rings dont lie


Since I’ve vocalized that I’m moving to another state with my bf I’ve had several people ask me where da ring @ lol

We’ve always been on the same page of not being in a hurry and I’m not and i think we need to go through some shit and give it some time before there’s a decision to be made there. And it’s scary cause there really is no need to get married.

I think that may be the only thing I’m more conservative about than him though. I really believe in the value of traditions like that and holding onto those meanings. It needs to to be sat on, it needs to be questioned. You’ll have to ask yourself if you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with that person, and i think WILLING is the wrong word. You can’t settle and just be willing to endure the hardships. You have to want the hardships, you have to be want to learn from them and you have to remind yourself that you made a promise to choose that person every day and to grow together and not apart. To KEEP putting in effort, bc that is how anything grows and prospers. Being attentive and staying soft and empathetic. Willing to learn from them and willing to teach them.

Communicating through everything. Staying receptive instead of growing stubborn. Putting faith in that person. Staying faithful to that person. (!!!) loving and growing and growing and loving


who is this gyeominion i dont know him………………..,,,….