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Are there any online craft stores you could recommend? The only shop we had in town closed down last winter, and being a beginner I am already fairly sad about missing out on the help a store could offer in knowing exactly what to buy, and the expertise. I know online would not be the same, but I am hoping more helpful than trying to order from Amazon?

I indeed do! 

First I would recommend checking out these well known brands (online or in person):

Walmart: I know, I know, but hear me out. Walmart offers a lot of affordable supplies for any sort of witch. In store you can easily find a ton of art supplies and school supplies perfect for all sorts of magick like grimoires and bos, sigil work, written spells, and art magick. Right now you can go there and find extremely affordable notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, markers, paints, folders, patterned paper and calligraphy supplies! I love buying jars from walmart, I can find sets of 12 mason jars for 4 bucks on the right day! For kitchen magick they sell reasonably priced wooden spoons (good for wands too!), mortars and pestles and good pots and pan sets. They always have a very extensive isle of tea and I often find myself filling half my cart with them. If you check out the candle section you can often find candles on sale for under a dollar! And their sewing section has fun fabrics, felt, thread and needles which are great for cottage magick, knot magick and poppet making.

Good Walmart Online links:

Michael’s: This is a craftstore that I adore. They have great beads, jars, vases, boxes, candles, shells, glitter, and charms that I love using. It is best to go to Michael’s in person so you can check out their sale items but you can definitely check out their online things too.

The Best Herb and Essential Oil shop I have found online is the wonderful Monetary Bay Spice Company! Super affordable, lots of selection, fast shipping and they have great sales. Best part is everything is in bulk!

A crystal shop I love here on tumblr is @bekkathyst! definitely check out her stuff.

Some Etsy shops that I have personally used:

Good luck dear!!~~