Moments - 3

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soulmate au where the first words you’ll hear your soulmate say are inscribed on your wrist.

warnings: swearing, injury
word count: 1187

Desperate. That’s what you are: too eager, and too fucking desperate. You’d cried and you’d felt this hollowness in your chest that you’d imagined would magically go away once you’d meet your soulmate. You’d offed relationships because they weren’t the one. You lost friends because you were too fucking caught up wallowing in your own sadness, pitying yourself. Now you’re wishing for that hollowness to come back, because even that would be so much better than this.

You see the way he looks at her. It’s hard to ignore, especially when he’ll break off midsentence when talking to someone every time she walks into the room. His eyes trail over her body and his face quirks into one of his rare smiles. She returns them too, with a seductive half smiles and a subtle wink. Everyone else on the team nudges him about it, laughs over it, and is so fucking happy for him.

You want to be. You really do. It’s just–

You can’t do it. Not when you spend the majority of your day at the tower, because you can see both sides of him. You can see the pull he feels towards Nat, and it’s only increased after he’d clutched his arm and fled the training room like he’d seen a ghost the first and last time you’d talked to him. You can see how he spends every second with your best friend, the way he sits more than comfortably close to her during dinner and the way he disappears behind her door every night.

Even still, he’s distracted. He spends most of his time with Natasha, but when he’s alone, you see how uneasy he looks. Sometimes he watches a show or a movie, but his eyes are glassed over and he isn’t paying attention. Other times he’s talking to Steve and his lips are pulled into a grin, but his eyes are looking anywhere but Steve’s face. And it hurts. It really fucking hurts, seeing him so distraught over something and knowing you can’t do anything about it because even when he’s become everything to you– you’re nothing to him.

(He still rubs his arm where you touched him though, and it creates this warmth that swells from your chest, but then his hands ball into fists and his teeth clench and it feels like you’ve been dunked into ice-cold water, because you know he feels the same tingling that you did, feels the same pins and needles running down his arm with a mixture of discomfort and contentedness. You know he feels it too. You know he doesn’t want to)

Sleep and hunger evade you. It’s been days since you’ve gotten a proper night’s sleep, but every time you close your eyes you’re met with his wet, red ones, followed by the sight of him punishing himself for whatever reason and punching the bag over and over and his split knuckles and the blood and then you’re sitting up and rubbing your eyes. You’re exhausted, and you know that the only way you’re going to get any sleep is if you aren’t at the tower.

It’s late, nearing midnight, when the bus drops you off a block from your apartment. You’re walking down the familiar streets to the home you’ve been neglecting in favour of the tower. Except– there’s something about the entire scene that has you on edge.  

The hair at the back of your neck is standing and your arm is covered in goose bumps as a chill runs down your spine. Something’s wrong. The streets are empty and there’s a heavy fog settling in, reducing your visibility. Your senses are alert and your heartbeat is picking up and your hand slowly inches it’s way towards the gun in your purse and–

It’s not there.

Your heart skips a beat as your hand searches frantically for the gun, but it comes up empty. You tighten your hold on your bag and pick up your pace and–

The first gunshot makes you jump. The second makes you run. You’re booking it towards your apartment, except there’s a car pulling up at the intersection you have to cross, blocking your path. You back away, slowly, heart feeling like it’s going to beat out of your chest, and then you’re spinning on your heel and running the other way. The headlights turn on, illuminating the path head. You can hear the wheels screech loudly, like nails on chalkboard, as the car turns towards you. It moves slowly, at half your pace, mocking you.

Every part of you feels like it’s on fire as the car picks up speed. You duck into an alley.

More gunshots.

They’re on your tail, and you don’t know where you’re going anymore as you move from one alley to the next. The car follows you where it can, but you don’t look back.  You can’t look back.  

Stupid. You’re so stupid for losing your fucking gun. It’s like Tony losing his suit or Cap losing his shield, except you’re nowhere near as skilled as the two of them in hand-to-hand and you’re still a considerable distance from your apartment and your legs are on fire and your heart is pumping so fast it might fail and–

Your side burns in agony, pain erupting through your entire body as you stagger forward, hands touching the spot where the bullet pierced you. There’s blood. So much blood.

You swallow, and then you’re running again. You pull out your phone from the back pocket of jeans. It slips between your blood-coated fingers, and you fumble and stagger forward. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

The car is right behind you and you can feel warm liquid trickling down your side. Frustrated tears burn your eyes and blur your vision and you can barely see who you’re calling as you fingers tap on the first name that comes up. You bring the phone to your ear as you run towards the end of the alley and–

A second car pulls up in front of you, blocking the exit to the alley.

You turn around, holding your phone with shaky hands and run the other way but the first car is there. You’re trapped.


Your back hits the cold, brick wall.


The ignition to both cars turn off.


Your vision swims from blood loss.


The blurry forms of six figures move towards you, guns pointed.



Help–“ The phone slips from your hands and falls to the ground. You drop beside it, arm outstretched to reach for it, and your fingers just grips the edges and you’re almost there and–

Something hits the back of your head, hard. A strangled sound crawls up your throat and escapes your lips as your hands press down on your skull. Your eyes roll back and your vision darkens, the edges becoming blurrier and blurrier.

The last thing you see is Bucky’s name on the screen, then the cold ground touches your searing hot skin. There’s a numbness spreading through your entire body. It’s calming. Inviting. You’re so tired.

You close your eyes.

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Time travel prompt! Younger Yuuri getting thrown forward and finding out he's married to Viktor ❤️~

This isn’t right…

This isn’t Yuuri’s dorm room in detroit…nor his bedroom in Hasetsu.

The bed was much too big…and….

“Mm…Yuuri…” Victor mumbled in his sleep.

Why the hell was Victor Nikiforov in the same bed with him?!

Yuuri threw himself off the bed and ran to the closet, which seemed like a whole different room given the luxurious size. Yuuri whipped out his phone to dial Phichit and wonder what the heck was going on.


“*yawns*…hello? Yuuri? Why are you calling in the middle of the night?” a tired Phichit answered.

“P…Phichit…” Yuuri gasped.

“Whoa, calm down Yuuri, deep breaths,” Phichit told him as soon as he caught on that Yuuri was panicking. “What’s going on?”

“Why did I wake up in a bed with Victor Nikiforov? Am I in his house? Is this a dream? Why am I not in Detroit?” Yuuri fired off questions.

The line was dead silent for a long ten seconds. Yuuri heard Phichit take a deep breath before asking him a question in return.

“Yuuri…how old are you?”

“Huh? Stop fooling around Phichit, you know I turned 20 recently…”

“Oh my god….” Phichit whispered.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Yuuri, I need you to listen to my calmly, okay?”

Yuuri gulped and waited.

“Yuuri…you’re supposed to be 25 as of this year and…you’re MARRIED to Victor Nikiforov, who by the way is Katsuki-Nikiforov now.”

Yuuri fainted.

When he woke up again, he saw he was moved to the couch with something heavy and fluffy on top of him.

“Vicchan? No…you’re Victor’s dog…” Yuuri recalled hazily.

“Are you awake?”

Yuuri bolted upright and stared up into concerned blue eyes. The same blue eyes he could only look at on posters and TV, which he was now seeing in real life.

“I…uh…” Yuuri didn’t know what to say.

“Phichit filled me in on…our situation here.” Victor Nikiforov was actually speaking to Yuuri. Wait, didn’t Phichit say something about them being married?


“I texted Yuuri, oh my Yuuri I mean, and it seems he’s still visiting his family in Japan right now so, luckily we can keep this a secret till we sort it out.” Victor seemed to be talking to younger Yuuri alright, but Yuuri couldn’t make heads or tails what was going on.

“Am I dreaming?” Yuuri blurted out.

“Shall I pinch your cheeks to check?” Victor teased, tapping a finger to Yuuri’s cheek. Yuuri instinctively scooted ten feet back against the wall. “Wow! It’s like when we first met!”

“I think I’m gonna die…no wait…maybe I’m already dead?” Yuuri mumbled to himself.

Victor watched the younger version of his husband mumble to himself. It was absolutely cute seeing this side of Yuuri, but they probably should fix the problem here before it had any impact on the future…or the past.

“Shall I make some Japanese tea for starters?” Victor offered.

Seventeen Scenario: Pinky Promise (Dino)

Note: Requested by a shy cloud ^_^ This is my first scenario on this blog, and I sincerely hope you all enjoy reading it! >.< 

Originally posted by hosoeks

-Admin Sapphire ^_^

Chan shivered, tucked himself further into the blanket, and tossed to lie on his left side. Then he turned, to lean on his right side. And tossed again, to lie on his back, and another time on his stomach. On the big, beige, blanket-covered bed, it wasn’t a night filled with sweet dreams. Alone, in the dark room, he looked particularly fragile. His eyes were clamped shut, his thick eyebrows furrowed, legs curled up and hugged to his chest. Beads of sweat trickled down his scrunched-up forehead as he squirmed; bunching the blanket in his palms till his knuckles went white, he mouthed your name endlessly.

“D-don’t do this to me, y/n, please,” he mumbled, and groped in thin air.

Chan shook his head violently, eyes still stubbornly shut. Suddenly, he jolted up with his heart throbbing against his ribcage. He took in big mouthfuls of air, and scanned the room in tears. By his side, where you were supposed to be sleeping in his embrace, were only crumpled sheets.

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The Truth Will Set You Free (part 2)

Anonymous said:
Can I request an imagine where the reader is Liam’s best friend but Hayden doesn’t like her and is super rude to her but Liam has no idea and stiles is really protective of her about it and makes an elaborate plan to make sure Liam knows how mean Hayden is and some cute stuff and Liam and the reader end up together in the end? If it isn’t too much maybe??

Y/N’s pov:

It’s been two weeks since me and Liam’s fight, believe me when I tell you that I’ve never felt so shitty in my life. Literally if you look up shitty feeling memes my face would be on all of them. The sad part is even though I feel like shit I’m still worried about how Liam’s feeling (WTF is wrong with me!). The first week after our feud I stayed home watching Netflix and eating ice cream. My mom made me go to school afterwards she claims it’s for my own benefit but I’m pretty sure she got tired of me moping around the house. Lydia came over Sunday night to help me prepare for my first day back, she said I had to look my best even though I felt my worst.

Monday arrived way sooner than it should have. I dragged my lazy ass out of bed slowly regretting ever waking up in the first place but after I put on the outfit that Lydia picked out the night before and I felt a little better. “RINGGG!”

Y/N: “Hey Lyds what’s up?”

Lydia: “Just checking to see if you were awake or not.”

Y/N: “What did you think I was crying in my bed eating a whole tub of ice cream?”

Lydia: “Actually I did but that doesn’t matter right now. Bring your sexy ass down stairs I’ll be there in 5.”

Y/N: “Okay I’m going to pretend like I didn’t hear that first comment because I love you and you called my ass sexy which we all know is true.”

Lydia: “Whatever. Just be ready when I get there.”

Lydia wasn’t kidding when she said five minutes, that girl is always punctual.

Y/N: “So what have you been up to lately?”

Lydia: “Y/N are you kidding me you’ve been gone for a week and the first thing you say is about me. Look I know you care about other people and their feelings but maybe it’s time you let someone return the favor.”

Y/N: “Lyds I’m fine.”

Lydia: “Total bullshit!”

Y/N: “What do you want me to say, you want me to say that I’m not fine because I’m very far from it! My best friend believed his self-absorbed, conniving little bitch of a girlfriend over me! He thought that I would deliberately sabotage his relationship. You want me to tell you that even though he said we should take some time apart that I’m still in love with him.”

“Oh god what did I just do?” I thought to myself.

Lydia: “Y-you love Liam.”

Y/N: “I’ve loved him for a while now but it doesn’t even matter anymore.”

Lydia: “Y/N what do you mean it doesn’t matter anymore? Maybe if you tell him you guys could become something more.”

Y/N: “No. Lydia please just drop it okay. Let’s just face the facts he’s with Hayden now besides even if we were talking to each other we will always be just friends. Girls like me will never get “happy endings” because we don’t live in fairytales, we live in the real world.”

Lydia: “Well I don’t believe that. I believe that sometimes the truth will set you free.”

Maybe Lydia was right maybe if I just told Liam how I felt he would realize he feels the same way. Pftt, who am I kidding he would never leave Hayden for me, I mean everything about her is perfect except for her attitude but Liam’s too blind to see.

I slowly pulled myself out of my thoughts noticing that Lydia had already parked the car into the school parking lot. She took the key out of the ignition before speaking.

Lydia: “Are you ready?”

Y/N: “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

I was greeted with hugs from the pack in the parking lot.

Mason: “Hey Y/N glad you’re back.”

Y/N: “Thanks Mas. Good to know at least one of my best friends still care about me.”

Mason: “You know how Liam is.”

Y/N: “Yeah that’s why I don’t hate him as much as I should.”

Stiles: “Hey munchkin! How’re you holding up?”

Y/N: “Hello to you too Stilinski. I’m taking one day at time but I’m gonna be okay.”

Stiles: “Any time you need to talk you know that I’m always here for you.”

Y/N: “I know and I love you for that. Come on let’s get inside before the bell rings.”

We walked into the school together, I had Lydia and Mason by my side and Stiles, Scott, Malia, and Kira behind me. I was so ready to take this day on until I saw Liam and Hayden practically swallowing each other. I told the rest of the gang I would see them later at lunch. With Mason right by my side I walked as confidently as my legs would carry me to my locker.

Y/N: “So Mas tell me what I missed.”

Mason: “Nothing much really but we have a huge test in history in a week and a quiz in math on Thursday.”

Y/N: “So you’re basically have three problems to worry about now.”

Mason: “Pretty much yeah but if anyone can get through it it’s you.”

Y/N: “Aww thanks Mas but don’t make me cry because it took me forever to get my makeup like this.”

Mason: *chuckles softly* “Come on let’s get to class.”

Half of the school day had gone by without Liam and I talking to each other. Mason and I met up at my locker again before lunch.

Mason: “So how has your day been so far?”

Y/N: “How about you ask the question you really want to ask.”

Mason: “Okay I’ll just get to the point then. Have either of you talked to each other yet.”

Y/N: “No. I’m giving him exactly what he wants, which is some space.”

Mason: “You guys have to talk to each other at some point.”

Hayden: “Except you won’t ever again because he dumped you like the piece of trash you are.”

Y/N: *scoffs* “Hayden do you ever mind your own business?”

Hayden: “How about I mind my own business when you give up this little charade of trying to steal my boyfriend.”

Y/N: “How am I trying to steal your boyfriend when we aren’t even talking?”

Mason: “Y/N she’s not even worth it, let’s just meet up with everyone else at lunch.”

Mason took Y/N’s hand pulling her away from the situation before it escaladed. Little did they know that Liam heard the entire conversation he couldn’t believe Hayden was being a total jerk to Y/N. He felt like the biggest jerk in the world he believed Hayden instead of believing his best friend.

Narrator’s pov:

Y/N and Mason sat at the pack’s usual table since her and Liam weren’t talking. As the pair walked closer to the table Scott and Malia could smell the anger radiating off of Y/N.  Scott wasn’t going to bring it up but we all know how blunt Malia can be.

Malia: “Alright I’ll ask. Y/N why do you smell like that?”

Y/N: “Malia what does that even mean?”

Scott: “What Malia is trying to say is why do you smell so angry?”

Y/N: “Anger doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling right now.”

Stiles: “Just take a deep breath munchkin. *Y/N takes a deep breath* Okay now tell us what happened”

Y/N: “Mason and I were at my locker earlier and Hayden had the audacity to tell me to stop trying to steal her boyfriend. Mason pulled me away before the situation got out of hand *turns to Mason* thank you for that by the way because you know how violent I can be.

Lydia: “No kidding she almost jumped down my throat when she told me she loved Liam.” Lydia’s eyes went wide when she realized what she had just said.

Everybody: “YOU WHAT!”

Y/N: “Tell the whole world why don’t ya. See Lydia this is why I don’t tell you things because you keep so many secrets one is bound to spill out.”

Lydia: “Y/N I do not keep secrets. Think of them as things that people tell me in confidence.”

Stiles: “Sooo…secrets.”

Kira: “Guys how about we get back to Y/N’s problem.”

Y/N: *mumbles* “Or we could talk about something else besides my nonexistent love life.”

Scott: “I totally heard that by the way.”

Y/N: “Guys it doesn’t really matter anyway. Liam doesn’t feel the same way.”

Stiles: “Aha so you admit it you do love Liam.” *smirks*

Y/N: “Stiles what why are you smirking. Oh no I know that face it’s your scheming face. Stiles please stop thinking whatever you’re thinking.”

Stiles: “To late the wheels are already turning and by the way I’m hurt that you think of it as a scheme it’s more of a plan.”

Y/N: “OMG I am so dead this is not gonna end well. Scott please help me please stop this psycho maniac from doing something incredibly stupid and irresponsible.”

Scott: “If I knew how to do that I would’ve done it a long time ago. Sorry but you’re on your own on this one.” *Y/N groans*

Stiles: “Okay so here is the plan, Y/N, Kira, Lydia, and Mason since all three of you have P.E with Hayden Y/N you will find a way to reel her in. Malia, Scott, and I will lure Liam into the trap but when we do just make sure that Hayden is doing all of the talking.”

Y/N: “That shouldn’t be so hard considering she loves to hear herself talk.”

Stiles: “We also need a plan b so if plan a goes to complete ape shit, I will lock you and the little runt in a room and you two can work it out yourselves.”

Y/N: “I prefer plan a.”

Last class of the day which also happens to be where the plan is located. Today coach told us we have to run the trails today. The girls got dressed in the locker room Y/N is wearing this outfit. The girls met up with Mason on the trails, coach blew the whistle signaling everyone to start running. Y/N raced down the path edge further and further away from the class suddenly feeling her body tipping over she tumbled down a hill. She finally stopped tumbling when she saw a shadow hovering over her body, Hayden’s, her friends came to her aid Kira and Lydia helped pull her up asking her if she was okay.

Hayden: “Next time watch where you’re going.”

Y/N: “Are you fucking kidding me, bitch you just rammed into me I was nowhere near you! You are making this really hard for me right now.”

Kira: *whispers in her ear* “Y/N just relax you’re squeezing your hands so hard they’re turning white.”

Y/N: “Kira I’m trying really hard to not knock this bitch into next week right now.”

Hayden: “Go ahead bitch so me what you got.”

Y/N: *groans* “Lydia can I please just slap her around a bit?”

Lydia: *whispers* “As much as we would all like to see that it’s not exactly part of the plan so I’m gonna go with no. Just keep her talking for a little longer Kira texted Scott earlier.”

Hayden: “What’s the matter you don’t think you can take me?”

Y/N: “Oh I can totally take you, I just have more self-control over myself than you.”

Hayden: “What is that supposed to mean?”

Y/N: “It means I know what you did the thing is do you really want Liam to find out.”

Hayden: “What the hell are you talking about?”

Y/N: “You know exactly what I’m talking about, maybe I should paint a picture to help jog your memory. Remember when you showed up to Lydia’s party three weeks ago, well I noticed Liam wasn’t with you. Why was that?”

Hayden: “I you really want to know it was because he too busy moping around about the fight you two had. He told me he wasn’t really in the mood to go to a party.”

Y/N: “And who do you go with?”

Mason: “Y/N where are you going with this?”

Y/N: “Mas let Hayden answer the question.”

Hayden: “I went some friends.”

Y/N: “Come on Hayden be more specific.”

Hayden: “I’m done talking to you.”

Y/N: “No you’re not. HAYDEN GET BACK HERE!”

Y/N chased Hayden through the trail where they were met but a very stunned Liam.

Liam: “Hayden what was just Y/N talking about?”

Hayden: “Nothing babe don’t worry about it. Why are here you don’t even have this period?”

Liam: “Hayden stop trying to change the subject, just tell me what you guys were talking about.”

Y/N: “Hayden you better tell him before I do.”

Hayden: “Y/N don’t you dare say a word.”

Y/N: “Sure now you know my name.”

Hayden: *scoffs* “Um…okay Liam you remember when I went to Lydia’s party a few weeks ago *he nods* well you didn’t want to go so I took some other friends with me. We got super drunk and this guy I think his name was Logan, anyway long story short he and I fucked in one of Lydia’s spare bedrooms.”

Liam: “WHAT THE FUCK! Hayden are you fucking kidding me, you fucked someone else while I was sitting at home feeling like shit, after all that shit Y/N said about you I was the one who defended you! After all the rumors I heard about you I chose not to believe them and you go behind my back and do some stupid shit like this. You know what Hayden you can got fuck yourself because we’re through.

Hayden: “I don’t even care I’ll just find other loser to satisfy my needs.”

Y/N: “You’re fucking disgusting.”

Lydia: *whispering to Kira and Mason “Little miss bitch won’t do going out with anyone anytime soon when she finds out I live streamed this whole thing.”

Mason: “Lydia that’s intense.”

Y/N noticed Liam walking away since the breakup was partially her fault she chased him to see if he was okay.

Y/N: “Liam! Liam! Liam can you please just stop walking away for a second. *he stops* Are you okay?”

Liam: “Me…um…yep totally fine. I’m cooler than the other side of the pillow.”

Y/N: “Okay I will take that lie and I’m gonna pull the bullshit card because that is complete bullshit. Now let’s try things this again. Are you okay?”

Liam: “Why are you even talking to after what I did?”

Y/N: “Because I know you were just doing what you thought was right.”

Liam: “Okay now it’s my turn to play the bullshit card.”

Y/N: *chuckles softly* “Liam you are my best friend and I missed more than you’ll ever know can we just talk it out.”

Liam: “I should be the one begging you to take me back not the other way around. I’m sorry I believed Hayden. You were right actually you’re always right, why are you even friends with me again?” *Y/N laughs*

Y/N: *mumbles* “Because I’m in love with you.”

Liam: “What did you just say?”

Y/N: “Goddamn werewolf hearing…um I said I love…food…yeah…I love food so much I had to mumble it every five minutes or I’ll forget. You are so not buying that are you? *he shakes his head* I said I’m in love with you. Liam will you please just say something this silence is getting kind of awkward.”

Liam: “Oh…um…sorry. I just can’t believe that I actually have a chance with you now.”

Y/N: “Say whattt?”

Liam laughed softly, he took a step closer towards her. “I’ve been in love with you for quite some time now I just didn’t know how to tell you and then Hayden asked me out and I thought why not Y/N doesn’t feel the same way. Y/N’s heart was pounding in her chest she was so sure he could hear it. She looked up in his piercing blue eyes as they casted down towards her lips then back to her eyes, it was like they were the on two people world when he looked into her eyes, her heart was practically beating out of her chest anticipating his next move. Just as the longing became unbearable, Liam’s lips met Y/N’s. The heat of the kiss sent a spark through her body. Y/N put her hands around Liam’s neck pulling him closer as she got lost in his minty breath and soft lips. They pulled away breathless noticing they were still on the trail in the woods. Y/N was speechless she couldn’t form any words Liam took that as a sign to speak up first.

Liam: “Hey earth to Y/N *waves hand in her face* are you okay?”

Y/N: “Oh…um…y-yeah I’m fine…it’s just…that was…wow. Lydia was right the truth will set you free.”

Liam: “So do you want to make this official and go on a real date with me?”

Y/N: “Hmm…let me think about it…yes Liam I would love nothing more than to go on a date with you.”

“stop it! seriously!”

Plot: Wonwoo can’t stop teasing/’bullying’ you because he wants your attention and doesn’t know how to express his feelings for you.

You x Wonwoo ft. Mingyu

“Hey nerd! Pass me my pen.”

You took a deep breathe and picked up the pen that happened to roll beside you for the fifth time for the past 1 hour. You turned behind and sent a glare to your ever loving classmate, Jeon Wonwoo.

“One more time, and I’m telling the teacher.”

“Just because I asked you to pick up my pen? Come on, Y/N.” Wonwoo snickered as he took the pen and began spinning it.

“No. Because you’re interrupting my learning.” You hissed.

“No no no~ Maybe because Wonwoo just wants to see your face, thats why!” Mingyu, Wonwoo’s seat partner whispered, loud enough for you and Wonwoo to hear.  Wonwoo shot Mingyu a dirty look and clicked his tongue. Mingyu shrugged and turned his attention back to the whiteboard.

Just at that moment, Wonwoo smirked and the pen seem to slipped out of his fingers and landed on the ground once again. Wonwoo stared at the fallen pen and back to you.

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Best friends with Luke but you end up as couple

 You were getting ready to see your best friend Luke who just came  back  from tour. You missed him alot while he was gone maybe even to  much  you should miss a friend. When you finally finished getting ready  you  walked to his house wich was about ten minutes away. When you  got to  his house his mum opened the door and said that he isn’t home  yet but  you are welcome to wait for him inside. About half an hour later  the door  opened and in came Luke he looked so attractive even more  then when you last saw him. He immediately ran into your arms and told you how much he missed you. You were speeches his hug was just amazing and he smelled so good and his eyes were more incredible than ever. Luke: “Y/N?” Y/N: “Sorry I was thinking what did you say?” Luke: “I  asked you if you wanted to go on a little trip with me so we can catch up  and spend some time together.” Y/N: “That  would be amazing Luke. But when and where?” Luke: “We will  go tomorrow and decide along the way.” You were so excited to go on a trip with him. You two started talking about his tour  and everything that happened while he was gone. Luke: “When we were in Europe we had this amazing lunch and then we  went to a museum… y/n??" Y/N: "Sorry what?” You couldn’t keep your eyes of him he just looked so good" “Luke: "U seem very distracted. Anything on your mind?” Y/n: “No I’m fine…it’s just…you…” Luke: “I what?” Y/n: “Forget about it.” Luke: “Okay then. It’s getting late. Do you want a ride home?” Y/N: “No its fine I can walk.” Luke: “Fine I’ll pick u up at 3 tomorrow for our trip.” Y/N: “Okay” ( u said with a smile) bye Luke see ya!“ You couldn’t sleep the whole night. You were thinking about Luke. You didn’t know how you really felt about him. Did you want to be something  more than just a friend to him?


Ringgg….ringgg Your alarm clock started ringing. U remembered that u  have to pack for ur trip with luke. U ate ur breakfast and packed  everything you thought you would need. The doorbell rang and u ran  downstairs and opened the door. It was Luke u hugged him and went in  the car. U two were quiet for a couple minutes. The music being the only  thing u heard. Luke: "So are u excited?” Y/N: “Very excited!” Luke: “Even though you don’t know where we’re going?” Y/n: “Sure as long as I am with you I know everything is going to be  amazing.” Luke smiled. U two were talking for a couple hours laughing, singing and having fun. Luke: “We’re here.” He stopped the car in front of a five star hotel. Y/n: “Wow Luke. How did you…” Luke: “Don’t worry just enjoy!” The hotel was absolutely gorgeous and there was a beautiful beach in  front of it. It was currently 6pm. U went to ur room. It was so beautiful. But…there  was only on bed. Luke: “What are u thinking about?” Y/n: “Nothing it’s…. well there’s just one bed…” Luke: “So? We can share it. It’s not a problem for me.” U blushed. Y/N: “Okay.” U decided to go to the beach for an hour. Luke asked if u can set up the towels while he puts on his swimming  shorts. When u saw him without his shirt u almost fainted. Y/N: “Wow dude u have abs!" Luke blushed. Luke: "Well I have been working out." U two were swimming for half a hour and then u went back to the hotel. Luke: "So should we cook something. I brought spaghetti.” U were having  fun cooking and it was actually very good. Luke: “So what do you think…a movie?” Y/n: “Sure. Horror movie?” Luke: “Okay.” Luke put in the USB. U started watching diaries from Chernobyl. U rested  ur head on his shoulder. U were half way through the movie when something scary happened. You yelled and grabbed his arm. He laughed. U were still grabbing his arm and you didn’t want to let go. His arms were so muscular and just so…well sexy U wanted to move ur  hands but he stopped u. Luke: “U can leave them there in case u get scared again.” U smiled and continued to watch the movie. When the movie ended u said: Y/N: “Luke I’m thirsty.” Luke: “Sure, the kitchen is right there.” Y/N: “Yeah but…” Luke: “Ur scared.” You nodded Luke: “Fine I can come with you."  He grabbed ur hand and  leading u to the kitchen U drank a glass of water and put the glass in  the sink. Luke: "So should we stay here and talk a little bit?” Y/N: “Sure. What do u wanna talk about?” Luke: “Us…look I wanted to tell you….” A phone started to ring…. Luke: “Shit!…. It’s Ashton ill be right back.” He talked to Ash for a couple minutes and then came back. Y/N: “So what did u want to tell me?” Luke: “I wanted to tell u that u mean….” now ur phone started ringing… U took it out of ur pocket… then Luke  grabbed it and put it on silent. Luke: “Sorry. .. but I have to say it. You mean a lot to me Y/N …actually I  think I love you… more than just a friend…and I know u feel the same.” U stayed quite. Luke:  "Or not…“ he  turned around wanting to leave but then u grabbed his arm and  pulled him in to a passionate kiss. He grabbed ur waist, put u on the kitchen counter while deepening the kiss. Then u finally pulled away. Y/n: "I love u to Luke..alot.” Then u two went to bed and cuddle and talk until u fell asleep in his  arms. U stayed in the hotel for a couple days more and u had an amazing time u both knew that u were perfect for each other… Luke was the sweetest boyfriend and he always did romantic things for u… it was almost like a  dream…but it wasnt and you were the happiest girl on the world!