There had been quite a few odd rumors going around the kingdoms lately. The stories changed from place to place, but most of them were rather similar–they involved people falling from the sky.

Mercedes figured they weren’t anything too terrible as long as they didn’t involve the Demon Lord and some new weapon of his. Why would he need another weapon anyway? His eyes were filled with greed for the Cauldron, the fairies’ most valuable treasure

She flew with ease through the branches and leaves of Ringford Forest. Apparently, a Pooka Vendor wanted to speak with her and so she agreed to come meet him in person. She was glad that, in the wake of war, everything was peaceful. Unfortunately, she couldn’t have guessed how that day would change rather unexpectedly.

At first, all she heard was the sound of snapping branches, which she didn’t really pay attention to because it was commonplace anyway. When one hit her across the head, though, that’s when she finally looked up. 

All she saw before she was hit with the crushing force of a dragon’s charge was a shadow that she swore was screaming at her.