back, and licked and prodded it with his tongue, nibbling it every so often. Nico had wanted to return the favor, so he fiddled with Will’s nipples as well, his other hand trapped in the mess that was Will’s hair.

   Nico’s nipples weren’t the only things hardening at Will’s touch. With each time Nico arched his back, he thrust his hips into Will’s, and Will could feel Nico’s raging hard-on against his own.

   “Will, can you suck my fucking dick now. I can’t take this anymo—” He cut himself off with a moan. “Solace. Fuck, please,” he pleaded as Will wildly lapped at his nip.

   “I like it when my angel begs,” Will grunted. “Take us to bed then if you want a good suck.”

   And so Nico did. From the squeaky sofa they disappeared, and, in a warm embrace, they were enveloped in cold shadows. In the darkness, Will knew Nico was in his element. He looked more flush than he already was even in the void, and his features, shoulders, torso, look much more chiseled in the dark.

   With a thump, they landed on Nico’s black sheets with him still under Will, on his back. Immediately, Will pulled down Nico’s sweats and boxers in one go. Nico’s dick flicked against his abdomen as the clothes left his body while Will tossed the clothing on the floor. A good seven inches, a narrow girth, and a pink head ready to be abused.

   Nico let out a gasp when Will put his mouth around the pale, hard penis. Will bobbed his head up and down and swirled his tongue around, sucking in every time he bobbed up. Under the blond Nico squirmed and moaned and gasped. Every so often, he thrust into Will’s throat, surprising him at times and making him cough in surprise. And every so often, Will took the liberty to wildly rub his palm against Nico’s mushroom head, making him squirm more and moan louder.

   “Solace,” Nico panted, “let me taste yours.” He snatched at Will’s sweats and brief and pulled them down in a similar manner Will had done. 

   Will knew what Nico wanted. He threw his pants off, exposing his tan (like the rest of his body), eight-and-a-half inch dick, and nimbly moved to let Nico be able to suck him off while he was still able to suck Nico—they were in a 69.

   Nico slurped at Will’s dick. It wasn’t exactly sucking since Will thrust into his mouth. Facefuck was the politically correct term. A very hot facefuck at that. Will moaned at the vibrations coming from Nico’s own.

   “Mmm, di Angelo, you little shit,” Will moaned. He stop sucking and chose to rub Nico’s dick. “Now I want a taste of yours.” He chuckled and flipped them expertly.

   Nico gave a yelp when Will aimed for his tiny rim next. Will shook his head side-to-side with his tongue flat against Nico’s asshole. Will’s angel could do nothing but whine in bliss. He prodded into Nico with his tongue and wiggled it however much he could. “You’re surprisingly prepared for this,” Will said out of nowhere. “You trimmed your hair back here; you took your fiber—”

   Nico laughed. “Stop changing the topic.” He looked at Will. “You’re ruining the moment.”

   Will got off  applied some lube to his middle and forefinger and chuckled. “When did a little conversation tame the horny little shit you are.” He eased them into Nico’s now looser hole. Though it still constricted Will’s fingers in a vice-like grip.

   Nico hated this part: anal foreplay. “It doesn’t.”

   Will tried to distract him while he got used to the sensation. He kissed and licked at different parts of his angel’s body. He concentrated on pushing and pulling his fingers in and out of Nico at a steady pace in a “come-here” motion, applying more pressure at the chestnut-sized prostate.

   He licked at Nico’s lips, showing how much he was craving for an Italian kiss (a French kiss, but with Nico instead). Nico fought back livelily with his tongue, batting and swiping at Will’s lips and tongue.

   Nico’s ass finally felt loose after a few more minutes of intimate and quiet kissing, so Will pulled his fingers out and retrieved the condoms.

   Nico watched Will roll it on (another rather hot sight for him). Will applied a generous amount of lube to both his shrouded dick and Nico’s rim, gently throwing Nico’s legs up in the air. “Ready, babe?” he asked.

   “As I’ll ever be,” Nico answered.

   Their lips met halfway once again as they made first contact (Will’s personal favorite). Slowly and surely, he eased his hard penis into Nico like how he did with his fingers.

   Nico whined in anticipation. He breathed steadily through his nose while they kept kissing. He gasped softly when Will fit his whole dick in.

     Will’s hips doing the work, he thrust into and out of Nico steadily, picking up speed as they went. A graceful wave Will had to his body, and Nico couldn’t resist a peak at the mirror next to them. “How do you do that?” Nico asked.

   “Do what?” Will asked in return. Go with it. He’s distracted.

   “That hot body roll you do every time you—” Will went deeper with a thrust, and Nico moaned an octave higher. He concentrated on doing the same motion that got that reaction. “Ahh, Will. Fuck.”

   “You like it there, babe?” Will asked huskily.

   Nico could only moan in response as his prostate was violated pleasurably, prickles forming on his skin from the ticklish remark against his ear.

   Will sped up twofold. Nico’s moaning went up tenfold. He wrapped his arms and legs securely around his sunshine and kissed the crook of his neck, the octave-higher moans still coming through.

   Out of nowhere, ropes or cum came bursting out of Nico. They shot up as far as his neckline. He was moaning furiously and gasping at each contraction sending the next stream flying. “Oh, my gods, Will! Shit.”

   “Holy Hades, Nico, calm the fuck down.” Will took hold of Nico’s dick. “That’s not the end of it.” He wanked his dick, sending more tremors of pleasure through Nico’s physique.

   A second orgasm happened, and Nico full-on screamed in pleasure. His thighs trembled like an earthquake from the overwhelming sensation. Will could feel the skin breaking slightly under Nico’s nails. He could easily heal those himself, but a kiss to get better from Nico would be nice.

   “Will … !” Nico cried. “Will! Too much! So good—!”

   Will kissed Nico as he took mercy in his pleas. He pulled out and slipped the condom off. “Time for your protein shake!” he cooed. He started climbing higher so Nico could suck it.

   “Ew, gross. Don’t ever call cum a protein shake ever again.”

   “Why? It’s true there’s tons of protein in sperm—”

   He was shut up by Nico energetically rubbing his palm against his dickhead. Nico reached over the nightstand to pump some lube onto his fingers for sticking them up Will’s ass. He felt around for his prostate, and when he found it, he practically tortured it. Will thrust harder and faster into Nico’s mouth as he felt the orgasm starting.

   “I’m gonna cum!” Will moaned obviously. Nico tasted the warm semen shoot into the back of his throat. He swallowed some for himself and brought some more back to his tongue and kissed Will—snowballing.

   “Gods, I love you, Nico.’

   “I love you too, Will.”

All I Want For Christmas Is Peace and Quiet...Or Maybe Jung Hoseok (Yoonseok)

Pairing: Yoonseok
Length: 4.7k
Genre: you’re the person in the apartment next door who VERY LOUDLY blasts holiday music starting in NOVEMBER and i hate christmas au”

For @1rapmon . This is the Yoonseok I promised you LITERALLY A YEAR AGO I’M SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG BUT IT’S DONE

Also, it’s about an hour late. Oops. At least it’s still Christmas somewhere in the world! 

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November 1

Yoongi groaned. It was too fucking early in the morning for this shit. Granted, it was eleven in the morning, but still. Too early. Feeling around blindly for another pillow, the blond haired man turned over in his blankets and smashed the white cotton marshmallow over his ears.

Nope, that didn’t work. I don’t fucking need to know about the fact that LAST CHRISTMAS, YOU GAVE ME YOUR HEART, BUT THE VERY NEXT DAY, I GAVE IT AWAY.  

Suddenly, the noise of a dying whale emitted from the apartment on the other side of the too-thin walls. “ME! I GUESS I WAS A SHOULDER TO CRY ON!” came a screech, none too pleasantly from beside Yoongi’s head.

That’s it, Yoongi decided. Rolling out of bed, he shuffled out of the bedroom and to the front door, barely remembering to grab his keys on the way out.

“Yah!” Yoongi hollered, pounding on the door of the neighboring apartment. Raising a hand to his mouth, Yoongi yawned, eyes squeezing shut, face scrunching up, and mouth gaping wide open. With his other hand, the still-half-asleep man continued to pound lethargically on the door. I’m gonna give him or her a piece of my mind! Who the hell starts playing Christmas songs in November?

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friends with benefits // calfreezy

Pairing - Calfreezy x reader

Warnings - swearing, implications of sexy time

Requested - by anon

Summary/Sentence -  way to young for the ring ting

Word Count - 859

Written by: Swizz - @unlimitedgazebo (lol hey issa me, i hope you like me)

kinda edited


You hadn’t known Freezy for as long as you had known Callum, by a long time. You didn’t known him on a personal level, which is why you were so caught off guard when he came to your door, drunk and sobbing incoherently.

“Way too young for the ring ting” His words were broken and sloppy, in a rambling mess. You sat the tall boy on the edge of the bed in your studio apartment, whilst you left to fetch him a glass of water.

You took the time away from Freezy to recollect your thoughts, it wasn’t every day that the hottest man you know just shows up to your door, crying non-the-less. You hadn’t even thought to ask why he was there, it hadn’t crossed-your mind in the heat of the moment. You knew it was wrong harbouring a… technical stranger in your apartment, so you stormed into your room, ready to blast the boy with questions, but he was fast asleep. You decided it wasn’t worth the hassle of waking him up, so you left it for the morning, falling asleep on the small couch. 

The next morning Freezy had left before you had risen. Confusion from the prior night’s events baffled your still sleepy frame. This confusion only grew when you stumbled across a scribbled note pinned by a magnet to your fridge - ‘meet me at the football field // closest to my apartment // 8:30pm ~ cal’. Cal… he was never ‘Cal’ to you, he was Freezy. You struggled to wrap your head around the concept of ‘Cal’, and in the midst of it all, you weren’t registering the note in itself, until you did. “What the fuck!” your voice was far from quiet and you knew that, but you couldn’t care less. Did Freezy just ask you out? No. 

It had been several hours since you read Freezy’s note and the digital clock in your car read 8:42pm, you knew you were late, in fact that was your plan. If there was any chance of this being a date, you didn’t want him to think that you wanted it - because, well, you didn’t. Dating wasn’t your thing, sex was. You weren’t so much the one-night-stand type of person, but you did like the casual affair. Simon had been one of your ‘pleasure pals’ before, but that didn’t last, he caught feelings and you were out, it’s as simple as that.

Without any more hesitation you exited your car, breathing in the polluted Stratford air as to regain your confidence. You strode towards the boy’s usual pitch, straining your eyes in an attempt to see where Freezy was located. It didn’t take you long to see his lanky figure sat on the goal line on the far end of the pitch. “Freezy, you really gonna make me walk all the way over there?” you manipulated your voice to sound as sarcastic as possible, as not to offend. In the moment of your voice breaking the silence of the pitch, you saw Freezy jump in shock, before realising who had summoned him.

“Didn’t you see me note, call me Cal, love.” His voice was cocky, more than usual at least.

“I’m not your love, Cal!” You purposely dragged out his name in an effort to familiarise yourself with the strange name. As Cal approached you, like you had hoped, he began speaking, but his voice was drowned out by the awful British weather. “Say that again, you’re too weak for the wind.” As the words left your mouth, you saw Cal tense, weirdly offended by your small remark.

“Too weak for the wind, huh?” You were confused by how offended he sounded, not to mention how close he was to you, “Well, Y/N, what I said was… ‘I may not be able to call you love, but will you call me Daddy?’” He took your face in his hands, licked his lips and aggressively pressed his soft ones to yours. It was hot and messy, like a 14 -year old’s first kiss, but you didn’t dare stop the sweet feeling. Cal didn’t pull away for what seemed like forever, but when he did, your lungs were thankful for the full breath. 

“What the fuck, Callum?” You finally spoke after a moment of silence, while he just stood there with the stupidest smirk on his face, you wanted to slap him, you wanted to fucking kiss him - you didn’t know.

“If Simon could have you, why can’t I?” You couldn’t tell if he meant romantically or sexually, so you stood there with a disgusted look, “Do you have something against me?” He didn’t sound offended this time, he had more of a condescending tone to his voice.

“I’m just not looking for a relationship Cal,” you put on your sweetest tone “I’m not really into that type of thing.”

“And you think I am?” he laughed like it was the most obvious thing.

“I guess not.” With that said, you placed a hand on his collar, with a firm grip, and bought his lips to yours, knowing full well where this was leading. 


When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
That’s amore
When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine
That’s amore
Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling
And you’ll sing “Vita bella”
Hearts will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay
Like a gay tarantella

When the stars make you drool just like a pasta e fasule
That’s amore
When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet
You’re in love
When you walk in a dream but you know you’re not dreaming, signore
Scusa mi, but you see, back in old Napoli
That’s amore

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
That’s amore (That’s amore)
When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine
That’s amore (That’s amore)
Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling
And you’ll sing “Vita bella” (Vita bell—Vita bella)
Hearts will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay
Like a gay tarantella (lucky fella)

When the stars make you drool just like a pasta e fasule
That’s amore (That’s amore)
When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet
You’re in love
When you walk in a dream but you know you’re not dreaming, signore
Scusa mi, but you see, back in old Napoli
That’s amore (amore)
That’s amore

Things Said/Heard on a Sledding Trip
  • “I’ve got a really big cardboard box, so… tobogganing?”
  • “God, ‘tobogganing’ sounds so dirty.”
  • “Should I just… dive at this hill?”
  • “WITNESS ME!!!”
  • “Well, that didn’t work as expected.”
  • “Oh, man, that’s a lot of snow in my groin.”
  • “The important thing is that you tried your best.”
  • “You look like you’re preparing to be crucified.”
  • “Oh, typical Sunday afternoon. A little sledding, a little crucifixion.”
  • “Do you wanna sled down together?”
  • “Fuck, I thought you were good at steering!”
  • “Alright, then, YOU wanna steer?”
  • “Leave me here. It’s alright. My troubles don’t matter anymore.”
  • “My spirit is strong, but my hands are weak. My hands are the fucking family disappointment.”
  • “Go for it. Be brave. Gravity is your ally.”
  • “Oh, these mittens are woefully insufficient.”
  • “Are we the people who die in the first two minutes of an X-Files episode?”
  • “If you hear me scream, just know that it’s probably aliens.”
  • “AAAAAAAAAHHH!!! No, that was actually just snow down the back of my neck, not aliens. Never mind.”
  • “My gloves aren’t touch-screen compatible- could you take our selfie?”
  • “Come with me. We can sled away from all the worries of this mortal earth.”
  • “Wow, you take pretty big steps for someone with such small legs.”
  • “You wanna build a gingerbread house? The last time I made one, it got thrown in the dumpster because it was a disappointment to humanity, but there’s always another shot. Literally another shot, because the last time I made one I was drunk off my ass.”
  • “Well, that’s definitely cursed.”
  • “You want hot chocolate? I’ve got the shit with the marshmallows.”

Man it just does not feel like Christmas this year. I can’t get into the spirit-
*thinks about otp fucking in front of a Christmas tree on Christmas morning*