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I think the last Anon ask meant the actual birth.. like blood and pain and stuff .. ( Which I'd love to see too by the way )

Hmmm ok, I don’t think I can do it very well… since they’re twins it would be a caesarean section (and I don’t think I can draw that very well, but I can try(?) ) anyway, I made a little scene of how Yurio’s was that day n__n (sorry if it is very simple U_U) 

john: someone smells really fuckin bad……… ringo, is it u

ringo: y do u always pick on me, john? y???? stop the teasing. stop the abuse. it’s 2015. we’re grown. act like it

john: wtf? last time i checked it was 1960

george: when’s the last time u looked at a calendar

john: idk but it is definitely 1960

paul: omg no it is at least 1965 right now

john: oh really? prove it

paul: ugh… yesterday…….. all my troubles seemed so far awayyyy –

john: oh!!! yeah, yesterday was the last time i looked at a calendar. thx, paul!

george: then u must be right. it is 1960

paul: omg??? john??????? how could u not recognize my #1 hit song “yesterday??????” r u ok???

john: fuck yesterday, fuck 1965

ringo: ringo: so we r just gonna ignore the fact tht i thought it was 2015??? ok

john: and fuck u ringo

ringo: of course

(thanks to paulieismylove​ for submitting this photo for me to caption!)

> [Papa] “That’s right, Mongmong, it’s time to start gathering offerings for Hallow. I’m sure everyone is familiar with how this works, but just in case there are some newcomers, I’ll leave this here for you.”
> Chen’s Papa conjures a bright, floating orb. When you look closer, you can see a projection of the past replay itself to refresh your memory.
> [Papa] “As you can see, we’re trying something a little different this year with this candy corn dome. Using the amount of candy we gathered from previous years as reference, we think that filling up this dome at the very least will be enough to summon Hallow. Obviously it’s not nearly as much as last year, but it would be ideal if we could reach that level of offerings again. Anyways, I’m not here to tell you who to give your candy to. If you wanna offer some to Hallow, though, just hand them off to either me or one of our helpers here.”
> He sets Mongmong on the ground and you watch as he waddles over to the candy corn dome. Mongmong gives his candy to Miso, who then teleports it inside the dome, upon which the magic circle responds very weakly.

> [Papa] “Oh, and one more thing. If you’re planning to give any candy to certain patients in our hospital ward, just remember to be respectful, yeah? They’re still patients after all, so they may need their space.”
> [Mongmong] “Ukyuu!”
> Now that the demon realm has begun preparations for this year’s Hallow’s Eve, who will you give your candy to?


Teen/Adult kouji:”To those who are so curious to know what we look like when we’re growned up,here you go”

“Onii-chan,your voice sounds so deep hehehe”

“Tch,your still the same as ever”

“You too!”


“Hey!!What did you just called me?”


“…Geez,your still so immature…”

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Ringo is a smart cat (maybe even a somewhat-magical one?), and when she figures out (rather quickly) that they boys are gone, her mama™ instinct kicks in to the MAX. She somehow manages to gather an army of neighborhood pets and they track down the poor kiddos, attacking the scientists and distracting them long enough for Matt & Tom to escape and get home. (Or at least close enough to the house so Edd can see them) Hugs ensue and Ringo is awarded the label "Best Cat, #1 Hero"

ni ce

16 May 1969 - Ringo with wife Maureen, along with their kids, Zak & Jason on board the Queen Elizabeth II heading for New York to finish work on “The Magic Christian” docking 22 May 1969.

Photo Credit: Central Press/Getty

Q: “Are you going to move out of the country, back to…”

RINGO: “Yes, we’re moving back to town.”

Q: “Basically because you like town, or for the kids?”

RINGO: “Well, we’ve been in the country now for five years. We’ve been to Weybridge for four, and then we moved to Elstead. And it was just a drag coming into town everyday in the car, you know. It took and hour and a half, and then an hour and a half to get out again. So I just hated the idea of three hours a day of my life wasted; sitting in a car. And also, it’s better for Maureen if we come into town because… at least I go into the office and do, you know, see alot of people. Whereas I think she’s getting a bit fed-up with being stuck out in the country. So if we’re in town then she can leap about as much as I do, you know.”

Q: “Zak is, what, four?”

RINGO: “Yes, he’s four now.”

Q: “Jason’s two.”

RINGO: “So we need to get settled by early next year so he can start school, which is a drag ‘cuz I don’t want him to go. (laughs) You know, because I think the way 'I’m’ bringing them up is right. And you can get all that rubbish from teachers, you know, where they– it’s like the Army where they make everyone the same, and just shove all those useless facts into his head. And that’s the bit I don’t like.”

Q: “How are you bringing them up?”

RINGO: “Very nicely, thank you.” (laughs)

Q: “Yeah, but I mean what’s your system, or…?”

RINGO: “Well, I don’t know– I’m just bringing them up, you know. I mean, I don’t have a system. I just try and tell him what’s right, and try and keep him alive. I mean, that’s what I find with the first… well, still with Zak, but especially when they’re two to three, and that. Just keeping them alive is hard enough because of the things they get into, 'cuz they’re experiencing everything. Like, climbing up the walls, you know, trying not to sort of do anything. But you’ve got to be near enough so you can leap over there if he falls off, you know. Just things like that. All you can do is love them, you know, and answer their questions, which sometimes drive you nuts. All that, 'Why?’ 'Well…’ you answer. 'Why?’ (laughs) And there’s always a 'Why’ to whatever you say. And the great scene about electricity– I went on for hours, and all he said was 'Why,’ and you know, when you don’t know about it– 'cuz he was trying to put his fingers in the plug, and I was saying, 'Now, don’t do that, 'cuz that’s electricity and you’ll end up as a puff of blue smoke.’”

- Late Night Line-up  10 December 1969 BBC television