rings like a pimp

“I look like a pimp with all these rings!”

“Yeah babe, so very pimp, So hood, much street. All you need now is a cane and Smee on your shoulder and you’ll run the streets.”

“Ask him if he wants the fucking big diamond with the gold shit on it or the smaller diamond with the chains!”

“Piss off michael, what? No, No what the hell, are you kidding me Jameson? Do you know what this bloody diamond is worth? 7.2 million, and you’re trying to get it for 1. 4.5 million or I’m going to another buyer. I can and i will. No, no not bloody 3.3 million, I said 4.5. God-”

eyyyy, i’m done, and now for more requests to fill. also, just throwing this out there, like, in the tags, or maybe you can message me if you want, what do you guys think about a fahc comic?