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“No one is probably going to believe it, but [Ringo] was the most influential Beatle. […]

"John would go up and down and all that, but Ringo was always just very gentle. And he really believed in peace and love. […] He just sort of embodies peace and love.”

[Yoko Ono, April, 2015]

Ringo photographed in the garden at Sunny Heights, Weybridge, c. 1965. 

Pic: Keystone-France / Gamma-Rapho.


The Beatles conduct press interviews and photos on the train to Washington, 11th February, 1964. 

“When we got on the train, the press told us why we got such a great reception in New York. They said, ‘Ah, we came to kill you, but you gave as good as you got and we love that.’ They has come to shoot us down and has an attitude of shouting at us, but ‘Hey! We’re from Liverpool! We shout back!’ They couldn’t believe that this band had come over and were shouting at them! That’s how they came to love us when they’d actually come out to nail us. Besides, we did have a number one and we were doing The Ed Sullivan Show, so that helped. But our attitudes were sort of similar and that’s how we became friends with everybody.”
[Ringo, Photograph, 2013]

These are some of my favourite pictures of the boys. There are loads more here!

Pics: Eva Bowen. 

If Ringo’s not going, then neither am I. You can find two replacements.
—  George Harrison, when Ringo was replaced my Jimmy Nicol while he was in the hospital for tonsillitis. It took Brian Epstein a lot of persuasion to convince George to stay.

Q: ‘Paul, you’re going to have a birthday shortly - but you don’t expect to get any presents from the boys, I hear.’

Paul McCartney: 'Oh! [laughs] No! Well this is the thing, you see. It started… I got one for my 21st. Then, who’s birthday was after that?’

John Lennon: 'Ringo’s we forgot.’

PM: 'Ringo’s. And we all forgot– it got hectic, you know, and we forgot.’

George Harrison: [jokingly] 'And it’s not important for your 28th, is it.’


PM: 'No, but it’s just happened now that we just don’t do it now.’

GH: 'And then it was my 21st, and the fellas kindly forgot about it.’

PM: 'We forgot, yeah. So I hope they forget because I’m gonna feel terrible if they don’t.’

GH: 'I’m forgetting about yours!’

PM: 'Thanks.’

JL: 'Paul got me a wimpy and a coke for my for my 21st.’

PM: 'Mind you, that was back in '39!’

JL: 'I know!’


PM: [jokingly] 'They were more expensive.’

—  The Beatles’ Sydney, Australia press conference, 11 June 1964

The Beatles rehearsing at The Cavern on 22nd August, 1962 - Part Two.

“There were quite a few drummers around Liverpool and I used to go home and tell Paul about Ringo. I often saw him play with Rory Storm. …With Rory he was a very inventive drummer. He goes around the drums like crazy. He doesn’t just hit them – he invents sounds.”

[Mike McCartney, 1983]

These photos are the first photos of the final Beatles line up, Ringo having joined the band officially only a few days earlier. 

Photos: Bill Connell & Les Chadwick (most, if not all, probably). 

(Part One here). 

Beatles Related Asks

(feel free to add more)

The Beatles: what’re your favourite blogs?

John: who’s your favourite artist (musical or not)?

Paul: where’s your favourite location?

George: what’s your favourite food?

Ringo: what’s your favourite thing to wear?

Apple: what’s your favourite pass time/hobby?

Cavern: where did you grow up?

Guitar: are you left/right handed, or ambidextrous?

Paris: do you have a significant other?

Shea: have you been to any concerts?

Mop top: your worst fashion choice?

Liverpool: have you ever been on holiday?

Abbey: when’s your birthday?

Brian: have you lost anyone close to you?

Sixties: have you got a lucky number?

Boots: what’s your fashion “clique”?

USA: ever been banned/kicked out of somewhere?

Nose: your favourite feature?

Fan club: who is your OTP?

Linda: have you ever been in love?

Stuart: have you ever had a serious injury?

Love: what’s your “catch phrase”?

Submarine: do you like the ocean?

Vinyl: favourite album?

Glasses: what’s your favourite tv show?

Shakespeare: what’s your guilty pleasure?

Brunette: what’s your hair colour?

The Beatles reading fan mail, Green Street, London, 9 October 1963. Photo © The Beatles Book.

“I’d like to say thank you to all the Beatle people who have written to me during the year and everybody who sent gifts and cards for my birthday, which I’m trying to forget, in October. I’d love to reply personally to everybody but I just haven’t enough pens.” - John Lennon, The Beatles Christmas Record (1963)


TOP: George photographed by Nigel Parry, BOTTOM: Abbey Road Studios, June 1967

INT:  Do you think that music can change the world?

GEORGE: I think it can change people and people can change the world. But I don’t believe that you know… The Beatles did a lot to change the consciousness of a generation. Or even of a couple generations because that was the thing that seems to be. The Beatles were liked by the kids and their parents, even some grandparents. And it did have an effect on a lot of people’s consciousness. Not enough to change the world. It might have changed the world to some individuals.” - George, Swedish TV, 1990

”I decided I’d like to enter art college if we flopped in show business. I got my GCE in art, and I’m still very interested in the subject. I often sketch when we’re on tour – when I’m not writing songs or go-karting! That’s the big rage for me these days, go-karting. We were doing some of it recently and now I’m thinking of taking it up in a big way.”
-  Paul McCartney, 1963


Scans - A postcard from George and Olivia (featuring a self-portrait of their shadows) sent to Ringo in February 1978, scanned from Ringo’s Postcards From The Boys (originally posted a few years ago: here).

Written by George, it reads:

Lots of love from Hawaii…..
George + Olivia
ॐ †

Ringo Starr: “This is from George and Olivia in Hawaii - what a great shot. It’s actually a home-made shot of their shadows. It’s cool. This was at Woodrow Wilson when I lived in Los Angeles in ‘78. This was the house that burned down. It was when I was doing my television special Ognir Rats and George came to play a part. But before he arrived he had an accident on a mountain in Maui. He’d fallen on his face but he still came because that was what he was like.”