ringo the dog

Matt: Baby pen…?

Matt: OH! You want to see my baby girl?! She’s the light of my life! She’s perfect in every way! When she kicks her tiny feet against the floor, it inspires my drumming! She’s too cute!

Matt: Let me go get her out of her hutch. You guys will love her, I promise!

Matt: Meet Toast! She’s everything. We found her not too long after I first came home. She was injured in our back yard. We helped each other recover from our ordeals.

Matt: We’ve been inseparable ever since! She normally hangs out in our garage when we’re practicing, other than that she hangs out in my room safe and sound in her big hutch Tom built for her! She made these past months easy on me. I wouldn’t give her up for anyone! She’s my best friend.

anonymous asked:

do u thnk tord loves cats...or dogs...

while tord wouldnt object to cats (hes a ringo boy. all of them are ringo boys) he DEFINITLY prefers dogs. not just any dog, the really huge ones. he loves big “”“badass”“”“ looking dogs for sure.

Bts as things my mom says

Jin: it’s easier to pull the black bits off burnt meat than it is to pull salmonella out of your dead body

Suga: it’s not ‘napping’ it’s restorative beauty rest

Hope: *sees mosquito* *squints at mosquito to make sure that it is, in fact, a mosquito* *takes deep breah* AAAAAAAAAARRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH ASDFGKSKHKLLLL

Mon: *philosophical, longing glance out the window* nothing comes without hard work and patience… *takes a sip of coffee* and lying through your teeth….

jimin: *throws shade* oh oh my god i’m so sorry i’ll pick that up right now sorry i’ll be on my way now sorry

v: *in the middle of dinner* wouldn’t it be great to name a dog Ringo???? Like Bingo! In the song! Remember?*starts humming loudly* Like in that song!! But with a twist. … Ringo. It’s perfect

Kook: back in my day i was the best soccer player in my entire school and i always made the losers walk me home while carrying my backpack and i was a star at taekwondo and i protected my little brother from bullies using ancient sword techniques and


Here’s my 2nd year film!!

Audio is incomplete, but I’ll have it done at a later date. I just wanna take a break from this film for now….