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theme thursday: jewelry + hair accessory pairings

lunar accessories by almanacforjune

if you’ve got a special connection to all things moon or lunar, this collection of accessory finds is for YOU — check out all of almanacforjune’s moon-themed hairpins and earrings and more! swooning.

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You said that dobes are notoriously hard to show. What makes a breed hard to show?

There are a lot of factors that make some breeds harder to finish than others. As I have breeds on both ends of the spectrum, I’ve experienced firsthand how different the “world” can be in competitive breeds.

1. Number of dogs needed for points

It’s a lot easier getting a major on an Ibizan Hound than it is on a Doberman. For example, it only takes 4 Ibizan bitches in Michigan for a 3-point major. In Dobermans, it takes 17. That means for an Ibizan to get a major, she only has to beat three other bitches. A Doberman would have to beat sixteen.

2. The average level of quality of the dogs within a breed
In the less competitive breeds, it’s possible to finish almost any dog as long as you show it long enough. This means that even nice pet-quality dogs can finish their championships without a huge amount of effort. In other breeds, even very nice specimens can struggle to finish because the level of quality within their breed is so high. A very small fault that would be overlooked or discounted in other breeds becomes a Big F*cking Deal in those competitive breeds.

3. How “professional” a breed’s ring tends to be
Ibizans are mostly owner-handled. When you’re in the ring, you’re showing against other people who have normal 9-5 jobs, people who show for fun, novices, people who don’t try really hard to dress professionally, people who have never really learned how to handle correctly, etc. Dobermans, on the other hand, are mostly handled by professionals. And not just any pros, oh no… we have our own handlers who either specialize in Dobermans, or exclusively handle Dobermans. These folks are well known, sharply dressed, extremely talented, and incredibly hard to beat. In essence, it’s the difference between shooting hoops with your neighbor, versus playing against Michael Jordan.

4. How the breed is expected to behave in the ring
If you’re ever at a show, sit down next to the Doberman ring and watch how the dogs act, how they’ve been trained. You’ll notice that they act different than the less competitive breeds in the ring. Puppies are expected to be showy and confident, and well-trained even in the 6-9 month class. Puppies in other (less competitive) breeds get away with a lot more misbehavior and “distractedness” than Dobermans do. It’s much easier to finish a dog in a breed where “phoning it in” is more acceptable. 

5. “Politics”
I actually dislike this word when applied to dog shows, because I think a lot of people throw the term around without really thinking about what it might mean. “Politics” really encompasses 1-4 above, with the addition of how people in a particular breed behave around each other and how they treat newcomers. Some breeds are harder to break into than others. Some breeds have more open communication than others. And believe it or not, that sort of thing really does make a difference when you’re trying to finish a dog’s championship.

Because saying you’re a nerd just isn’t enough

Atom Necklace

DNA Necklace

Adrenaline Ring

If you haven’t seen the Somersault 18:24 Etsy account, you are definitely missing out.

Had a long chat last night with @raincityruckus​ about Where We Think Bellarke Goes in s5 and we have determined the following:

  • bellamy has wet dreams about banging clarke on earth; clarke def has wet dreams about zero-g banging in space
  • if bellamy and raven do hook up, you can BET there is a lot of zero-g banging happening up on the ring
  • if the writers room just GOES FOR IT and wants to do braven as an established couple when they come back, there is SO MUCH AMAZING RING STRUCTURE POSSIBILITES (it’s a literary plotting device, y’all. JKR did it great with the HP series) AND I WILL STAN FOR IT WHILE RCR CRIES BECAUSE SHE HATES IT AND DOESN’T WANT IT.
  • tbh mostly i want a bravelarke threesome with the EXACT SAME BLOCKING in s1 and with the EXACT SAME shirt-over-head movement
  • But @raincityruckus​ is super committed to a happy lovely Clarke and is so worried about her boy once again being in a relationship with someone else
  • to which i shriek RIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG STRUCTURRRRRREEEEE and claw at my face in ecstasy 
  • also that whAT IF bravelarke becomes a thing and they do all the shirtless, slutty~ bellamy takes just like in S1 but PLOT TWIST he’s actually not being slutty he is 100% committed to both his girls forever and always and that threesome is not a random one night stand it is THEM HAVING COMMITTED TRIUMVIRATE AFFECTIONS FOR EACH OTHER
  • but also think about how bellamy is going to learn that clarke survived ON. HER. OWN. and had to get through these five years without ANY support (until madi) while he at least had people to talk to and distract himself with (with a game of scrabble or with sex, whichever, OR BOTH) but Clarke had to scratch out a shell of a life by the skin of her teeth and he’s gonna CRY and HUG HER SO MUCH
  • Also the idea that like – they all knew each other for less than a year and maybe it was all a dream and did they even really like each other that much?? And they’ve processed and probably Gotten OverTM how much they loved each other (even if platonically LOL) and BAM THERE’S CLARKE AGAIN WITH ALL HER GODDAMN BLONDE HAIR AND IDEALISM and MAYBE HE REALLY DID LOVE HER THAT MUCH.
  • Bellamy definitely has random wet dreams about clarke in the garden of eden where they NEVER EVER HAVE TO WORK because damn i bet life is fucking HARD up there on the ring with only the small group of them to 1) run the ship 2) produce the food 3) prepare the food 4) clean 5) deal with sanitation ETC ETC ETC
  • RCR is also peeved about Raven potentially being shunted aside and I am worried about Raven being fridged but Season 1 raven also said that she wants someone who loves her and looks at her like finn looks at clarke and RING STRUCTURRRRE CALLBACKS PLEASE THIS WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO GIVE HER HER REAL SOUL MATE AND HAVE A SEMI-SERIOUS DISCUSSION THAT THIS SHOW LIKES TO DO FROM TIME TO TIME ABOUT DIFFERENT TYPES OF ROMANCE AND HOW YOU CAN BE WITH PEOPLE FOR DIFFERENT REASONS AND IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU LOVE THEM LESS YOU JUST LOVE THEM DIFFERENTLY
  • We might have talked about whether it’s possible to fuck a ghost, tbh.
  • Also if s5 fridges raven/jerks bellarke around/has the same pacing&tension&character issues we both agreed that it’s done and we’re #out to other shows because DA M N it’s been five years of our lives and without a salary, at that.
  • Also my ring structure boner depends on season 5 being the last season OOPS.

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Hi. Do you know good tutorials for cat themed objects? Thank you

Hey there!

Check out my #cat tag from my tag page for more cat themed tutorials!

DIY Neko Atsume Cookies

For the sweetest kitties.

DIY Cat Ring

If you’re into colour, definitely take some nail polish to the wire.

DIY Cat Beanie

NO SEW!! How exciting is that?

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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Where t=.6141866…; a = ¼; b = 0, 0405353 + 0, 0255082i ; such that the rotation number of f(t,b,a) on the unit circle is (√5−1)/2 . The image has been rotated.

The Julia set of the cubic rational function eitz2(z−4)/(1−4z) with t=.6151732… chosen so that the rotation number is (√5−1)/2, which has a Herman ring (shaded).

Herman ring

If f is a rational function, defined in the extended complex plane, and if it is a nonlinear function (degree > 1) then for a periodic component of the Fatou set, exactly one of the following holds:

  1. U contains an attracting periodic point.
  2. U is parabolic.
  3. U is a Siegel disc.
  4. U is a Herman ring: In the mathematical discipline known as complex dynamics, the Herman ring is a Fatou component, where the rational function is conformally conjugate to an irrational rotation of the standard annulus.

so let me get this fucking straight

we are going to have, through only 7 episodes:

  • emma in a white dress/having the moment with her mom/walking down to meet her heart-eyes pirate/groom
  • that overhead shot of them looking like they’re dancing at their wedding
  • the references to white picket fences
  • the entire “let’s sail away” sequence with fairytale flowers and wedding kiss in the meadow
  • now he’s giving her his fucking ring
  • if they don’t get married this season somebody done did their job really, really wrong
[CANADA/USA] Kaiser & Dolly “Hold Me Warm Me” Group Order

As requested, here is the group for Kaiser & Dolly’s 2nd Photobook Project! Please check out some of the details below:

⇨ A4 size / about 200 pageS / 2015.6-2016.6

 ⇨ Oversea Gifts : Hardcase, DVD
⇨ All Gifts : postcards*30 / Polaroid Set / Transparent Photocards / Electromagnetic Wave Blocking Sticker / A2 Poster*2 / Sticker / Fan / Dust Bag / Makeup Bag / I-Ring

If you’re interested, or would like more details, please check the link here! If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an ask!
Thank you~!