One shot, one take, ETTE plays “Marianne’s Song” at Ringer Park in Allston MA


Ringer Park

Ringer Park gets a bad name because it can seem sketchy with all of the graffiti, but it’s a beautiful place. There is a playground and a school there, and whenever I go there are lots of kids playing. There are many parts to the park, and honestly it’s an adventure to explore the whole thing. Up a giant hill there are grassy areas and rocks which are good places to just hang out or meditate. Down the hill there is a basketball court and tennis courts, which always have a lot of people using them. The park feels urban, yet it’s natural, two things which usually don’t blend well. In the summer this park has organized music and art festivals and barbeques, which are a LOT of fun.

Allston, MA 02134


Playing the Park: Fat History Month

Did we mention Fat History Month will be playing outside in Ringer Park? Of course we did, but they are. Fat History Month OUTSIDE! Now that’s a show I’d quit my job for. 

See what I did there? I called you out. No excuses. 

First person to show up in Spiderman face-paint will get a Fat History Month ‘Safe & Sound" 7in that I will personally buy for you.