I can’t wait aaaaahhhhh

The website for The Last Halloween is currently password-protected, but will be going up a few hours before midnight so you can all obsessively refresh it until the comic goes up. I’ll update this post when it’s available for everyone to see! Which is NOW, though it is still not the first update. Just a sloth, doing his thing. Obsessively refresh it until 2.5 hours from now!

Look at dis Ringley, look at this guy

Can you tell he’s the greatest

UPDATE: That left image is my favorite picture of Ringley I will ever draw

My favourite characters, Ringley and Robert, from Abby Howard’s The Last Halloween. Although this webcomic is of the horror genre, it balances itself perfectly with comedy thrown in at just the right moments. I love it. And did I mention the art style? You can read the webcomic here. Just be warned as it contains a lot of gorgeously gory and grotesque imagery (i.e. not for the kids).

RiNGLEY Natural Teething Toys

I have often giggled when I hear parents chat with one another about their child’s love of gnawing away at their wooden crib. For some reason the wood feels good to chew on. A friend of mine was known to bite away at her grandparents wooden coffee table. For some reason teething children and wood seem to be a great pair. This is where Ringley gets is right!

Ringley offers natural teething toys for ages 0+. These toys are a combination of a 100% Organic Cotton Terrycloth toy and an untreated maple wood ring for the little one to chew on.

When I first came across the RiNGLEY website, I was so excited to see this product for three reasons:

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