Zvončari Croatian Pagan Slavic Carnival

Halubajski zvončari (ringers) are old original group from the eastern part of the Kastav. Once upon a time this region was rich in pastures and sheep. When heavy rain would fall the shepherds would run to shelter in huts made of stone,wood or straw, called HALUBA. According to the older stories shepherds in the spring were going for the sheep in the forests at the foot of mountain, strung sheepskin and hung around the waist cow bells fearing away evil forces off their animals. They believed that the bells bring happiness, do good, so constantly ringing through the thick blackness of impenetrable forests they believed that ringing clears their way of evil. The costumes and equipment preserve the zoomorphic (animal-shaped) mask with horns and a big bell on the back. 

Like other ringers they drape the sheepskin, in their hands they carry bačuka which is also suggesting their warlike origin or function because of conflicts with Tatars or Turks that took place on this territory.

When the Turks invaded the region, then men masked themselves, in order to induce the impression of massiveness, and then the shepherds themselves wore sheepskin, placed a mask on their heads, and encircled the bells and horrible bučeći to chase the enemy away.

Hence in their equipment there are some weapons elements. The bell tradition is especially closely related to the awakening of nature, fertility cult and expression of strength against the evil spirits of winter (drawing ties to Pagan Slavic God Veles).

Its terrible appearance, unbridled power of ritual movement and bells, bell ringers announce winter retreat in front of the Sun, and their masks monuments announce spring – both in Halubje and in other parts of the northern Adriatic,Croatian and Europe where there are similar traditions.

i’m here to talk about ringer/marika/whatever her name is. this female character is so important because her story and everything she went through. her mum left her she was a child. her dad was addicted to alcohol, so she had to take care of herself (iron her clothes, cook, clean up her house… these kind of things you dont usually do and your parents do) and not only take care of herself, she had to look after her father. despite of the fact that she looked after him, she was abused pychologically (her classmates called her stupid names because she was really smart and her father called her “bitch” and maybe another strong/offensive/male chauvinist names) and physically (her father used to hit her). dispite of all this abuse she went through, she looked after her dad after the waves and she saw how her father scratched his eyes. then she got into an alien army, then she discovered the truth about the 5th wave and ran away with her friends and, finally, vosch manipulated her in a psychological and physical way. marika has suffered a lot, but she never gave up, she’s still fighting back in the order to survive and maybe find the “happiness” she deserves and she NEVER left her friends (now she is going to do her promise to zombie, to come back). she deserved more recognition in the movie and in society. THIS CHARACTER IS SO IMPORTANT SHE IS THE ONE OF THE STRONGEST FEMALES CHARACTERS EVER AND ALSO SHE IS ASIAN, FEMINIST, BADASS, SASSY AND A PRECIOUS BABY. SHE DESERVES MORE RECOGNITION!!!!

sorry if i had mistakes, i know my english is not perfect

I Will Save You From Yourself

Chapter 48

She was supposed to be going to the apartment to pick up clothes, but changed her mind and stayed the night. I wasn’t happy about it at all but she was grown and could do whatever she wanted. When I talked to her on the phone she was on her way to work and I had meetings and an interview scheduled for later in the day.

I had no idea why she was so stubborn and insistent on going back to that damn apartment. There was something off about that asshole, Kevin. I didn’t like him and knew that his intentions weren’t good. During my meetings, I normally turn the ringer off on my phone, but I didn’t today. All damn day long I’ve had this uncomfortable feeling and couldn’t figure out why.

After my two meetings, I had lunch with Shannon. He asked about Kate and unfortunately, it still struck a nerve with me. It was over and I had to keep reminding myself of that, but it still bothered me. I took a walk after lunch just killing time and waiting for my interview. Still no word from Kate since this morning.

During the interview I was physically there but mentally, I was thinking about Kate and the situation with the apartment. I couldn’t explain the feeling I was having that something just wasn’t right. Cutting the interview short I didn’t bother calling, instead I got in my truck and headed over there.

I knocked on the door. Hearing no response, I knocked harder and called out her name only to hear her screaming my name. When I opened the door and walked in, she came running into my arms, shirtless, from the bedroom. “What happened?” I asked comforting her.

The tears streamed down her face and her whole body was shaking. “The light in the bathroom was out. Jared, someone was in here. I know I left it on!” She was so upset.

“Start at the beginning and slow down. Tell me what happened.”

“I made sure that I left the light on in the bathroom before I left. I hate coming home to a dark apartment. So, I came in and pulled my shirt off and tossed it into the laundry basket in the bathroom and I realized the light was off. I thought someone was in here. Jared, I was so afraid!” She started crying again. I took my jacket off and put it around her shoulders.

I was so angry that I walked out the front door and down to Kevin’s apartment. Banging on the door, there was no answer. Kate was standing outside watching. “Jared, stop! His car isn’t here.”

“Get in the truck. You are NOT staying here anymore.” That fucker had to have something to do with all that was happening here. I refused to even let her pack, there was no need since she wouldn’t be coming back here, but I was. I grabbed the keys out of her hand and locked the door before getting in my truck.

lily-armstrong asked:

📱 I forget how many ships we have so.. For the ones you feel like?

Charlotte (for Jack):

  • what ringtone my muse has set for yours

bulletproof by melanie martinez

  • what contact photo my muse has set for yours
  • what my muse thinks of the way yours texts

she doesn’t really have an opinion but she doesn’t hate it anyway

  • how quickly my muse responds to your texts

immediately, especially if it’s important

  • how often our muses text

quite often

  • how often our muses call

not often

  • does my muse purposefully miss calls from yours


  • last text sent from my muse to yours

char, it’s your birthday, you can’t hide from me forever. Where are you?

Drew (for Jack, just because)

  • what ringtone my muse has set for yours

standard ringer

  • what contact photo my muse has set for yours
  • what my muse thinks of the way yours texts

no opinion

  • how quickly my muse responds to your texts

not always straight away (but she will when she knows who her godly parent is)

  • how often our muses text

not often (yet)

  • how often our muses call

not at all

  • does my muse purposefully miss calls from yours

well they don’t really call each other so…

  • last text sent from my muse to yours

pre-party drinking starts at six. you in?

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“I’m not lying!!” you bleat. This is such bullshit! Why is he even doing this? “I really don’t know anything about anybody named Gaster!”

Another scene from Dead Ringer! This is from chapter 8 :DD this fic is rly fun to draw, wow
I def recommend everyone check it out! http://archiveofourown.org/works/5261321/chapters/12140168

The 5th Wave
  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> I am so happy with this cast, this director was amazing, the digital effects, Chloe is the perfect Cassie<p/><b>Also me:</b> What the fuck did they do to my otp? Evan looks like a stalker? Where's the build up relationship? Why the hell they said Cassie was aloud to go? Where's the Ben I know? Why they made him an Hollywood clichê? Where's Cassie and Sammy close relationship?? Where is nugget and zombie history together? Why the blood hell Ben remembers Cassie? Since when they are friendly on school? Why is Cassie mom working? Why is the 3rd wave not a horrible bloody thing??? Where's Ben's real back history?? What the fuck??? Are they really FUCKING while she's running to save her brother?? Where's the smart Cassie that survived with a bullet on her leg for days?? Where's the beautiful soul of my son Evan??? Where's the messed up training of nugget and zombie??? Where's zombie's graduation??? WHERE'S ZOMBIE AND RINGER BILLED UP RELATIONSHIP?!?!?!? WHERE'S RINGER AT ALL??? WHERE'S WONDERLAND AND THE MEANING OF THE OTHERS WHERE'S THE IMPLICIT DEATH OF MY KID MY EVAN WHERE'S BEN AND CASSIE ARGUING OVER WHO'S GONNA TAKE OFF NUGGET'S LOCATOR WHERE'S THE MILITAR'S INSIDE JOKES WHERE'S BEN PRAYING WITH NUGGET FOR DAYS BECAUSE CASSIE USED TO WHY THE HELL ARE THEY SIGING WHERE'S NUGGET BEING REPROVED AS AN EXCUSE FOR HIM TO STAY BEHIND??????!!!! WHERE'S EVAN EMBARRASSING CASSIE WHEN HE TALKS ABOUT BEN??? WHERE'S CASSIE FIGURING OUT EVAN IS ONE OF THE OTHERS WAY BEFORE THIS SHIT??? WHERE'S HE MAKING HER TRUST HIM WITH TIME BECAUSE SHE'S NOT FUCKING STUPID?? WHERE'S THE WHOLE MEANING OF THE TEDBEAR???? <p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>