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Atom Necklace

DNA Necklace

Adrenaline Ring

If you haven’t seen the Somersault 18:24 Etsy account, you are definitely missing out.

so let me get this fucking straight

we are going to have, through only 7 episodes:

  • emma in a white dress/having the moment with her mom/walking down to meet her heart-eyes pirate/groom
  • that overhead shot of them looking like they’re dancing at their wedding
  • the references to white picket fences
  • the entire “let’s sail away” sequence with fairytale flowers and wedding kiss in the meadow
  • now he’s giving her his fucking ring
  • if they don’t get married this season somebody done did their job really, really wrong

Where t=.6141866…; a = ¼; b = 0, 0405353 + 0, 0255082i ; such that the rotation number of f(t,b,a) on the unit circle is (√5−1)/2 . The image has been rotated.

The Julia set of the cubic rational function eitz2(z−4)/(1−4z) with t=.6151732… chosen so that the rotation number is (√5−1)/2, which has a Herman ring (shaded).

Herman ring

If f is a rational function, defined in the extended complex plane, and if it is a nonlinear function (degree > 1) then for a periodic component of the Fatou set, exactly one of the following holds:

  1. U contains an attracting periodic point.
  2. U is parabolic.
  3. U is a Siegel disc.
  4. U is a Herman ring: In the mathematical discipline known as complex dynamics, the Herman ring is a Fatou component, where the rational function is conformally conjugate to an irrational rotation of the standard annulus.

Lust                                                     Chastity

Gluttony                                              Temperance

Greed                                                  Charity

Sloth                                                   Diligence

Wrath                                                  Forgiveness

Envy                                                    Kindness

Pride                                                   Humility

The darkness is here                          Quietly observing

We are the dreadfuls                           Are we God’s children?

Temptation lingers…                           We wait arms folded

The Devil delays                                 As God waits

Decipher the whispers                        Comprehend his silence

He is always there                              When will he appear?

You are having doubts…                    How strong is your faith?

                       No one is going to save you

The Devil shall delay                         God shall remain silent

Temptation lingers…                         Freedom of choice

                       No one is coming for you

Walk the path you so desire

There is no Saviour…not here

If the darkness calls

Or if the silent bells ring

If the battle rages on in your mind


No one is going to save you

If you want to be saved

Save yourself

900 Miles
  • 900 Miles
  • Odetta
  • Odetta Sings Folk Songs

Well I’ll pawn you my watch
Pawn you my chain
Pawn you my gold and diamond ring
If this train roll me right
I’ll be home tomorrow night
‘Cause I’m 900 miles from my home
Lord I hate to hear that lonesome whistle blow

**WARNING: Contains Strong Language, Sexual Innuendos and Violence.**
A rap I composed WAAY before the smash ballot results were up, although I’m not much of a rapper. I tweaked the pitch just cause. This is simply a parody, and ONLY a parody. I’m not criticizing anyone with this. It never hurts to have a little reminder. With that said, I also have an instrumental ready to download along with the original.


Where’s the fun
When you’re all alone
And nobody wants you?
So let me be
Free me
I can fight my demons to the top!
I know
I will slay my way to the ring
If you just let me
Let me in so I can smash!

Sakurai? It’s me, could you put me in the ring too?

‘Cause my blonde buddy’s busy banging Bippity Boppity Boo

I’ve been waiting for years since Brawl for this moment to come

But your fans are too triggered to give a shit, and then some
Thrice I’ve been snubbed and slapped in the face, with Peach stealing my dress!

I’m a “Peach clone?” My ass, all these bitches be pressed
So I’ll crystal smash the haters, and bash each little troll

I’ll strike these brats with my slugger bat, cause I’m on a roll!
I’m hot stuff, got bigger balls than all these other ho’s

Cute hamster face and dat ass, now where the fuck’s my amiibo?!

I’m the A-list Princess, in life I will go far

You know I’ll win bitch, I’m the motherfuckin’ superstar!

(Linkle’s chorus)

Yeah I’m old, I could be the same age as your stans

But at least my maturity levels are much higher than the Chris-chans

I’m more than just a nanny, I’ll slice your ass with my sword

'Cause this granny’s got cojones to bang at you and SCORE!
It’s obvious we need more Zelda reps to be picked

But the one who deserves the spot the most is me, don’t ya think?
This would’ve been the iconic moment to bring in more chicks

But instead you choose to suck the massive number of Melee dicks
You’re a gamer slave to fat nerds, genwunners and weeaboos

I mean seriously, Mewtwo? Why don’t you bring in Mew too!

I mean all your fans ever do is whine, complain, bitch and moan

If they’re not too busy throwing hissy pissy fits over *certain* clones


I’ll take the fans dear, Cause I can woo the masses

And if these assholes beef with me, I’ll smash all of their asses

I’m the twilight princess, don’t fuck with me bitch

‘Cause I can easily sedate your asses into nothing but shit
And while we’re on the subject of fat nerds and weaboos

You wouldn’t know badass if it had an ass to boot

I’m sexy and I know it, you can’t deny Midna

I got an ass and tits that won’t quit, you can ask my ho Cia!
You’ve bitched and moaned enough my scurrying little friends

So prepare your anuses, ‘cause this war’s gonna end

I will dominate this fight, I’m the best there ever is
Now make like your daddy and kiss my clitoris

(Linkle’s chorus)


And speaking of one too many swords

You guys draw more dicks on miiverse than any yaoi fangirl

I whip my hair back and forth and I can swab the fucking deck

Cause I’m a magical half-genie, bitch, I know I’m the best
I’m an indie gaming icon, but I can still shine

Because the number of sword wielding fighters is just fine

Shovel Knight’s not up to snuff compared to my charms

I’m the cutest, strongest indie fighter, I don’t need no firearms
Sakurai, pick me, I can rule the third parties

I can pack more punches than a fat kid with a pack of smarties

And if I don’t get in, no sweat, won’t hold it against you

Instead, I’ll retaliate the shit out of the weeaboos!

(Linkle’s chorus 2x)

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