and with everything going on this year with jay’s health you can tell she told her kids to not stop living to keep going out there every day and continue to make memories to continue to write their own story and if that’s not strength i don’t know what is

I don’t have many words to say, because my mind still hasn’t fully caught up, but I’ll say this: Johanna Darling’s legacy will always outlive her. She may have left her corporal body, but she’ll always continue to leave an imprint in this life through all the people she has touched, help, taught, and supported. She was an outstanding mother, friend, and filled many other parts as she made herself available in multiple capacities at any given time. She’s given life, in many ways, and that can’t ever be taken from her. Thank you for your legacy Jay. I’ll do my best to remember, protect it, and carry it on. Rest In Peace.

I just want to say that now that I know more details about this single and how it’s not on Syco and how it’s a collab and the artwork and stuff, I’m super excited for Louis. I’m not loving the idea of debuting it on X Factor, but I still think it’s a means to an end with that “relationship” so bring it on. 

This just makes a lot more sense to me and I’m ready to love and support it.