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hi! I've been a fan of your's since, like, gmk's first incarnation. and at the time thought you were, like, the coolest person ever, but somehow you got even cooler????? so like, thanks for being a hip person. yea

???????!!!!! where were you people when i was actually making that crap!? really!??!?! i thought nobody was reading it!!

(llu, btw) 


Hey guys, just checking in while I have decent internet and access to a computer that isn’t going to kick me off in 30 minutes (aka my overnight at home). I’m doing good-ish. I’ve been a bit concerned about myself since I’ve suddenly just… gone quiet. I haven’t really felt like talking to anyone and I feel forced to sometimes. I kind of just want to sit and observe everyone without being included (depending who it is/what it is). I guess it would be closed off. I’ve been just kind of sitting there, not saying much to anyone and going upstairs to my room a lot.

I think the problem is that I don’t feel like I have a home right now. Where I’m staying is great and safe, but I feel a little like I’m in jail kind of? It’s hard to explain without getting into detail about it, which I don’t want to do on tumblr because not everyone knows what’s going on and I don’t want absolute strangers knowing either.

I’m not panicking, though. I’m still a bit anxious, a bit edgy and still hurt about some things. But I’m getting through it. I don’t know quite yet about getting my own place, but as soon as I do I’ll update with more.

Miss you!


I’m going to be gone for awhile guys, so if you don’t see me update, don’t worry. I won’t have internet access unless I go to the library. I’ll most likely either be checking my emails and facebook so, if you want my fb I can link you. Depending on who you are, of course. For those of you who know me quite well and are curious, Lilli can give you more details, I gave her permission. So yeah, it’s goodbye for now but not forever. Thanks for being awesome people, and if you wish to unfollow me I’ll understand.


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tbh Ive never messed w the place. her international fans (perfume ifans too, I’ve heard) are so terrible and bitter for mysterious reasons. just stop being a fan if you’re not cool enough to enjoy great music by great people!!

yeah, I don’t get it either. That’s why I prefer tumblr though, because people are always so excited when she does new stuff! Like, I get being nostalgic forher past stuff (I get that way too sometimes!), but it’s a lot more fun to just freak out and enjoy new releases together