ringlet curls

i was thinking about amazonian telepathy and i don’t think i can use this anywhere so

There were responsible ways to deal with being bored during League debriefs. Rather than do any of them, Diana adjusted her legs so that her knee touched Batman’s. A ragged tear in his suit meant that it was skin-to-skin contact.

She reached out tentatively.

Black Canary’s hair looks cute today, she ventured, an idle thought to share. She was careful not to go searching for any answers he did not give. She expected him to say nothing, and break contact.

Doesn’t matter, came his answer, so terse a dismissal it almost startled her. He didn’t move his leg. It seemed unlike him, but this form of communication did tend to be more honest.

How unfortunate, to imagine this was what he thought of their occasional conversations.

I’m sure she put a lot of work into it, Diana tried again. The bright blonde locks had been curled into ringlets before being drawn up into a ponytail.

Not for me.

She frowned. That doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate it.

Don’t need to.

You’re being awfully rude.

It’s fine.

If I’d gone through such trouble, I’d want you to notice.

Not for me.

It will be, Diana decided. I’ll do my hair just like that, to spite you, and it will be the cutest.

Batman said nothing. Then he leaned back just a little, only enough to see where their knees touched. He glanced at Diana, then away. Was that you? he asked finally.

Of course, she said.

How long have we been having a conversation? he asked.

Since I pointed out the cuteness of Black Canary’s coiffure? she said. Batman did not respond. What did you think was happening?

Intrusive thoughts.

She tried to look at his face sidelong, though she didn’t know why. Looking at him directly would make it no easier to decipher his minimal expressions. Do your intrusive thoughts often sound like me making observations about other women?


Can you two keep it down? asked J'onn. Some of us are trying to pay attention.

No you’re not, Diana accused. You just heard gossip and wanted in.

We’re not gossiping, Batman said. Don’t make me break truce.

I had also noticed Black Canary’s hair, J'onn said, ignoring Batman.

Isn’t it cute? Diana asked.

Batman sighed.

Do you think I could pull it off? J'onn asked.

Batman had a sudden coughing fit.

I planted myself a seed,
a new beggining
free from everything 

I was vibrant
one of millions 
growing green

and you stomped in
to our forest,
eyes set on me,

chopped me down,
hollowed me out
and what did you expect? 

you tried to fill bark 
with laughter and smiles 
and ringlet curls and poetry

but you can’t make a girl
out of something that 
no longer wants to be

—  uprooted || O.L.
The Professor & The Grad Student

This comes with special thanks to @garglyswoof because without her help today this would not have been possible. Thank you….





Klaus tugged at the tie strangling his neck as he watched Caroline make herself more comfortable in the corner of his office on the dusty old sofa enraptured in the law text she was reading. The same place his TA usually made into a home after a long day to catch up on homework.

When Kol had suggested he help Caroline get more comfortable in New Orleans, he had hesitated remembering only the rambunctious teenager with ringlets of curls from his youth before he left for University, now a professor and her a grad student. Things had well, changed.

He shut his grade book unable to focus on anything but the way her legs curled into the sofa, “We could just meet up after my last class Caroline,” he suggested without a second thought, “Pull some strings with the library and get a room.” Hopefully not draw a line he could cross with a snap of his willpower.

The blonde looked up at him shock barely managing to keep the feeling from bleeding into her face, “What about your class hours,” she asked him with a hesitant smile instead, “I don’t want to get in the way of anything important,” Caroline assured him as she dropped her long leg onto the floor.

Klaus shut his eyes to keep from following the line of her calve to her ankle and tautly stood up, “That’s strictly for Mondays and Wednesdays Love,” he said confidently. Caroline arched a brow at him, her smile pursed as her eyes narrowed playfully on him and his mussed hair, dimpled cheeks, wicked smirk.

She shut her own book and tossed it into her bag moving to sit so she was staring directly at him as she wrapped her hair up into a ponytail, “Just what does an Art major know about Law?” She asked curiously leaning forward prepared to drill him with questions if need be.

Klaus came around the desk leaning against the front, his hands clasped before him, “I do have a minor in Ethics, Caroline,” She rolled her eyes as she stood up, reaching down to grab for her bag and Klaus had to look away to keep from looking where he definitely and platonically should not look.

“And have side study sessions with that clot professor Saltzman,” he added in reminder hearing her groan as she stood up walking closer to him until he could feel the heat coming off of her. She bit the corner of her lip to stop a biting remark but then he looked far too smug to let it go just then.

She tilted her head shoving a finger into her chest, Hard, she thought, unsure of where the thought had come from she blushed barely stuttering out, “Which has nothing…” she trailed off as he spoke up effectively cutting off the rest of her sentence with his own berating commentary.

“Has everything to do with that book, considering I helped edit it,” and yeah he had every right to be smug because she had in fact forgotten that little fact. His hand came over her single finger pushing it down and off of him making Caroline shiver at the feel of him even with such a childish act.

She smacked his arm, the words strong flashing in her brain, just what was happening to her today, “Fine,” she mumbled out barely dodging his hand again as she took a step back, “Just text me when you get the room,” she says a little miffed with him even though he’s helping her out.

Which was kind of big for him, helping out was not one of his strong points and that side tutoring class must have been a requirement of the job, Caroline was sure of it, “I have class in a bit, but I am available after four,” she informed him as she reached for the door and pulled it open to walk outside.

He hated to see her leave but he loved to watch her hips go as he called to her backside, “I don’t have your number,” Klaus smiled shrugging as she turned her head over her shoulder to look back at him. Her eyes were light and dancing but the rim of them was a dark green he’d later spend hours recreating.

Their shared look lasted longer than necessary, “I have yours,” she educated him in a turn of events as Klaus walked closer to her practically leaning into her as he held onto the open door. His eyes searched hers making her smile up at him not that he was much taller than her especially in her new shoes.

“How?” she felt his question on her lips as she took another steep step back to slow her speeding heart down because until this moment Klaus had never affected her like this. Okay lie, she did have the hots for him that summer before he left for college but then she never saw him again, never until now.

These last few months had been good, moving down here had been an experience after her mom had passed and Stefan had all but let her down romantically. She felt brave living here, only knowing one person and barely at that. Klaus was extending an olive branch, and she was gonna snatch it.

“Kol gave it to me,” she said in words just above a whisper as she gripped her book bag for dear life feeling crazy exposed to him like an open wound, “Just before I moved here, just in case,” she added almost too embarrassed to admit it and yet unable to help the truth from coming out.

Klaus actually frowned at that, “And you never text me before because?” he inquired and Caroline really and truly figured that would be his follow up question. But how could she admit that she had spent many a lonely night writing out a message and then erasing it before burying herself in her school work.

“Too taboo, I guess.” She answered and he wanted to ask why, positively ached too but he didn’t he just let her walk out of his office mumbling something about texting him before her class. He waved watching her go, her phone in hand as he felt his own phone vibrate in his pants pocket.

He looked down reaching for his phone to see what she had typed, “Don’t lose this number if you value your life,” it read making Klaus laugh uncharacteristically before he shut the door of his office and went to the phone on his desk and dialed the extension for the library straight away.

At four he text Caroline the room number he had acquired for a good two hour hoping he would only need one but knowing she would probably pepper him with questions until the last second. His phone vibrated again and once more he checked it smiling when he saw it was from her.

“On my way,” it read making Klaus’ heart jump as he walked into the library already signing in saying hello to the noon librarian Camille. She smiled up at him but he barely paid attention to her after she shut the sign in book on his way upstairs to the room eager to beat Caroline there.

He had just spread out the old notes he had searched high and low for in his office, ones he thought Caroline might find useful considering they were the bulk of the book she had been reading earlier. She smiled as he heard the knock at the door and got up to unlock it and make sure it was Caroline.

Caroline grinned flouncing into the room as Klaus locked the door again making sure they had privacy even in the tiny room with no windows. He heard a gasp from behind him and smiled, “Is this the original book?” she asked him, Klaus nodded happy to have impressed her.

Klaus could tell she was far too excited as he rolled up his sleeves and untucked his shirt settling nicely into the chair next to her. Caroline had removed her sweater from earlier he realized as she rattled off questions left and right. She paused when she caught him reaching for her book as it fell from her bag.

He looked up at her and she swore she blushes a million shades of red before he managed to sit up and flip the book open to a page, which page she was unsure of. Her stomach flipped in the best way as she looked at her friend’s brother in a new light. How? Her brain asked. When? She searched herself.

Caroline felt it was ridiculous, there was no way she was attracted to him. None. He was Klaus! A shy college professor -not her professor, but still. Her mind raced. He was helping her out. But as he handed her back her book she crossed her legs squeezing her thighs tightly to alleviate the pressure there.

Klaus handed back her book unsure of what to make of the scowl on her face before she looked up into his eyes and muttered a breathless. “Thank you,” to him before looking away. His eyes zeroed in on her breasts squished together in that perfect top before they fell onto the bulge in his pants. Helplessly.

Maybe she needed to give study group another try, she thought as she bit her tongue between her teeth trying to focus on the page in front of her instead of Klaus. And his delicious scent, his hand squeezing her shoulder softly to garner her attention. Whoa, snap out of it Forbes, she told herself.

He did a low whistle when her tongue darted out of her mouth as she started to focus, his hand darting to his pants rubbing once, pulling twice before he thought he had to get out of there. Helping Caroline wasn’t against the faculty rules but it was against his set of rules he reminded himself as his hand darted out.

His hand felt good on her, she thought as his thumb rubbed at her collarbone. She should stop this but instead her eyes hooded and she looked directly at him with blatant desire. His eyes dark and mesmerized making Caroline walls clench around nothing as she once more bit her lip.

Klaus had no idea why he was stroking her, just that it felt bloody fantastic to do so, his thumb reaching up to release her lip from her blunt teeth making him nearly moan in pleasure as her hot breath tickled his digit sending hot waves of need coursing through to his throbbing cock.

She felt a slow heavy throb deep in her belly, felt herself growing wet with anticipation. Yup, she was attracted, more than attracted, enthralled. She squirmed in her seat under the look of his eyes and the way his hand dragged across her side teasing just beside her nipple making her moan softly.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” he murmured as he felt her back arch, her chest placed encouragingly in his view, in his hand so his fingers pinched her nipple over her shirt just so. “No bra,” he wondered aloud closing his eyes as if he was in excruciating pain, and he was. Then he felt her hand on his knee climbing.

Caroline couldn’t process what she was doing fast enough, and by the time she had her hand was over his thigh reaching for the trophy right next to his pocket. Her thumb teased his cock causing it to jerk as Klaus scooted closer spreading his legs to her, his head lolling back as he continued rubbing her nipple.

His eyes shut for an instance as he thanked his stars they were in a reserved room in the library with the door locked as his hand reached up for her ponytail and drew her head back. She sighed as she rubbed him harder through his trousers focusing on the zipper making Klaus whimper as his hips lifted.

“Touch me,” she begs softly as his lips graze hers and his free hand is separating her legs in a perfect caress.  His returning smile has her dripping on the seat as his hot calloused fingers work their way up her thigh. He bites her lip in wanton sucking it into his mouth making her cry out.

His leg tucks into her chair pushing her closer as his hand reaches her hip playing with the scrap of lace she calls underwear beneath creasing the fabric of her skirt. His kiss is dirty tucking into every cavern in her mouth until their tongues duel with no clear winner. Then it’s her who’s standing, who’s taking.

Her thighs are warm with arousal as she stands taking his wandering hand with her making him tug at the lace of her thong until it’s at her ankles and she neatly steps out of them. His hands pull her closer flipping her over onto the table as his thumb finds her puckered clit rubbing a soft circle there.

His tugs off her shirt as he catches her ponytail as her head falls back as he presses his body against hers, making her feel every inch of him firmly between her ass cheeks. She groans panting his name as his lips reach her earlobe biting as his hips rub against her and she pushes back into him creating a delightful friction.

“Touch you?” he sighs, “I’m going to mark you,” his dark words glittering over her skin delving straight into her bones as she feels his hand leave her to undo his shirt and pants. Where was her preppy, slightly annoying professor now she wondered as she felt sparks growing deep inside of her.

Caroline’s nails were digging into the table as Klaus untucked himself from his pants rubbing his cock against her wet folds. He groaned into her back kissing her spine biting and sucking as she pushed her hips back into him riding him softly before he had even entered her.

“Condom,” she whimpers knocking over her purse in the process finding one tucked inside her makeup bag, “Thank fuck,” she hears him murmur. She smiles sliding up against him once more before ripping at the packet with her teeth and rolling over to slide it on Klaus laughing quietly as she pushes hands away.

“I want to,” she tells him, Klaus finds himself unable to speak, his throat hoarse from excitement as he feels her hand on him rolling upwards pumping, making cum drip from his crown. His own hands slip to her sides, down her ass lifting her up onto the table spreading her legs wide as she covers his cock.

He kissed her, once, letting himself sink into her touches, her tongue strokes and the way her hand grips his cock squeezing once before she lets go and he lifts her leg up over his hip. “I…” but his words never escape him as he pushes inside of her and gets lost in her warm heat gliding in and out of her with ease.

“Faster,” she cries against his mouth until he pounds into her with extreme force so she knows she’ll be sore for the coming days as her nails scratch down his back making him hiss into her mouth. His hand reaches lower towards her forgotten clit rubbing over it until her thrusts are as manic as his.

She moaned shamelessly as his other hand held her ass softly nudging its way down the middle until she jerked when he pushed against the tiny knot of nerves. Klaus smirked against her skin circling the puckered hole making her cry out and revealing to him what she truly wanted. “Next time,” he swore.

Caroline whimpered nodding before going boneless in his grasp feeling him drag out the storming feeling in her body as he pumped inside of her until he roared with release. His pants became soft breaths as her head fell between his shoulder and neck and he grasped onto her tighter and spent.

Caroline felt absolutely wrecked, sweaty and naked rubbed up against her best friend’s brother, her arms up hands in his hair hoping he was just as destroyed as she was. His fingers skirted along her spine, his palms pressing into her sides up and down warming her in the cold room.

“It’s unfair how beautiful you are, inside and out,” he murmured along her shoulder pressing kisses in between words anywhere his mouth could reach reveling in the salt and taste of her skin. Caroline smiled against his neck sucking softly making sure to leave a mark for him to find later.

She smiles so brightly it hurts his heart, “I was about to say the same thing about you,” she whispers as her hands run down his chest over his arms and pleasantly surprising tattoos. One day she would ask if he designed any of them, if he would design one for her maybe.

“Liar,” he murmurs before kissing her fully grasping at her ponytail, seriously, she thought, was this a kink of his, as she kissed him back all too happily. His grip was firm on her hair tugging her head up so he could kiss her neck, his tongue gliding over her throat irresistibly as his other hand pinched her breast.

He groaned as she ground on him sinking back down on him once more feeling her body light up against him like this wondering how she’d gone so long without kissing him, “We should get cleaned up,” she sighs a few minutes later not really wanting to move as she reaches for her bag as he’s still inside of her making him moan out at the feeling.

Klaus looks as if he’s considering it, presses her down as she tried to stand up and counters her idea, “Or I could spread you out on the table and make you come again on my tongue,” he suggests making her shiver, something he’s definitely aware of as he cradles her face to his, his nose nuzzling hers.

  • fluttering in your veins
  • like kisses in the rain, your brain
  • a thousand swarming bees in the black-and-yellow night as you fall among the wildflowers
  • but she's gone and she took the flowers with her; he's screaming, screaming for solace with no one to comfort him but a boy he can't even see,
  • and the dreaming boy is there, holding hands with the boy who stole his heart and kept it in a jar and he smells like lizard brains pickling in the basement with a bark as strong as
  • her bite, a princess in pink with golden ringlets, curls with rows and rows upon rows of teeth so strong and you trail up above the
  • clouds, a girl she's floating high, held back by the rope only the strongest can hold we love
  • our girl, muddy feet, she is the strongest, dependable, lost her brother and still smiles with all her heart
  • a heart so strong just like our love but burning with passion and when she loves she burns your insides and expects everything you have in return;
  • can you feel it? your name is Jacob. you are sixteen years old and live in Florida in 2016 and you have fallen in love with a beauty named 1940 and she is a bird, she is someone and something and everything you have to protect and 'we miss you, Jacob' is not an option at this point. because you are the only one who can see them, because you love them and they love you and you have become those flowers, those bees, you are their strength and will to succeed, you are their fire and flames and teeth and frills and their sky high ambitions so wild you dream of them every night and even when you feel like your heart is going to burst he is there to read to you, to talk to you with an invisible hand on your shoulder, on your chest, combing through your hair so soft and cupping your cheek tilting your chin-
  • they are beautiful and she is a bird you have loved so dearly since he beginning of your life, years before you were born when your grandfather first felt the waves recede and sprinted up the pebbles (it is not Poland but it is good enough) and he felt the warm embrace of
  • home.

by far the best aesthetic daniel radcliffe has ever had was when he was a smol gay poetry nerd with the mop of fluffy ringlet curls and neat turtle shell specs, dressed in those little impeccable sweater vests and plaid scarves and overcoats, smoking cigarettes and making out with trust fund boys on lawns like 10/10 that should be his every day thing 

what the signs remind me of
  • aries: pop punk, dyed hair, red flannel, thunderstorms, brick walls, bloody knees, bass guitar, world history, split ends, sunglasses, greasers, the 90s, broken beer bottles, winged eyeliner, bright eyes
  • taurus: small dogs, clear skies, the volkswagen beetle, long eyelashes, nude lipstick, cutting your own hair, overalls, high ponytails, blackberries, loud laughter, succulents, high-top sneakers, canvas, too big t-shirts
  • gemini: the mall, balloons, going to the beach, ponytails, prom, wildflowers, cheerleaders, jumping rope, loud music, passing notes, scrunchies, pink lemonade, pop art women, riding the bus
  • cancer: fireplaces, tennis skirts, cookies, farmers markets, feather pillows, friendly hugs, braided hair, morning doves, bubblebaths, cherry blossoms, ringlet curls, raspberries, snowflakes on eyelashes, cottages
  • leo: smokey eye makeup, casinos, cityscapes, high heels, red lipstick, art galleries, magic, chandeliers, sunflowers, impressionism, sunbathing, 50s pinup girls, golden frames, broadway lights
  • virgo: leather-bound notebooks, the sounds in a library, knee-high socks, pearls, violin music, wedding dresses, nervous glances, bangs, tulips, red wine, roman architectre, calligraphy, typewriters, long ribbons
  • libra: foreign films, bubble gum, the color white, pink lipstick, watercolors, champaign, fresh linen, secret kisses, soda pop, sandals, strawberries, art nouveau, little candies, ice skating
  • scorpio: clear nights, hidden tattoos, ripped nylons, eclipses, sarcastic comments, mauve lip stick, denim jackets, cherries, convertibles, horror movies, lingerie, quoting shakespeare, leather office chairs, rockabilly
  • sagittarius: trains, combat boots, laughing at your own jokes, running marathons, band t-shirts, sunsets, bangles, large dogs, woodstock, vinyl records, maps, crystals, midnight adventures, acoustic guitar
  • capricorn: video games, old hollywood, the smell of money, rain clouds, diamonds, the 20s, dark wood, alcohol, glaciers, vintage textbooks, tennis bracelets, sculptures, dark chocolate, hourglasses
  • aquarius: salt lamps, telescopes, holographic material, thrift shops, psychic shops, eyerolling, 90s anime, packages, old comic books, halloween, fancy hookahs, 8-bit animation, wild laughter, graffiti
  • pisces: pressed flowers, mirrors, old yearbooks, board games, art supplies, agate, mascara running down your cheeks, cathedral art, mom jean, soap operas, stockings, peacocks, drowning, the prayers you learned in elementary school

This is something I wrote for someone on my other blog so this is an example of what I write. Requests are open for any fandom, really!

    Her beautiful brown hair cascaded down her back in soft ringlets of curls. Her skin glowed in the sun as she sat under the tree at the black lake. A book laid on her lap – her eyebrows furrowed as she scanned her eyes over the parchment.

    “Moony,” James bumped Remus’ shoulder. “Go talk to her.”

    “I wouldn’t know what to say.” Remus admitted, licking his dry lips.

    “It’s not like you’ve been friends with the girl for four years.” Sirius said, rolling his eyes.

    “That’s the problem.” said Remus. “What if I ruin everything we have now?”

    “Then that’s unfortunate.” said James, earning a smack on the head from Sirius. “What – what I mean was; that is not going to happen, Moony. We all know she makes googly eyes at you whenever you’re not looking. Like now.”

    Remus looked up and saw that she was in fact, looking at him. A soft smile on her face as she waved at him – turning her nose in her book once again. Remus felt the butterflies in the pit of his stomach and rubbed his temples.

    “Are you a wolf or not?” asked Sirius, to which Remus glared. “Alright – fine. Just go to her.”

    “Perhaps, I could just –“ Remus began.

    “If you don’t go,” started James.

    “We’ll tell her ourselves.” smirked Sirius.

    Remus sighed and stood up from his spot on the grass. “Why am I even friends with you?” he mumbled, while making his way over towards the girl he’d been crushing on for two years. His hands got more sweaty when he neared her.

    “Hey,” he said, sliding down the tree next to her.

    “Hi, Remus.” she smiled brightly.

    “How was your day?” Remus asked, mentally smacking himself on the forehead.

    “It’s been alright. I have this Transfiguration essay I have to finish before Thursday. Have you finished it? It’s quite difficult.” she frowned, flipping through the pages of her Transfiguration book.

    “I have,” nodded Remus. “I could uh – help you.”

    “That be wonderful, thank you, Remus.” she smiled, turning her body more towards him.

    From the corner of his eye Remus could see waving his arms around and he turned to look at his friends. ‘Get a move on.’ Sirius mouthed, to which Remus narrowed his eyes in annoyance.

    It was already hard talking to her; knowing what he was feeling.

    The brunette began to talk about what she didn’t understand while Remus listened intently to her. Even her voice was enchanting; and he couldn’t help but to look down at her lips as she spoke. Her eyes twinkled with mystery as she moved her hands around.

    “Remus?” He shot out of his daze. “Where you even listening?”

    “O – of course.” he replied, biting the inside of his cheek.

    “Then what did I say?” she frowned.

    “About the – the tea cups. Yes, I believe that was it.” Remus said, trying his best not to let his smile falter.

    “If you don’t want to help you could’ve just said so.” She was about to get up when Remus stopped her.

    “Love,” he breathed. “It’s not that. I’d be happy to help you anytime.”

    “Then what is it, Remus?” she asked, sitting down again.

    “I – I don’t know how to say this, really.” Remus admitted. “I think I’m in love with you and that scares the hell out of me.”

    “In love with me?” she asked, her mouth slightly agape.

    “Yes, for quite a while now.” he nodded, his brows furrowed as he looked at her.

    “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” she smiled. “If I’d known I would have done this before.”

    She reached up and cupped his cheeks, bringing her soft plump lips towards his. Remus eyes widened slightly before closing them and enjoying the feeling of her lips on his. She smelled divine, like apples and peppermint; mixed with chocolate. Just how he remembered her.

    Cat calls were heard from the distance and Remus smirked slightly. He got the girl of his dreams.